Friday, November 11, 2016

So Much For The Myth Of The Strong Independent Woman...

With Hillary sobbing uncontrollably after her loss and her brain-dead, immoral(1) female supporters weeping and shrieking incoherently on TV and youtube and Megyn Kelly declaring that millions of women would be terrified the day after the election one can only can conclude that the oft proclaimed “strong independent woman” is a total phantom in the imaginations of a generation of spoiled and pampered gals.

Where are the shouts of Grrrrl power?
Where are the silly cheers of “you go girl”.

Sorry ladies, but you have, by your own actions, self-testified to the whole world that you are, in fact,  the weaker sex and that you do indeed need a man to take care of you.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.(2)

And I would add that the giant welfare nanny state was already rapidly collapsing before the election. The entire Western world is, literally, bankrupt.

You will, very soon, be living in a world of no welfare or foodstamps. No 911 or emergency rooms. No taxpayer subsidized healthcare and only the most minimal of government social services -mainly for the very sick and frail elderly.

note 1: if you support murdering babies in the womb then you are a moral monster and have forfeited the right to hold or pass judgment on anyone for anything.

note 2: there are a great many women who are indeed Ladies and who bring glory and praise to their sex by their dutiful fulfillment of their roles as wives, daughters, sisters and mothers, which nature has ordained.