Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spencergate II: Hair of the Media...

Two lessons here.

Lesson I

Spencergate I, for those who don’t know, is when Richard Spencer unceremoniously shut down the original Alternative Right website and then re-launched as Radix. This came as a shock not only to that site’s readers but also to its co-founders, editors and contributors. Confusion and anger followed. 

As I've pointed out here numerous time over the past 6 or 7 years, Spencer was throwing everything against the wall at the original Alt-Right blog to see what would stick. That site featured contributions from jewish professors, “native-american scholars”, jewish “transhumanist” goofballs, a gay “men’s movement” author, christian apologists and even a neo-pagan in a wizard's robe.

The great irony of Spencergate II is that Spencer, and his ilk (and many of his fans), have spent years mocking and denigrating White Nationalists. They mock, and use as satire, the 14 words, Stormfront, VNN and the entire, ORGANIC, infrastructure of the pro-White movement as it evolved over the past 50 years.

Spencer’s conference featured, prominently, non-Whites as speakers and special guests. You see, the Spencerites are not at all like those stupid “race war now” idiot WN’s.

So Spencer, whoring it up for the corporate media he insists on wooing, and surrounded by jews and an asian porn star, attempted to use his conference as satire to mock those dumb old White Nationalists.

And BAM, he ended up getting tarred and feathered with his own hippster irony shtick.

Lesson: The current system is explicitly anti-White. In fact, the destruction of the White race is the sole purpose of the current prevailing system.

Pandering to it, or attempting to ingratiate yourself into it is more than a tad bit irrational. Go that route and you will get what you deserve.

Lesson II

Notice all of the old lady shrieking from the “other” Alt-Right.

All those who felt the need to come out and distance themselves from “the incident” (and this includes Trump) just healed the fatal wound the corporate media had inflicted upon itself during the election cycle.

The corporate media had lost all credibility, but now the “other alt-right” are doing everything in their power to re-strengthen it.

You see, there was no controversy. Nothing shocking or offensive happened. The corporate media claimed it was a controversy. But it wasn’t. No one else cares. Most people are too worried about BLM mobs burning down cities, cops being assassinated in broad daylight, muslim terrorists being imported into their towns or 50 mexican gangbangers moving into the house next door.

But out came the shameless self-promoters to agree to the corporate media’s narrative and “distance themselves” from the corporate media’s proclaimed controversy.

These people love they system. They desperately want to be a part of it. So they will not only stab others in the back to get a seat at the table, they will trample their own wives, mothers and kids underfoot to save their own ass -or to just get a pat on the head by CNN.

Lesson: The corporate media draws its power from people agreeing to it’s self-proclaimed authority to declare and define good & bad.

By reacting to the corporate media’s cues you grant it the status of Godhood.