Sunday, November 13, 2016

The American ‘Berlin Wall’ Falls In November 2016...

 "This ninth of November is a historic day."
-Hanns Friedrichs, 1989

The slow-witted (though nicely paid) foot soldiers of central bankers are wailing in a few dilapidated streets, getting coverage by the confused old corporate media, which has now been thoroughly discredited and is in its final hours. But they are not there bewailing the outcome of the election. In truth, once you factor in the Democratic party’s massive vote fraud, Trump got around 58% of the popular vote verses Hillary’s 38%. No doubt she got 100% of the deceased vote!

No, what is really going on is that the old liberal internationalist system, which has been ascendant without restraint since WWI (though it began with the French Revolution), is in its death throes.

It’s not simply the end of multiculturalism, open borders, gay marriage, etc, but the collapse of the infrastructure which enabled and enforced such a twisted and totalitarian system.

Much of it was the mystique of presupposition. That is, the ubiquitous insinuation and overt assertion that there was only one inevitable course of history, and that that course led to the global village of utopian marxism.

The left (the globalists) being evil, and therefore really weak and stupid, decided that the election of Hillary Clinton would be the coronation moment for their ideological/political system. And so they took off their masks and put all of their power and influence and ambition upon her election.

Their golden calf turned out to be their own effigy. God has a sense of humor!

The establishment is still pretending to be in control, but they’re not. The talking heads on the news are still pretending to be “in the know” but they’re in the dark and cut off from the new era.

If you remember, the Soviet Union limped along for another 24 months, but the writing was on the fallen wall.

There were protests and rallies and even a coup against Gorbachev by hard-line communist generals in the military.

But it all came to naught. The winds had already shifted.

The end of the old regime came on November 9th 1989, but the former power elite were so blinded by a belief in the “inevitability of world socialism” that they couldn’t see that they were no more than the still squirming body of a decapitated snake.

So it is for the globalist elite today. Much like the Soviet Politburo throughout 1990 and 1991, they’ll continue to make announcements and pronounce edicts for several more months, even as the republics elect their own leaders and declare independence and repudiate the policies and ideology of the old order.

The European Union is already collapsing and it’s official demise will be announced soon. Nato will follow. Arrests and tribunals are likely in the future for many of Western Europe’s current government and media elite.  The UN will be no more and eventually the United Nations building will be turned into an America First Center.

There will indeed be tough times ahead.

The economic infrastructure of the United States is almost completely gone. As that day of reckoning comes it will mean not only lean times here but also for western Europe, which has built its nanny/police/welfare state via us tax dollars and military spending.The U.S will soon begin to deatch itself from Europe and much of the rest of the world. Bases will be closed and troops will be called home. Western Europe will soon be turning to eastern Europe for loans and military alliances.

The physical infrastructure of the US is also in shambles and you will soon see the number of usable roads and highways decrease even as rolling regional brown outs and black outs become a part of everyday life.

911, hospitals and schools are luxuries that your neck of the woods may or may not have.

But remember that much of all this was built in excess and decadence.

You will endure, adapt, survive and then thrive.

This isn’t the end. It’s a return to balance.