Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Death Of The Roughed Individual...

Along with the eulogy for the “strong independent woman” we can also bid farewell to the “roughed individual” or “go-it-aloner”.

On November 8, 2016, millions of red-blooded individualists, born and bred on post- WWII John Wayne-type platitudes and propaganda were sweating blood as the election unfolded. And when it was over they were weeping tears of joy and thanking God for Trump.

That’s right! All of the “God bless Murica” types have been reduced to emotional (if not physical) prostration before a single, powerful, ruler.

Despite all of the claims about the constitution and the 2nd amendment, it is, in fact, all balanced on the scales of whimsy and to the whims of single individual, as both sides placed all of their hopes on one or the other representative hero.

I wonder if any of this will be considered by the average man.

It is not merely racial division or political division or generational divergence here, though it is that as the election was Whites vs. non-Whites.

It is more the revelation that Murica was built upon ideological sand and held together with fleeting financial mortar.

Nations are ethnic groups, not places or forms of government. A political or ideological creed is not the foundation of a civilization or state and cannot hold one together.

Come what may, we have witnessed the end of republican democracy.

Dissolution, partition and the return of kings come next.

Because in the end, nature prevails.