Friday, November 18, 2016

The Left Comes Out Of That Other Closet....

The delusional, sick, evil, bat-shit crazy closet. AKA, Marxism (progressivism, liberalism, etc).

A friend recently described them as looking and acting demonic. An apt descriptor. I call them orcs.

Remember all of the behavior that caused people to turn on these vile globalists during the past year? Well, they’ve made the expected choice to crank it up to eleven, ensuring that the whole world will reject them and their ideology for a thousand centuries to come.

They’ve gone into the “if we can’t rule the world, we’ll destroy it” phase of insanity.

Have you noticed how homosexuality, transgenderism, mixed race marriages and general sexual anarchy are explicitly interwoven with issues of open borders, immigrants and refugees?

You might want to take the time to finally ask why that is. These issues are connected.

Take note also, all you moderate “race isn’t important to me” conservatives, that the left are now currently doing what they accuse you, White people, of plotting to do. They talk openly about the need for a Marxist dictator, censorship and, naturally, White genocide. They now openly foam and salivate at the mouth at the idea of the end of you, your family, your people and your culture.

There is an old axiom that relates that thieves are always fearful of being stolen from.

Keep that in mind when you hear what is coming out of the mouths of these communists in the streets, in Hollywood, in business, in News Media, etc.