Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas vs. Democracy....

Or, Tradition vs. Democracy.

That’s pretty much what it boils down to.

Tradition is not arbitrary. Tradition is not fashion. Democracy is both.

Tradition is the recognition of, and submission to, discovered laws of the world we find ourselves in. A world of laws we did not create and do not sustain.

Marriage of a man and a woman is a tradition not made by man. Man and woman get together and have children. They form a family (an institution) to raise those children in till they are old enough to find their own mates, ad infinitum.

Mankind did not create this arrangement. We saw it, recognized and codified the process to enhance social harmony. But it is there, independent of our acknowledgment.

Gravity is a law.
Man+Woman= Children is a law.

An attempt to break either law will end the same way. Badly.

A Man is a King of his family, and his wife is his queen. This is tradition, because it is a discovered law.

This law points towards monarchy, not democracy, as the family is a microcosm of the greater society in which it dwells.

Thus the tradition of monarchy is not man-made, but a discovered law.

Show me a family that operates as a democracy and I’ll show you a family that is broken by rebellion, selfishness and self-destructive tendencies. You will see a family in hell.

A Christmas tree is a monarchy personified. It rises up and has a pinnacle. It has a point which stands above the rest. The star (or angel) at the top is given greater glory by the lights and adornments beneath it.

It is singled out from the furniture and dressed like a king. And when we enter into its presence, special honor and reverence is given to it, above all else that is in the house.

Christmas repudiates democracy and equality in every way, for it is a day singled out from all the rest for special honor and celebration. The season: the solstice and the climate, dictated this date of cold and long darkness for a time of illumination and life (the evergreen fir tree)

As with all true things, it is particular and defined by its inherent qualities.

Again: Tradition is the recognition of, and submission to, discovered laws.

Democracy is an attempt to overthrow discovered, and eternal, law.

Tradition is the law that requires us to accept who we are and our humble place in the world.

Democracy is an attempt to define yourself and the world and the law.

You do not define yourself,  nor the world, nor the law.

That is the law.

Merry Christmas.

Long live the King.