Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jobs! Jobs Everywhere..

If not for Public Schools, you would be of no use what-so-ever to corporations.

Ever think about that?

Shelter, clothing and food are the requirements to sustain, and perpetuate, life.

Throughout most of history these things were acquired via trade or inheritance.

But with the rise of the merchant class these things are now acquired via “jobs”. And jobs require rudimentary training (public schools) to be employed by corporations so that you can go into debt for things you don’t need.....and also for shelter, clothing and food.

“Jobs” also requires a transient (rootless) lifestyle, as you move from town to town or state to state for a new or better “job”. At one time you were born, lived and died in the same village your ancestors had lived in for thousands of years.

“Opportunity” is the catch-phrase.

But what a vulgar, crass expression it is.

The lottery is also an opportunity. An open bank vault is an opportunity.

That’s why ‘opportunistic’is a derogatory word.

And yet it’s the foundation of modern life, as fashioned by the merchants.

Most of education is dry facts. The point of universal education is to train you to function as employee and consumer.

And the truly frightening thing is that this system creates a closed loop. You have no choice but to participate in it, so long as it dominates.

No one has the “opportunity” to leave it.

No freedom. No humanity. No roots. No culture. No society.

But jobs everywhere!