Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tearing Down Walls To Keep People Out...

'The LGBTQ is inclusive. Sorry everybody else.'

Yes, modernists, every definition you give yourselves only reinforces the system you think you oppose.

When you speak of “the current year” you are excluding all that is not what you define as current, thus becoming what you assert that you stand against.

Funny, ain’t it!

Any definition you give yourself or your “community” simply reinforces narratives of ‘Us vs. Them’ and tribalism and discrimination and exclusion, etc. You must build walls and exclude others to give your own identity meaning and definition.

Do you even understand that?

Any particular (person, place or thing) is defined thusly via exclusion of all that it isn’t.

Even to say you are a liberal, or are tolerant or that you believe in equality is to define and recognize yourself as set apart and particular from what you perceive is not liberal, tolerant or equal.

You can never destroy discrimination because to even define and identify it and your opposition to it, is to partake in it.

Again, do you understand this?

Unfortunately, I doubt it.

The rise of the alt-right and nationalism across the globe is thanks entirely to the modernist obsession with re-drawing old lines and inventing a thousand new ones.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.