Friday, December 16, 2016

The Hidden Hand Of The Fake News!...

The Internet is to the Corporate News Media what the printing press was to the Roman Catholic Church.

For centuries the Catholic Church claimed an intermediary role for itself between God and the average Joe.

Then came the printing press (and the accompanying increased literacy) and suddenly the average Joe could read the bible for himself.

The narrative of institutional religion was challenged and the power of the Catholic Church was broken, substantially.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the Internet has broken the Corporate News Media in much the same way.

The Corporate News Media wanted so badly to become the high priests of a global corporation, dispensing the approved truth to the little people. But social media came along and the little people began to read information that was unfiltered. Using their own intelligence and reasoning they were coming to conclusions that were not deemed “orthodox” by the establishment.

But the Corporate Media is now (mirroring their 17th century predecessors) trying to launch their counter-reformation with excommunications and denouncements of heresy of all who dare read the sacred texts (information) on their own.

But Pandora’s Box is open and its not going to be shut again.

No doubt the Corporate News Media will continue to have it’s faithful adherents, but the new reformation will continue on and take half of the former empire with it, leaving the beleaguered and broken old institution looking like what it actually is: a pitiful monument to self-aggrandizement.

Who is behind the fake news?

Johannes Gutenberg and Martin Luther, for starters.