Saturday, April 29, 2017

Anti-Racism is Pro-Totalitarianism...

Of course, there’s no such thing as “racism”. The word literally has a million definitions and meanings, and since the definition of definition is definitive, “racism” literally doesn’t exist.

But racism as a rhetorical political tool is used to for only one purpose: the enforcing of a single, monolithic, global police state.

You can see this when globalists use the term “White Supremacist”. It’s a construct that has one hell of a presupposition at it’s base.

Supremacy of what?

If there are hundreds of nations (ethnic groups) living in their own societies by their own customs, laws and cultures then the concept of "racial supremacy” has no meaning.

It’s only when you presuppose that a universal, global, totalitarian state is inevitable that you entertain notions of one group or another fighting for top position within it.

And then the best way to keep such struggle for supremacy from happening is to enforce “multiculturalsim”, “diversity”, race mixing, gay marriage, transgenderism, etc.

Of course the vast majority of human beings do not want to live in such a globalist state.

Most peoples want to live in a society of, and with, their own kind, with their own customs, laws, social mores, cultural traditions, religions and so on.

Those who promote diversity, equality, a world without borders, anti-racism etc, are working towards the enthronement of a hideous global Babylonian system in which all nations are destroyed, the family is destroyed and every single human being on earth will be atomized and hopelessly enslaved.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

In Case Of War With North Korea...

What with that there North Koe-reean feller invading and destroying so many countries around the world, it’s inevitable that good ol’ Murica will be called, (by no less than God himself) to step in and save the day.

Murica must liberate those poor North Korean people who don’t have gay marriage, teen abortion,  Tranny’s on TV, fifty million Mexicans and “refugees” from the middle-east and so on.

Clearly, something has to be done.

Thank God Communist China has our back!!!

And no doubt a war may lead to significant damage to trade ports in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China...

If that were to happen, you wouldn’t be able to buy all of that highly inflated Chinese made crap from Wal-Mart.

In such a case, some sort of lend-lease deal would be needed to help re-build any damaged infrastructure in those east-Asian cities and ports.

Some sort of, oh, I don’t know, trans-pacific-partnership......or something.

Sure the global economy would take a bit of a hit for a few years, but the long term economic benefits from such a paradigm shift to the part of the word that has 4 of the world’s 7 billion consumers - I mean people, would mean massive expansion of top CEO’s portfolios.

But even if there’s no war, such a trans-pacific-partnership might be needed anyway, just to keep the profits. I’m sorry, I mean the peace.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Caged Bird Is Unnatural...

Many people (even those with pet birds) acknowledge the fundamental truth that a caged bird is a tragedy. Birds are meant to fly - to soar through the air with the wings Gnon* has given them. Keeping them caged is unnatural.

But therein the modern, progressive, mind betrays itself.

After all, what is normal? Right?

What is natural?

Is not the entire project of modernized civilization constructed upon the ashes of concepts such as natural and normal?

Is it natural for two men to get married?

Is it natural for a man to dress and act as a woman?

Is it natural for people of different ethnicities or races or classes to marry?

If, as the progressive insists, there is no normal and nature has no law, then a caged bird is no longer a tragedy.


*note: Gnon stands for God of Nature Or Nature

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Wages of Freedom...

Funny how the American version of freedom (inspired by the French and American Revolutions) tends to render everything meaningless.

After all, without “freedom of religion” religion wouldn’t be able to mean absolutely nothing, as it does today.

Freedom allows couples to divorce at a whim and destroy families.

Freedom allows homosexuals to marry and make a mockery of marriage.

Freedom allows mixed-race and mixed ethnic marriages, thus destroying whole nations (a nation is an ethnic group, not a place).

Freedom allows men to put on women’s dresses, mocking and denigrating men and women.

Freedom allows new generations to walk away from their families, their countries, their religions and their cultures and thus renders all of them meaningless.

But of course this freedom can only continue as long as freedom of association is prohibited, as that would be racist and discriminatory -hence the destruction of nations, families, marriage, races, ethnicities, religions and so on, in the name of equality.....and freedom!

Freedom knows know king, and subsequently it knows no father or mother either. And so cultures, faiths, traditions and the very foundations of human society, sustained and nurtured by natural hierarchical authority, are cast aside.

And the wages of freedom?

Look around.

The lust for freedom has set the world ablaze. The fires are spreading. And those not yet consumed in the blaze are choking to death from the smoke.

Freedom? How can a poor pitiful creature like man -bound by mortality and the daily precariousness of his life upon this rock in space, speak of freedom?

What fools we are.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Billy The Kid Was Almost Twenty-Two...

Billy The Kid, the famous/infamous Old West outlaw first gained wider national attention in 1880, when he was 20/21 years old. He was shot (in the dark) and killed by Sheriff Pat Garret a year later in 1881, a couple months shy of his 22 birthday.

Notice something in that brief biography?

Billy THE KID entered the wider national conscience when he was 20 years old.

There has never been a time in history when those under 25 years of age were not considered to be kids -non adults.

And for good reason.

Critical areas of your brain, that involve decision making, do not fully develop until the mid-twenties.

So yes, you can have an opinion at 22, it just won’t be a well informed or personal one.

And even beyond 25, it takes years of experience to be better able to navigate life’s bland intricacies.

But even at that, very, very few have it in them to make critical choices. Which is why leaders are few and great leaders are rare. One shepherd, many sheep. And sheep are dumb.

99.9% of people follow well worn paths in every area of their life, through out their life.

A voting age of 21 was bad enough, but lowering it to 18 was ridiculous. At that point there is no logical argument against lowering it to 2.

And yes, I know, 18 years olds get sent off to fight and die in wars, etc.

Yeah, they do. Because they’re easy to manipulate and use. They’re energetic, naive and have jelly for brains.

As has been pointed out before by others, there is a reason you really don’t see too many 40 year old suicide bombers or genuinely passionate religious/ideological zealots with grey hair.

This is a tough pill for many to swallow, especially those raised in America where platitudes of “individuality” and “choice” have been used by vipers to hypnotize and lure easy prey.

These cheap platitudes about “freedom” and “independence” have also fed into the atomization of people, leaving them unable to defend themselves from invasion and destruction.

You’re not free and you’re not independent. And democracy is the biggest damn con in history.

And robbed of the basic knowledge about basic survival that used to be passed from father to son and via tribal traditions, you are completely defenseless in this wilderness of a world.

In other words, Mr. Roughed Individual, without strong, wise and mighty political and religious leaders from your own people, who rule with a rod or iron, you and your family are in big f*@king trouble.

You can repeat bulls@*t about democracy and “no king but Jesus” all you want, but you only pile more dirt upon your own grave as you do it -much to the glee of the stronger and wiser men who have deceived and ensnared you.

What is happening to the people of the West now is not the result of reckless or foolish leadership -no, it is ritualistic humiliation of a conquered and defeated people -a ritualistic humiliation which precedes mass slaughter -similar to what happened to the Romanov family in the "House of Special Purpose".

“As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”
                                                                                                                       -Isaiah 3:12 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Hank Hanegraaff & North Korea...

What do Hank Hanegraaff and North Korea have in common? They both represent drama-as-news-cycle that I only know about because I occasionally walk into/through a room with a TV on....or happen to here about from every single freakin human being I come into contact with.

Of course “we” have to do something about that North Korea dictator guy. I mean, how many countries has this psychopath attacked and invaded now? Look at what he did to Iraq! And Syria! And Libya! And Yemen! And what about Turkey? Ooops, lets not talk about that. WWIII it is! Yeehaw! Murica Rules!

If you don’t know who Hank Hanegraaff is, do yourself a favor and don’t look into it.

Of course the Bible Answer Man pulling a Judas on Martin Luther by joining that weird wing of Popeless Catholicism known as the Orthodox Church in this, the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, is without a doubt the seventh trumpet of Revelation.

At any rate I always knew the guy had to be a phony. After all, where in the Bible does it use the words “Hank Hanegraaff”?

That’s what I Thought!

Meanwhile a county, city and neighborhood near you is being fundamentally and radically transformed into a third-world hellhole via the largest mass migration of human beings in history.
Your culture, your society and your people are being decimated right before your eyes.
Whites are now just 8% of the world’s population, and dropping.

I wonder what Hank will call his program now that he’s no longer a Bible-aloner?


The Grave Dumb Sin Of Over Analyzing Hypotheticals...

It’s a fine line between making a point and stating the obvious.

The alt-media or alt-right is growing rapidly because it (more often than not) states the obvious, rather than trying to make a point. Memes are a good example of this.

State, or present, the obvious and people will see the point. Try to make a point and you either end up sounding  preachy and sanctimonious or you leave people scratching their heads trying to figure out what your point is.

We don’t always do this, of course, but we do do it.

The left and old right, however, go the “making a point” route exclusively because those damn facts are always ganging up on them and kicking the non-subjective shit out of them.

Whenever a SJW tosses out some pre-packaged Soros-funded talking point disguised as a question, such as, “how would you feel if you were a homeless refugee?”, I always reply that I’d rather ponder how I’d feel if I were a bad-ass warlord with harem full of Victoria’s Secret  supermodels.

Emotionally manipulative hypotheticals are all the left has, but even in that they have to be able to control a very narrow array of hypotheticals, lest reality again invade into their intellectually retarded safe spaces.

Back to the point of this post... there is an element within the new schools of discourse that gets a bit too carried away with unnecessary ponderings on what-if’s and maybe’s, and that, of course, is the neo-reactionary world.

It’s one thing to what-if the present or near-future but the neo-reactionaries have a tendency to what if long range scenarios involving highly complex theoretical and hypothetical overlapping situations, which may or may not evolve given happenstance A B & C developing into an inevitable D E & F.

They tend to go off on long involved rants about the pros and cons of an Aristotelian based nobility ruling over a land based empire, during a a multi-year drought, in the year 4242 AD, and stuff like that.

Granted, it’s sometimes interesting -but only for so far. The Nrx has long been seen as the crazy uncle in the attic of the alt-right for a reason. Occasionally enlightening, but still crazy.

So when someone asks me about the Nrx I always suggest that they not get overly involved with groups who develop complex systems that require multi-leveled hypothetical analyzing to unpack.

Or just think of it like this: treat queries into what a person or group are about like you would a person to whom you ask the basic, simple, question, “What do you want?” The longer it takes them to answer that question the faster you should be backing away and regretting having asked it.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Re-Up (North Korea Is The Free Country)...

Fact: The office of President of the United States has infinitely more power than all of the kings and queens of antiquity combined. “The President", 1789 - ,is an unparalleled beast of a tyrant. Elections = you get to vote on what the tyrant will be called for the next four years. The Tyrant remains the same.

Fact: The colonists had LESS freedom after the Revolution than before. (they also paid higher taxes after ”independence”)

The U.S. Constitution functions towards one end -consolidation (assimilation). It brings every family, neighborhood, town, county and state under one moral, legal, political, ethical, linguistic, religious and economic jurisdiction.

In the colonies, prior to 1776, each village and colony had its own general, but particular, way of life: ethnicity, culture, religion, laws, customs, etc. Villages and colonies defined who and what they were.

After the revolution these peoples no longer had such basic (intrinsic and historical) freedom. The vast project of bringing every village and county under one monolithic federal umbrella had began.

The exaltation of the “individual’s rights” over the colony’s (or village’s) rights commenced.

The end result of the constitution is seen today, wherein one person is “free”, but two or more are not.

One man can call himself Baptist, but a town (a thousand men) cannot call themselves Methodist -because "freedom of religion".

An individual is free to declare himself a homosexual, but a city or county or state is not free to declare themselves heterosexual -because "individual liberty".

No, under the all seeing eye of Uncle Sam there can be no peoples, only individuals. There can be no distinct and particular ethnicities, races, families, tribes, colonies, etc, each with their own customs, laws, traditions and identities.

Such is denounced as racist or discriminatory.

The civil rights act effectively outlawed freedom of association, aka discrimination, which is the cornerstone, not only of freedom, but of nations, cultures and the family itself. (read that again)

The United States is thus ever hungry -ever growing and expanding, insisting that all distinctions be erased. All borders, all religions, all customs and all peoples MUST be consolidated and assimilated into one monolithic social, political and economic state of the individual consumer.

There can be no white nations (or any ethnic nations) or heterosexual families, or Mothers & Fathers, etc.

Is it any wonder then that a country like North Korea, which still has a semblance of independence from the global state and an identity of its own choosing, is seen as such a threat to the powers that be?

How terribly ironic to realize that America is Mordor and North Korea, Iran, Assad’s Syria, Putin’s Russia, etc are the lands of elves and hobbits, holding out against the ever encroaching forces of darkness.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All Over The Map?....

An acquaintance tells me the posts here are “all over the map” in regards to religion. Am I for it or against it?

Well, the world is complicated in it’s inane simplicity.

It’s like people. I have "friends" and family who I can’t stand. Don’t like them at all. Go to a get together with them and have a great time talking and joking around with them and then leave still not liking them and not caring if I ever see them again.

Life’s funny, ain’t it?

Religion has form and function. It’s not merely about the supernatural.

I can argue within theological contexts because I’ve read the texts and have an opinion on them. I can join in a discussion between catholics and protestants over the issue of the’real presence’, for example. I lean toward the protestant view.

And yet, I don’t believe the literal supernatural elements of it.

It’s just like arguing over the nature of Tom Bombadil in ‘Lord Of The Rings’. It’s a discussion that can get pretty heated! Old Tom didn’t really exist and the story is fiction. And yet, discussions and arguments abound. And they can be rather profound. Lessons can be gathered or taught out the story. Inspiration can be found in it.

The neo-atheists who go on about religion being man-made don’t realize how stupid they sound. Of course it’s man-made. So are skyscrapers, rockets, legal systems, languages and so on.

Religions were developed over centuries, by the best educated minds in multiple generations to deal with the complexities of social problems such as law and order, ethics, principles, war and peace, life and death, etc.

These are things neo-atheists take for granted because they are spoiled brats taking the fragile social system they were born into for granted. They have the luxury to fret over things like equality and social justice -concepts that only exist in the tiny bubble of western decadence, bought and sustained by western imperialism, colonialism and global exploitation and domination

So, religion is a social system. It can be critiqued. Parts of it can be embraced while other parts of it can be attacked and rejected.

Remember, the early Christians of Europe moved in on the collapsing Roman Empire and assumed it’s institutions. The Catholic church’s structure is based, directly, on the Roman Senate. The pope is based on the emperor, etc.

And the good ol USA just happens to function on 3 branches of government. And 3 has no significance in Christianity, no, no, no of course not. And it’s not like there are 3 Abrahamic religions that are currently dominating, and destroying, the world.

So, yeah, my primary beef is with the idea of monotheism. The one-god thing.

It’s a very, very, very bad idea that naturally lends itself towards imperialism and globalism.

I won’t go into here, as I have before, but sufficient to say, the one-god of the jews, christians and muslims IS the Dark Lord of Mordor. He is the fictional concept made real via actions based on the idea of there being only the one- one god, one morality, one system of ethics -one race the human race, one government and so on.

The one-god idea is the enemy. He is the usurper and destroyer. He is death and darkness. He is deceit and malice. He is a lie.
And all who follow him ride a mountain of skulls on a river of blood, right into the deepest, darkest pits of hel.

How’s that for dramatic overstatement!

But’s it’s basically true. The one-god premise is an idea concocted by men who worship death and destruction via their thirst to conquer and exploit.

So what religion then?

Religions evolve and move. And if the situation in the middle east ever gets out of hand, the Abrahamic freaks might just take care of themselves for the rest of us.

The idea of  ancestor worship or the elements representing “gods” (read, natural forces personified in a human-like character) seems most natural, to me -if you feel the need to scratch the “spiritual” itch.

The Green Man, or Old Man Winter, or Jack Frost, etc. these are a conception of religious expression that are innate to us.

There is no literal thunder god, but there is thunder!

There are no literal frost giants to threaten us, but danged if frost doesn’t come along every year and kill or stunt the grass, the leaves, the flowers and the gardens.

This is the religion we should base our society and our politics on.

After all, nature doesn’t have a beginning and an end, like the mono-god posits. No, it is cyclical (so to speak), like our “heathen” ancestors observed. Round and round the seasons go. Day follows night, follows day, etc.

In the mean time, we have to deal with what is. And right now religious institutions are run by the one-goders.

All we can do is try to make the best of a bad situation, until the situation changes.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Snake Oil For Atheists...

One great example of how neo-Atheists get snookered by traveling sideshow atheism, making the rest of us look bad, is Bart Ehrman.

This one is almost comical. Ehrman’s whole shtick is that the gospels don’t all align, exactly, on the details of the events which they describe.

Ehrman gets up before a crowd and hammers the podium and shouts things like (and I paraphrase), “did Jesus die at noon or at 3:00 pm? It depends on which gospel you read! Were there 2 people at his grave or 3? It depends on which gospel you read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

His point? Good question.

Do the gospels describe the same basic events? Yes.

Do they vary on the details? Yes, yes they do.

As you would expect, different accounts differ on details. Just ask traffic cops who’ve been to a few accidents in their time. People see and remember things differently. But they usually describe the same general event.

The gospels all tell the same basic tale. A dude named Jesus taught things, had followers, was put to death and then was said to have been seen by some resurrected.

So what exactly is Ehrman’s point?  What is he even arguing?

Ehrman is just doing the classic bait and switch. You see, what he is really arguing about is the subject of supernatural biblical inerrancy, not historical records or accounts.

His selling point is that he is arguing from a professional, secular, historian’s perspective.

But he ain’t.

Biblical inerrancy is a THEOLOGICAL presupposition that addresses the iffy subject of DIVINE (meaning supernatural) inspiration.

Divine inspiration is the suggestion that God (SUPERNATURALLY) inspired the writers of the various books and letters of the bible to write said books and letters.

The relevant and important question is, what exactly does it mean to be inspired by the spirit of God to write? Does it mean men were inspired to write down what they remembered, or does it mean that they were, essentially, possessed by the spirit of God, who used their physical bodies to write things down.

There is no real consensus among believing theologians or laymen on the issue.

And yet.... Ehrman’s entire publishing and speaking career is based upon an argument from a narrow and denominationally-particular presuppositional supernatural construct on what divine inspiration may mean and possibly entails.

In other words, Ehrman is not arguing from a secular historian’s position.

His fundamental arguments about biblical accounts are theological and supernatural based, not historical.

This is why he has run afoul of the Jesus Myth people.

His arguments were never about historical facts, they were about what supernatural inspiration  should or would look like. And absent an appearance by the almighty himself to clear it up, that’s a ridiculously impossible subject that can only ever be wildly speculated about.

And how many of you fell for it?

I would bet that even professional quacks like Pat Robertson aren’t as dogmatic as Ehrman is in regards to the notion of what divine (supernatural) inspiration of ancient texts means and how it worked.

Don’t feel bad though. Live and learn.

Ehrman isn’t alone.

The post-2000 era has seen an endless stream of McAtheists show up and peddle their shitty generic version of the real thing.

Sad thing is they’ve gotten rich doing it. Much like their televangelist counterparts.


Monday, April 10, 2017

No, You Can't Be A Christian & Fight for Western Civilization...

The great battle now unfolding is about race, not culture or religion as separate things. It is about the destruction of European peoples, not “western civilization” as a tradition, culture or “christendom” apart from the people themselves.

“Western Civilization” is simply what European peoples create, inherently. As such, it has been around for at least 30,000 years years, give or take.

Christianity didn’t make it into all of Europe until the 13th century. And even at that it was mostly a socially imposed system used by the rulers, not a supernatural faith.

Much like Political Correctness today, the average man felt compelled to pay it lip service while internally rejecting it.

In fact it’s quite obvious that political correctness, or Cultural Marxism, IS Christianity today. Which is to say, a set of social dogmas that declare their legitimacy via hypothetical applicable moral universals.

Christians may balk at that, but never-the-less they do indeed justify their adherence to Christianity on the basis of its supposed universally applicable axioms and not upon any supernatural, transcendent reality. (see Galatians 1:8)

But even in that they must choose not to reconcile this premise with other passages from the New Testament that make it clear that Christians would always be a persecuted minority in all places and at all times. Thus there can never have been, nor never could be, a Christian civilization, Christian society, Christian nation, Christian state, Christian town or even a Christian family or Christian marriage. (see Matt. 10:22, Matt 7:13, Matt 10:36)

So yes, the christian message declares itself to be objectively unnatural and thus subjectively true, all the while insinuating a mandate of universal adherence.

Sound familiar? Yes, this is the bedrock of political correctness and cultural Marxism, both of which represent the natural evolution of Christian thought.

If you start with, “there is neither Greek nor jew, male nor female in Christ”, you are going to end up with interracial and gay marriage and genderless bathrooms.

And if you’re having trouble following this, let me re-state: the Christian (or Gospel) message is predicated upon claimed universally applicable axioms and not upon supernatural, transcendent reality. The universal call for repentance in conjunction with the declaration that the kingdom of God was at hand by the “incarnate word” illustrates this fact, beyond any objection.

God was in the flesh HERE, calling upon men to repent HERE in order to inaugurate the kingdom of God HERE.

But how? What was the construct?

Again, Christ’s version of repentance was not about past actions but for unsanctioned, previously held, thoughts, beliefs or ideas. (see Matt 5: 21-22, 27-28)

This can be seen at work today among Christians and cultural Marxists alike who “reach out in love” to gay people engaging in homosexual acts, but spit vindictive hate at Whites who hold “racist ideas” (that race is a physical objective reality is a threat to their paradigm).

So we see the organic movement of Christianity. It was never about the transcendent or supernatural. It was, ironically as it may sound to some, about the secular world of man, whose person-hood is manifested solely through what he chooses to hold as beliefs.

This is why Jesus inexplicably leaves planet earth at the end of the gospel narrative. Having fulfilled his mission: he preached the word, and then died on behalf of all the people who held ideas and beliefs that were not complimentary to the hypothetical universal set of moral abstracts.

Then he rose from the grave and rode a cloud into outer space. (see Acts 1:9)

Had he remained upon planet earth there would have been that little problem of the supernatural/transcendent issue (he was god after all). But with Jesus leaving earth there remains nothing but the mind of man to deal with.

As the heathen would say, actions speak louder than words. Or, in this case, actions speak louder than the word.

But as Christianity aims to stand above the physical  natural world and reality, how then to deal with this?

Within the christian paradigm, sin is thought crime (Ephesians 6:12). It is thoughts, ideas and beliefs that send men to hell, not deeds.

And naturally then with political correctness and cultural Marxism, it is not actions that are bad, but ideology. The actions that may or may not follow from ideology or belief are not factored into Christianity/Marxism, because, for it, ideas are all that count and the physical, natural world is a shadow to be feared and driven away with the illuminating light of proper beliefs.


Open borders is not a physical geographical reality, but an ideological belief.

Marriage is not a biological reality, but an ideological belief.

The kingdom of God is not a physical place, but an ideological belief.

And from this we can see the overarching problem as it relates to race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

Christianity does not transcend the physical world towards another dimension, it transcends the physical world towards the "inner man". “As a man thinks within himself, so is he” -Proverbs, 23:7

If you think properly, you are saved. If you think the right ideas, you are in heaven.

And if you think wrong -if you acknowledge the natural world, you are a pagan or atheist and you are in hell.

The Problem

Of course the big obstacle with all this is that the White Man, no matter how hard he tries to be a good Christian/Politically Correct, can’t help but to see hard, physical reality as more real and significant to the value of life than beliefs and ideas. He can’t quite suppress the intuition that nature is the supreme (and only) power in this world and beliefs and ideas cannot affect it one iota.

This is a problem for the children of the kingdom of God. And so we see them drop the pretense and engage in an all out physical/material war on the White man.


Christianity interacts with the real world by asking men to adopt certain ideas as a way for them to transcend the real world, without ever leaving it. Thus for them, “change” is always in relation to the beliefs of a man, and never to material alterations of the physical man or the world.

And of course underlying all of this is the “one god”.

One god to rule them all, one god to find them,
One god to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

Unlike the many gods, who interacted with man and the world via natural forces (wind, rain, thunder, winter, harvests, fertility, etc) the one god conveniently resides “outside of time and space” and thus interacts with men via the “holy spirit” which, in turn, interacts with the heart/mind of man and not the physical man or the natural world.

Again, we see that with Christianity, like cultural Marxism, ideology/beliefs are everything and reality is at best, nothing, and at worst, the enemy.

Earth and sky, water and fire, flesh and blood. To the christian these things can be no more than crude symbols for the “inner man” to ponder as a foreshadowing of greater enlightenment to come.

This is why they can not fight for Western Civilization. Western Civilizaion is the physical  European race of peoples, not a religion, philosophy, proposition or creed. It is physical, not an idea.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

O Dark Satanic Mill, How We Love Thee...

Gay marriage, feminism, transgenderism, no-fault divorce, contraception, family planning, roughed individualism and the like can only be sustained in a society with an over abundance of wealth concentration. And the only way to attain such wealth is through conquest and exploitation.

How many people understand this?

Traditional morals, fixed social roles, large families, tribalism and the like, all manifest as a survival mechanism to protect and perpetuate life in a time and place without the perks of wealth abundance. Look no further than the third world today for examples.

The American Way Of Life, Personal Freedom, Human Rights, Equality, Democracy, etc, are only able to exist at present because of the massive abundance of wealth in the West due to  Imperialism, Colonialism and Slavery.

Social stability, by way of excessive wealth, allows for the sort of “freedom” we see today.

Which means,

No colonialism, no feminism.

No Imperialism, no gay marriage.

No slave trade, no transgender rights.

No stealing of resources, no democracy.

No plundering of nations, no human rights.

No wars & genocide, no no-fault divorce, family planning or vacations to Myrtle Beach.



Social Justice Warriors, be they liberal atheists or conservative Christians, are not only the socio-political descendants of Puritans, they are also the torch bearers of colonialism. Open borders is just colonialism in reverse -cheaper to exploit them here where there is already infrastructure than to exploit them over there, where there ain’t.

Of course this also means that the current situation can only be temporary and the system upon which "freedom" and "human rights" leaches off of will inevitably collapse.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Evangelicals: Cake Before Dinosaurs...

Conservative/Evangelical Christians sure are worried about the “the times”. Everything presented via corporate news is taken at face value and is seen as a “sign of the times”, by them.

The funny thing is, conservative Christians sound very concerned and frightened at the state of the world today, but their appearance and their body language and even their particular expressed concerns tends to betray their angst.

They’re fat!

There, I said it.

Not only do they tend to be fat (often pear shaped -always doughy) but they also tend to be comfortably dressed and manicured.

More odd than that though, is that they tend to be intimately involved in the very same society that they inform us is plotting against them and all the other true believers. The world isn’t safe anymore, and it’s dangerous “out there”, but, hey, we're going to pack an RV and travel across America this summer to get away from all the stress of the daily grind.

And man oh man are they worried about muslims, because ISIS.

CHRISTIAN: “You better get prepared, brother, because Muslims hate America. Look at what ISIS is doing to people in the middle-east!”

ME: “You know ISIS formed and flourished in US controlled Iraq, don’t you?”

CHRISTIAN: “North Korea! When are we gonna deal with that crazy dictator?”

If you engage with conservative/evangelical Christians for very long you will note a schizophrenic swing from “they” to “us”, depending on the choice of context. “They” (American society) are taking away our religious freedom, while North Korea is a threat to “us” (American society).

They also worry a lot about a One World Government, all the while calling for Murica to invade and re-arrange other countries to fit the American model, ie corporate financed liberal democracy.

And don’t even get them started on abortion! Abortion is evil! Just don’t ask them why they only have two kids of their own. Contraception, you know -that’s just plain smart thinkin!

Oh, I almost forgot -Star Trek! Evangelicals love Star Trek! Yeah! That show that presented Imperial Marxism in a warm and wondrous light (with spaceships), is to Evangelicals what The View is to feminists.

Christians claim to have a long list of perceived enemies and threats, and yet, even as they’re telling you about multiple impending Armageddons due to our neo-Babylonian culture, they always look really, really decadent themselves -the bloated doughy bodies, the dandy demeanor, the Hawaiian shirts or god-awful sweaters, the knee length cargo shorts, the goatees to hide multiple chins...I could go on.

And even as they are telling you about the enemies and cultural threats, they themselves turn right around and associate, strongly, with those enemies and cultural threats.

I guess the two main things to take away from this rant are:

A. Evangelical/Conservative Christians are concerned that godless movements like the gay agenda are succeeding culturally and politically because they are so well financed. (This just in....the church was able to raise the $25 million last month for the new sound system!)

B. Evangelical Christians are really, really fat. And even when skinny, they tend to be doughy.

Heaven, it turns out, is a bakery. A Hawaiian themed bakery!

God is good. God is cake.


What Is Normal?...

Normal is living a self-sacrificial life.

Normal is NOT doing what you want to do.

Normal is NOT living how you want to live.

Put another way, Normal is the opposite of selfish.

Abnormal, or perverted, is doing what makes you happy -what pleases you -what fulfills you.

Normal is living a life that perpetuates peace and stability in family, community and society. Which is to say, Normal honors family and traditions and customs.

Abnormal, or perverted, is living a life devoted to self, which naturally causes disharmony, instability and conflict.

Granted, this is the opposite message sent by Marxist-Capitalism, which encourages, if not demands, that you recklessly and ceaselessly indulge in you.

Yet, find a person living “their life on their terms” (which is pretty much everybody today) and you’ll see an empty shell of a human being -depressed, angry -if not medicated, resentful and living a life where everything about them is in ruins, or teetering on the brink of ruination.

For God’s sake, we have a “debt-based” economy! And not surprisingly, we have a population that is either homeless or one pay check away from homelessness. Because there are so many people making 25 to 80 thousand dollars a year, but trying to live like millionaires.

That is abnormal. And it is a result of living a life devoted to self.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dad & Mom...

note: the following is written by a non-believer in the supernatural. However, like it or not, these institutions must and will exist and are innate to us. How they function or dysfunction is important, to say the least. 

Isn’t it interesting that the middle-ages church functioned in the role of the feminine social institution, side-by-side with the monarchy, which functioned in the role of masculine social institution?

The church comforted, the monarchy defended.

Mother and Father.

Neither perfect in their roles, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

They functioned, naturally -as an organic outgrowth of human social interaction, just like the family.

In our glorious modern age of republics and democracies, which is free from war, crime, poverty and despair, we label monarchies as institutions of the oppressive patriarchy.

Granted, once we overthrew our kings the numbers of wars, dysfunction and mass murders increased by about 10,000%, but hey, let’s not nitpick.

And the church, that symbol of woman, of the feminine, is decried for it’s tyranny and oppression and all around, general, terribleness.

Yeah. That sort of philosophical contradiction on the part of moderns, who shout “girl power!”, while simultaneously decrying the evils of the institution which embodies all that is feminine, is part and parcel of their unabashed unthinking.

Now consider the confusion today in these critical social institutions. How many churches are filled with wimpy fem-men and masculine he-shes?

Yes, the church today is more feminine, but perversely so. It’s no longer the modest saintly mother grinding at the mill, but a dolled up street whore, saying all the right things to potential johns so as to “win them over”.

And government? What was once a masculine institution which functioned like a lion strutting about to defend it’s people and punish evil, is now a bloated sow, eating its own shit and presenting its teats for whatever critter may happen to stroll by.

These two critical social institutions, the monarchy (government) and the church, representing Father and Mother, have been, from within and without, thrown down, attacked, mocked, abused and dressed in one another’s clothing for the express purpose to mock and delegitimize.

Sound familiar? See any reflections of that cast back upon the world around us?


Monday, March 27, 2017

Try Not To Offend The Arsonist...

Progressive or leftism is an ideology in much the same way as a fat guy who eats an entire cake by himself and then gets angry when you point out the reason for his obesity, is an ideology.

It’s just a way of deferring poor personal behavior via projection onto others as “social justice”.

Take AIDS for example. Remember that? Back in the 90's it was big. You would often hear the Saturday-night libertine talk about how we needed to acknowledge it and deal with it.

PROGRESSIVE: “AIDS is an issue that we need to talk about openly and honestly.”

ME: “Gee, I wonder what causes AIDS?”

PROGRESSIVE: “Let’s change the subject.”

In the Progressive or liberal mindset you never talk about the cause or even sympathize with the effect. You just justify the action.

At the heart of liberalism or proggressivism or whatever you want to call it, is a desperate attempt to justify personal behavior that is unjustifiable, by supporting persons who have done other or similar anti-social things.

This is where the “let’s not judge” bullshit comes from. Choosing not to judge people is not neutral, by the way. It is an act which requires judgment and discrimination.

This “judge not” baloney is most vulnerable when it’s articulated in anything more than 2 second sound-bites. If a proponent of progress utters two sentences in defense of their “ideology” you can count on the second sentence fundamentally contradicting the first.

This can apply to an entire premise as well.

Take “transgenderism” for example. Also known as cross dressing.

Remember feminist studies and gender studies?

Remember how, according to progressives,  conformity to traditional gender roles are oppressive social constructs?

Now, how does a transgender dude express himself? By adopting the traditional gender role and socially recognized dress of, women.

Do you follow that?  Transgenderism is expressed, solely, by conformity to “traditional notions” of gender and gender roles: the dresses, the make up, the girly gestures, etc.

Look again at “Caitlin Jenner” on the cover of Vanity Fair. What makes him “transgender” is his presenting himself all dolled up in what is socially recognized as, a woman’s role: women’s attire -wig and makeup included.

Could there be a bigger f#ck you to feminism and gender studies?

And yet, feminists and progressives alike celebrate this fundamental rejection of all that they claim to stand and fight for.

That’s because they are full of shit!

Like all so-called liberals/leftists/etc, these troglodytes don’t believe in or fight for anything. They just concoct ways to justify their own, selfish, anti-social, self-destructive urges and behavior.

Now think of the corporations who support this bullshit!

Think of the government programs concocted to support this bullshit!

Think of the churches and Christian leaders who support or tiptoe around this bullshit!

So yes, every time you hear of the latest outrageous “cause” and you mumble to yourself, “next thing you know they’ll be defending_______________ (fill in the blank)........yes, yes they will.

There is no rock-bottom for people hellbent on dragging each other’s depravity out into the light and adorning it with garlands and crowns.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Commies For Capitalism....

Is it really so surprising that global, capitalist, corporations promote (and enforce) communism?

Both systems, ultimately, ‘exalt the individual and glorify the self’.

Whatever pretense to an appeal towards a “community” or “movement” is to be made, there must first be the pandering or preaching to the individual to “encourage” him to support said community/movement.

It’s no different than marketing a car to you...for the family.

On the one hand we here platitudes about individualism and personal choice, etc. But on the other hand we here platitudes about mankind and humanity and “we” and “us”, etc.

The thing is, we are always on the receiving end of this bombardment. It’s never innate. It’s always an external stimuli via media, government, religion, etc. And it’s hardly a secret that media, government and religion are patrons of corporations. Or, if could be said that corporations are the muse of media, government and religion.

Capitalism vs. Communism. Democracy vs. Dictatorship. Left vs. Right. Etc. They’e two sides of the same, post-enlightenment, post-industrial, coin.

A hideous beast was created when the Enlightenment copulated with the Industrial Revolution.

For the past two and a half centuries various merchants have vied for the glory to mount and steer the wretched creature, even as it rampaged across the world leaving death and terror in its wake.

The world doesn’t need another Adam Smith or Vladimir Lenin or Ronald Reagan or Thomas Edison or George Washington.

We need Saint George.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Immigration & Transvestitism...

The two issues go hand-in-hand.

Is America a nation? Can anybody become American? Can a man become a woman or a woman a man?

Do you see the problem with the notion that identity is a choice?

All down thought time, a nation was always and only a biological -ethnic/racial- reality.

A nation was never a place or a form of government. It was a biological unit. Period.

Yes, nations often had lands of their own, and on rare occasions had their own own governments.

But the land was generally named after the particular people (the nation) who occupied it or the particular people who lived there came to be also synonymous with the land’s name. Britain was the name of the Island, but the inhabitants were English, Welsh, Scottish, Cornish, etc. Sometimes they are collectively called ‘British’, but it’s usually not appreciated or considered a slander or insult.

And peoples sometimes moved over large distances, yet retained their nationality. The Goths moved into, and some became citizens of, Rome. Yet they remained Goths. And much later they attacked their host because (among other reasons) their host was not them. Similar situations have occurred all over the world down through the centuries.

The trouble with America is that it was never a nation. It was a business set up by bankers and merchants who dragged an unsupportive population into their revolution. A revolution that has never stopped.

America is an empire comprised of consumers. And it’s ever expanding; looking to engulf the entire planet and turn all of its’ seven billion inhabitants into fellow Americans -to liberate them, to make them free.

As such, the identity of “American” must be flexible, atomizing and rational. America is freedom, and there is nothing more liberating than loosing the bonds of all traditional forms of identity -racial, ethnic, familial and gender.

To say that race doesn’t matter or that gender is a choice is the epitome of freedom -of being American.

To wit, there is nothing more American than a man deciding one day that he has chosen to be a woman.

For if, as the impassioned  patriots tell us, that freedom is choosing to live how you want to live, then lady liberty must needs be a man in drag.

Look around you dear Murican. Freedom has unleashed hell on earth.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Orcs Virtue Signal...

The more shallow, decadent and morally corrupt people become, the more they feel the need to proclaim their “virtues” publicly.

Just 30 years ago most people almost never spoke openly of their social and political beliefs or their ethics and principles.

But even then, drunks were always the first to damn dope-heads and liars were always boasting of their honesty. And you could always bet that that one guy who was always railing against porn and bragging about how solid his marriage was, was the one who was screwing the church secretary.

In fact it was a generally acknowledged rule that any business that had a cross or Jesus fish in their store window was run by crooks.

You can see this magnified today. The people out in the streets screaming “justice” and “love” are irrational, inarticulate, and spit their words of “tolerance” out with irrational rage and hatred. The ones that shout about their “pride” are the ones that look the most f*@ked up and depressed.

And notice that the more they try to suppress their shame and hatred of themselves, the more orc-like they become in appearance and demeanor.

A person who believes in the concept of objective, universal, justice doesn’t need to stomp through the streets with a sign and a bullhorn proclaiming it. That would be a fundamental contradiction.

Historically, morals, values and ethics were thought to be discovered. And then codified, because they were true.

There were no marches. No protests. No rallies. Nothing. Because that which is found to be true is acknowledged as such because it is true. It’s like gravity. It  may not be fair that you can’t fly like a bird, but jump off a cliff and justice will be the ground racing toward you.

But lies need rallies. Lies need protests. A lie needs people screaming in the streets, not for it’s defense, but for it’s slaughtering of the truth.

The truth is always humble, calm, simple, articulate and unassuming. It never screams. It never demands.

Truth always has its day of victory, not through conquest, but by virtue of the fact that lies always fail and fall in the end.

Those who demand justice should be wary of getting what they want.

Justice is the gravity of truth.


Monday, March 6, 2017

The March Of Progress...

The belief in progress is the high of speeding down a road in a car you can never pay off, believing it can excel to speeds of hitherto unmatched rpm’s, never run out of gas and that no dogs, children, old people or traffic could ever possibly be awaiting around the next corner to impede your quest to find the end of that rainbow that somehow never quite manages to kiss the earth. But you scoff at fairy tales and believe in science and empiricism and stuff!


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Our Leopold And Loeb Elite...

That really does sum it up, doesn’t it.

The run-of-the-mill highway-robbers who stole, bribed, blackmailed and murdered their way into their current position of establishment elite really do look upon Europeans and European-Americans (aka, White people) with contempt and amuse themselves with visions of our demise. Because they had the hunger and instinct to worm their way to where they are at the top and the rest of us are too damn content to live out simple, traditional  lives. We’re rubes.

This also feeds into the elites lust for more and more immigrants. Because to them, America is a prize; a global treasure chest, and only the ambitious and the greedy get the jewels. And since the rubes are content and not driven enough by lust and greed for power and money and material things, they romanticize immigrants who are, in fact, driven by lust and greed for power and money and material things.

The “American Dream” is a concept concocted by late 19th and early 20th Century immigrants (mostly jewish) who saw the United States as nothing more than a black Friday sale at Wal-Mart.

But the sad fact is, they’re right.

The United States was founded by merchants and bankers. And it was done so against the wishes of the vast majority of the colonists who lived here.

Those descendents of the colonists had “America” forced upon them, just as they’ve had open borders, abortion, gay marriage, civil rights, etc forced upon them. Nothing new today. It’s been par for the course since Washington and Jefferson’s day.

So to all you loyal American Patriots out there, keep in mind that what you are being loyal and patriotic for, is now, and has been since 1776, a Wal-Mart writ large, and managed by Leopold and Loeb.

So as you elbow your way through the crowds of Mexicans and Muslims to hold aloft your Chinese made red, white & blue flag in honor of a political state that celebrates gay marriage, transvestites and sundry, at a parade or rally organized by political mercenaries openly plotting the destruction of you and your family, stop and ask yourself just what the hell is it you are feeling such warm and fuzzy feelings for?

Freedom and democracy?

The hell on earth you are seeing all around you every day is a byproduct of "freedom and democracy".

So please, stop and think. Ask yourself, "who is us"? Then ponder what freedom for "us" would look like and what it would be.

note: Patriot means “of your fathers”, in the biological sense. So patriotism is actually an ethnic/racial construct. A Patriot is a man who protects and sustains the lineage, customs and culture of his own particular tribe/ethnicity/race.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is Gay The New Divorce?...

Apparently Milo Xilopenopherous, or whatever the hell his last name is, has been invited to speak at some conservative get-together.

Now I don’t really go in for politics and could care less for Milo, but I saw this story at one of the few remaining web sites that allow comments.

Among the commenters there was one fellow in particular who was all indignant about the whole ordeal. He kept incessantly asking, “is homosexuality conservative?” or some variation thereof.

Of course the answer is, no.

But then so what?

Is divorce conservative? No. No, it isn’t.

Is “family planning” and using contraceptives conservative? No. No, it isn’t.

Remember those issues, conservatives?

To say nothing of class structures and gender roles.

If you participate in, or grudgingly approve of, divorce or contraception, under any circumstance, then you can, in no way, consider your self conservative.

Sorry. You’re just another extremist agitator against societal norms.

See how f@*ked up things are.

It’s a little late to strut around signaling your virtue.

Conservative principles didn’t survive the great 20th century culture war.

Right now we're reduced to trying to survive physically. And dead people don’t bicker over principles.

If we somehow manage to physically survive the current onslaught (which is escalating exponentially by the week), then one day our great-great grandkids might be able to sit around in peace and pontificate on ethics and society.

Until then, we’re literally to the point of fighting just to survive.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Christianity’s Fem-Men Leaders...

A proposed solution to this problem.

I’ve not paid a lot of attention to official Christianity Inc. in the past few years, yet perusing the landscape of the “kingdom” I discovered its trajectory was right where I expected it to be.

Namely, the preponderance of lisping, fey “men” who now make up 100% of SBC/evangelical/bible-believing leadership.

And I’m not saying they’re fey and effeminate to be hyperbolic.

No, literally, they tend to be thin, delicate, fem-men who preen and gesture like a woman or they’re pudgy, dough-faced invertebrates who actually do lisp.

That, or they are the ridiculous virtue signaling ministers with the tattoos and edgy fashion sense -because there’s nothing more sincere than pandering to 16 year-olds, and only 16 year-olds. 

Now whereas the bible does insist that church leaders be married to only one wife and have a good reputation, it no where proscribes communities from having cultural standards of its own in regards to who puts themselves forward as leaders and teachers, religious or secular.

So what I recommend is that anyone who wishes to elect themselves leaders or teachers of men, should have to earn that position. And the tried and true way of doing this has always been to fight for the top spot. Physically.


 Not to the death, though.

No, but any would-be minister or preacher should have to fight the toughest and meanest men in any community in which they wish to preach or teach.

If they can’t defeat any and every man in that community in a physical brawl, then they have no right to teach or preach.

If they aren’t willing to fight, then they must sit down and shut up.

This is not some “barbarian" suggestion.

Nature works.

Men who are the biggest and strongest and most fearless do indeed make the best leaders. And the societies they lead tend to be the safest and most stable.

History shows this to be true.

It also shows that when this metric is abandoned for a more “nuanced” and “civilized” and “democratic” approach, degradation, decadence and horrific societal collapse follows.

Much like what is happening right now.

And yes, Jesus never got into a brawl to earn the right to teach, etc. But then again he never got married either, now did he.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

There Is No Such Thing As Free Will...

In any discussion about society, the rule of law, culture, behavior, government, race, etc, it must always be remembered that there is no such thing as freewill.

Creeds, religions and ideologies do not shape human beings or affect human behavior.

A person will choose A or B, but the how and why he will choose, is determined by his genetics. And, subsequently, what he does with A or B will be determined by his genetics.

The concept of freewill has always been tossed around in the West, but it has never formally been acknowledged as real or relevant.

People do what they do because of what they are.


A horse-thief was not sentenced to be hung because he stole a horse. No, he was hung because he was a horse-thief.

In other words, he stole the horse because he was a horse-thief.

One does not become a thief by stealing. No, one steals because he is a thief.

Ditto murder, rape, arson, etc.

Murderers kill people. Rapists rape. Arsonist burn things.

Again, this has always been understood.

The denial of it by some reflects random genetic variation or defect. Much as with horse-thieves.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

When It All Starts To Fall Apart...

Well, first off, the machinery, the bureaucracy, will not just fall apart. It will attempt to mutate into something else to survive. That’s the biggest danger and the gravest threat.

Remember that the United States is a global nexus.

For example, the State Department alone has an annual budget in excess of over 60 billion dollars. It has tens of thousands of employees all over the world, many of whom have been working for it for decades. It is ingrained and entangled into the affairs of governments all over the world, including their militaries, industry, finance, justice, educational establishments, crime syndicates and so on.

Ditto the NSA, the Pentagon, the FBI, Justice Department etc, all of which essentially function as independent global powers, influencing (or attempting to influence) the lives of every single human being on earth, all the while manipulating and interacting with powerful people at ever level of society.

This is also why you hear so much about “the courts”. The legal system in America -from the prison system, to law enforcement, to social workers, to lawyers, to the Supreme Court,etc, is a 100 billion + industry, whose actions carry ramifications across the globe.

Yes, for a lack of a better term, America is The Beast.

And as America has entangled itself into the corporate business, governmental and private affairs of every nation on earth, you can better your bottom dollar those nations make it their business to entangle themselves into America. They must.


America could indeed fall apart. No doubt about it. And, if history be a guide, it will fall apart.
It’s inevitable.

And yet,

The bureaucracy will indeed attempt to mutate to survive. It’s happened before. The collapsing Roman Empire mutated into the Roman Catholic Church.

And today, with the mass migration of the south into the north, Washington D.C. is likely to become the capital of the global Holy Caliphate Republic, in the 21st century.

So yes, when it all starts to fall apart is when it will begin to mutate into a new, more terrifying beast.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Technological Progress Or Scam?....

Why is it mechanical technology has become more bulky and complex, not less?

For example,

Compare the upkeep (and tools) needed to keep a  Model-T working to any automobile made within the past 30 years.

There is no comparison.

Anyone could keep a Model-T running. And all you needed was a screw driver, a wrench and a hammer.

Modern cars? Have you ever worked on one? If not, ask a mechanic how increasingly difficult it is to keep up with new car problems and glitches and, subsequently, tools. Ask him what the life cycle is on a new car. (ditto appliance repairmen and modern appliances)

Think of the added cost of a GPS system for your car vs. a fold-up paper map that fits in your glove box!

A modern automobile also weighs around 4 to 5 times more than the first cars.

It’s also interesting to look at a photo of a street in America from the 1930‘s and 40‘s. Cars and trucks were aesthetically pleasing and painted in bright blues, yellows, reds, greens, etc. It looks like something from a fairy-tale compared to today’s Mordor-esque incarnation of mainstreet.

So let’s see, modern cars are bigger, uglier, bulkier, more needlessly complicated and thus more expensive to maintain and repair, use more gas on average and have a much shorter life cycle.

This is advancement? This is progress?

Actually, this would seem to be going in the opposite direction. At this rate, by 2050 cars will be made out of rocks and be fueled by coal furnaces.

I thought about this during the past summer when the weed-eater broke down and I resorted to an old scythe and clippers to finish the trimming.

Weed-eater upkeep: gas, oil, spark plugs, lots of string and inevitable problems with gas-feed, etc.

Sickle/Scythe/Clippers upkeep: keep the blades sharp. Occasional handle split.

So again, which one represents technological progress?

Which one requires more time, cost and upkeep?

It’s especially comical when you consider that you can reach down with your hand and pull up grass and weeds.

You can apply this to just about everything in your life. About 99% of modern technology is actually bulky, expensive, consumer products you don’t need and which represent a step backwards in the very principle of, Tools.

Actually, when you think about it, the vast majority of technology today functions to turn the consumer into the tool.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Religion Doesn't Cause Wars.

Religion doesn't cause wars.

And science does not lead to better understanding.

Ideology, belief, faith, knowledge, education, etc are all subject to genetics.

Belief does not cause people to act a certain way. DNA does.

We are now at the end of the age of ideology, which came right after the age of faith. Both ages were dominated by zealous nuts who believed that how people think, or believe, could affect their behavior.

In the Faith Age, faith was abstract. If you comprehended dogma right, you were saved and if not you were damned.
 It was simply mathematics. If you could calculate the formula in your head, heaven. If not, hell.

It was sin (wrong thinking) that held mankind in darkness.

In the Ideological Age it was a matter of proper education. It was ignorance that held mankind in darkness and salvation was attained via information and understanding.

For the theists it was ignorance of God that led to peoples living like barbarians.

For the Ideologue it is ignorance in general that leads peoples to living third world level existences.

The cold hard bitch of a truth is, that it is genetics that determine it all.

Jesus isn't coming back and there is no such thing as human progress.

Belief systems manifest via genetics. How and why a people will believe what they will is determined by genetics. It’s not a choice. Which is why every race and ethnic group has a Jesus made in their own image, or an idea of civilization that fits their genetic disposition.

Ditto education.
How education is approached, utilized and conceptualized will be determined by genetics.

The radical muslim extremist and the redneck klansman can both graduate from Harvard or Yale and yet the experience will not alter their future behavior.

Because, again, it is not belief, ideology, education or experience that affects how people will behave. Only genetics does.

And yes, even those who’ve had a ‘road to Damascus’ type of transformation are themselves exhibiting genetic particularities, or defects.

So yes, it must be argued that the past ages wherein first faith, then ideology, came to dominate society, represent the temporary victory of those possessing a genetic mutation, which caused them to act out in such destructive ways.

The Age of Faith and the Age of Ideology left millions dead and the world in ashes. A handful of genetically defective people caused a hell of lot of misery.

There is no heaven. And there is no progress.

We are what we are. We are born, eat, shit, procreate and die exactly the same way humans have for many thousands of years, and will go on doing for many thousands of years yet to come. Beliefs and education have not changed this at all.

The future is neither dystopian nor utopian. No, it will just be more of the same, till the end of time.


Friday, February 3, 2017

America As Russia?...

Exactly one hundred years ago, in March of 1917,  a cabal of internationalist bankers and merchants coerced the Czar of Russia to abdicate. They had financed various revolutionary groups who spread chaos across Russia, destabilizing society. They pressured the Czar to step down, convincing him it was the only way to prevent a civil war that would rip the country apart.

The Duma (the senate) facilitated an interim government of liberal and socialist factions. All very democratic.

It lasted till October.

By October the most extreme of the revolutionary groups, the Bolsheviks, had brought the country to disaster via protests and supply-line disruptions, and then they marched on the capital, St. Petersburg, and seized power, offering themselves as the solution to the problems they had created.

The military, like the rest of society, was split. Some fought against the Bolsheviks, while others, surprisingly, joined them, becoming their most zealous enforcers. Many people were shocked at how fast these soldiers turned from patriots defending their country to revolutionaries mass murdering peasants. Ditto the police.

The Bolsheviks also had the support of a large number of twenty-somethings, especially at universities, where radical ideology had become the best way to virtue signal your superiority to the ignorant rubes.

They also had overwhelming support from most of the press as well as outside support from bankers and financiers in Britain, Germany and America.

It was the peasants (rural people) who opposed them. These people lived in what we might today call, ‘Flyover country’.

They were stubbornly conservative and traditional in their values and customs.

An estimated 30 million of them would be murdered by the Bolshevik revolutionaries in the decades to come.

The Czar, his wife, five children and four servants were brutally murdered in the basement of house known as “the house of special purpose”.

And all of this was done in the name of freedom, equality and social justice.

Funny, that in the west-Asian mythology of Genesis, Satan’s rallying cry in the Garden of Eden was also, ‘Freedom and Equality’.

Now could this same scenario play out in America in 2017?

Yes it could. The circumstances are eerily similar.

There are, however, wildcards, such as the alternative media, via the Internet.

Still history does repeat itself. And the Russian peasants in early 1917 could never have imagined the fate that soon awaited them.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is America Abandoning Its Values?...

Have you seen this rhetorical question lately?

Let’s go over some basic reality here.

The United States was born out of the 13 colonies. Thirteen British colonies. The critical era of our history was between 1607 and 1707. If you are not descended from British colonists that arrived in that century then you’re not one of “us”.

The American Revolution came over one and half centuries after Jamestown was founded.

And it was a revolution that most colonists wanted nothing to do with. Like all revolutions, it was crafted and led by a small clique of wealthy merchants and bankers who claimed that their “values and ideals” should be everyone’s values and ideals.

America did not begin in 1776, it began in 1607 at Jamestown.

The American identity is an ethnic, biological identity. It is an English/Scottish identity, detached from the homeland and settled in North America. Yes, there were the Dutch and German settlers scattered about too. But they were always seen as outsiders, right up through WWI. However, assimilation and intermarriage was possible with them as they were, genetically, cousins from across the North Sea.

Later immigrants from Ireland and Europe could never assimilate, as they were a bit to distant from us, genetically. So they carved out their own little enclaves across the vast continent and the only thing that held the imposed republic together was commerce and the overarching Anglo-Scottish underpinning (to play at words!).

Nations are not places. Nations are not ideals or value systems or beliefs.

A nation is one thing, and one thing alone, and that is an ethnic group. A specific, particular race of people.

Remember this when you hear those on the left and right talk about “our” values, “our” way of life and “our” freedoms.

Who is “us”?

Beliefs and values are manifestations of genetics. Different peoples will have different values.

The only way a society can change its values is if the people of that society are replaced by another people.

When you hear someone saying, “that’s not our values”, you are hearing one ethnic group manifesting its genetics in contrast to another ethnic group.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Birth Of A Nation...

Whether Trump succeeds or fails in his goals, is irrelevant. The divide in the United States is growing more explicit and overt by the day.

If the opposition acquiesce to him, the divide becomes more pronounced and the end of the Republic is hastened.

If the opposition defy him, the divide becomes more pronounced and the end of the Republic is hastened.

Trump, whether intended or not, has turned the fundamental tactic of “class warfare” back upon the ruling elite who have used it.

This ruling class in America, who are appropriately called ‘the CeauČ™escu Class’, continue to cry foul over the fact that Trump is not telling them what they want to here. He isn’t addressing them.

No, he is addressing the “average Joe”, aka, White Americans. He not only addresses them directly, but associates himself as them. And as he is the President, this symbolism becomes even more intricate. Which is to say, every insult or attempt to de-legitimize him by the CeauČ™escu Class is seen as directed at White America -all 200 million of them. More than that, it is directed against all that is perceived as America: Plymouth, 1776, the Founding Fathers, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Betsy Ross, Mark Twain, Mayberry etc, etc.

Again, whether intentional or not, this is the outcome.

Which is to say, the birth of an explicitly White Nation is happening right now.

Ultimately, where the United States currently resides there will be several nations. One large White Nation of about 200 million Whites (there are about 30 million more in Canada). And then several smaller (and most likely highly dysfunctional) black, Asian and hispanic nations on the periphery.

The new world will, at last, come to look like the old world.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump’s Eight Word-Spell For Victory...

‘Please Don’t Throw Me Into The Briar Patch!’

The business world is a briar patch, and Trump was born and raised in the business world.

And thanks to the rise of the merchant elite over the past few centuries, every facet of society now functions on the principles of a business model.

It’s not simply about “the deal”, it’s also about dominating the situation by causing everyone else to define themselves in relation to you and your wants and goals.

For a year and a half Trump completely dominated the US election cycle in a way no person has before. Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders and Clinton spent all of their time defining themselves as candidates (and as people) via their reaction to Donald Trump.

What did Jeb, Ted or Hillary actually stand for?

Who the hell knows. Their every waking moment was spent explaining how they differed from Donald Trump. Trump turned his opponents into his own walking and talking billboards.

He did the same thing to the media, obviously. In his first press conference of 2017 he reduced the “prestigious press” to a panel on the Jerry Springer show. He completely dominated and humiliated them.

Even the outgoing President, foreign leaders, both political parties and the Pope were forced to partake in defining themselves via Trump.

Thus Donald Trump became the bright center of the solar system and everyone else became  orbiting satellites.

Every protester against Trump is simply reducing themselves to an identity that exists only in relation to Trump.

Or, put another way, Trump is like a new religion. “Polite society” has, over the past century, grown comfortably secluded in its pretense of socio-political agnosticism.

With Trump now the center of the socio-political system, polite society must out themselves as either rabidly atheist or extremist fundamentalist.

And since about less than 1% of “polite society” is actually neutral on issues of politics and social order, that means 99% of “polite society” are now forced to publicly reveal themselves as extremist fundamentalists in their social and political affiliations.

Of course the establishment is terrified of being forced to reveal their true selves this way. They are increasingly forced to become the spectacle of the rabid, foaming at the mouth, extremist ideologue. They are now part of the vulgar, dirty mob.

And what has been their response to this threat of exposure?

Again and again, their plan is to throw Trump into the briar patch.

And again and again, Trump emerges with a big smile on his face, reminding them, once more, “you fools, I was born and raised in a briar patch!”

For our "progressive" elite, not learning from the past is a virtue.

The next four years will be, at the least, fun!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Made America Great...

First off, 'great' is subjective.

What made America America was it’s particular people and their particular ways, not a form of government. Not an ideology. Not a narcissistic notion of "progress".

A nation is an ethnic group and their unique culture, not a form of government.

Americans are people from around the North Sea -especially England and Scotland, but also Holland and northern-Germany.

The American 'Way of Life' was created by these 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestants' to be sure.

It was fashioned, organically, by them and for them and their posterity, exclusively.

Other peoples cannot adapt and assimilate into this way of life. We see this fact all around us in the form of raging mobs and highly dysfunctional minority-majority cities.

And this way of life cannot be exported to the rest of the world. Again, we see that fact unfolding in the world every day, from Iraq to Syria and from Ukraine to Germany.

A nation is an ethnic group, not an ideology, form of government or political system.

Cultures do no pre-exist the people who inhabit them.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Islam Is Not The Problem...

Once again, ideology and/or belief systems do not inform or shape the actions of humans or human society.

Genetics does.

Genetics are the totality of human reality.

Belief systems, ideologies, ethics and morals are manifestations of genetics.

Labels can be used and applied, but the manifestation of a “belief” will always be filtered through DNA.

European and European-Americans are one kind of people. Semites from the middle-east are another kind of people.

How each forms and expresses beliefs and ideologies are pre-determined by Genetics.

There is no such thing as free will.

Gods are created as an expression of different peoples genetic variation.

So the invasion of the south into the north is not a religious issue or ideological conflict. It is a racial issue.

Different races have inherently (genetically predetermined) different morals, ethics, principles, etc.
And different races and ethnicities have inherently, genetically predetermined, different ways of organizing societies, standards of law and order, etc.

This is a fact. An obvious truth gleaned from history and nature.

The closest example of this for those living in the United States are blacks. Blacks speak a variation of English, practice the Christian religion and participate in the same general popular culture as Whites.

And yet, blacks represent a completely different concept and expression of morality, ethics, principles, family norms, social norms and ideas of law and order and social organization.

The same is true of hispanics.

Again, objective reality testifies to the fact that ideology, belief systems, creeds, etc, do not, in any way, affect or inform, human behavior.

Genetics is all.

Demographics is destiny.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Interfering In Elections...

So The One Percent is wailing that another country interfered in their business.

Hello! “Assad must go!” Anybody remember that?

Remember the U.S. bombing the shit out of another country in order to FORCE leadership/policy change?

Remember the Washington establishment DEMANDING that Syria have a new leader that would meet with America’s approval?

Hello!!! IRAQ!

Remember when the One Percent created fake evidence and perpetuated it with fake news in order to justify the destruction of an entire country: had a foreign leader hung, left thousands of U.S. soldiers dead or crippled for life, killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and created ISIS in the process?

And that’s hardly the end of it. The U.S. has, through it’s news organizations, NGO’s and economic hegemony, interfered, overtly, in just about every country’s election process -including it’s own allies, such as France and Germany.

And now these evil bastards are actually bitching that Russia interfered in an American election by
a. revealing actual, real crimes committed by the DNC
b. running news stories that were critical of the Obama regime’s policies.

Yes that’s right. The primary complaint of the One Percent and their intelligence agencies is that Russian news agencies and private web sites ran stories that did not praise American foreign policy.

Can you believe that?!

That would be like Pepsi charging Coke with interfering in their sales because Coke only runs commercials for Coke.

This is the last, desperate whimper of our snowflake elite.

It’s almost infuriating in its hypocrisy, yet tragically comic in it’s patheticness.

Exposed for what they are, we find our world conquering elites to be nothing more that insufferable brats.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Liberalism Is Totalitarian...

Has there ever been a liberal/progressive policy that was not made law through autocratic fiat?

No. There hasn’t.

Activism is, by its own nature, autocratic and authoritarian and VERY un-democratic, in the truest sense of democracy.

And democracy must always be externally engendered and enforced upon peoples to begin with!

Activism is the shrill scream of a minority, or even single person, demanding the rest of the world conform to their wants and wishes; to their notion of right & wrong.

Not only that, it is an incredible manifestation of hubris  for anyone to consider themselves wise enough in their own conceit to overturn social structures and norms that have stood for all of recorded history.

But of course this is the “activist”, the social justice warrior -the special snowflake for whom the world has been waiting for since the dawn of time to come along and tell us all how it should all be (and how it should have always been).

And where they cannot bypass the will of the people to enforce their ideology with the force of the state, they revert to the demand of expectation; the, “why aren’t there more non-Whites there” type of shriek, in which the implication is that their own expectation for how things should be should be the ethical and moral measuring rod all others MUST submit too.

As such, their expressions in art, politics, sports, culture, etc. are always a demand of expectation.

The activist is never the humble servant, but always the plotting rebel. Never content, but rather always contrary to all else.

In other words, the leftist/SJW/activist is always selfish, deceptive and destructive -in all times and in all places.

And the only solution for their expectations is absolute power and the totalitarian instruments to wield it.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Family Tree. “Does It Matter?”...

I’ve done extensive family history for my own and other families. Most are curious, some exited and others hesitant (cans of worms are found under roots!).

There are always those vocal few who ask, “does it matter?”. Who cares who great--great-great- great grandpa was or where he came from or what he did?

I always answer back, “it’s part of your story, or, rather, the story you are a part of.”

It takes a special kind of self-aggrandizement to see one’s self as being independent of, and disconnected from, your lineage and, subsequently, your posterity.

Basically it’s nihilism.

But it’s nihilism dressed up as an ideology of enlightened thinking; of rising above the petty concerns of history, tradition, culture, race, family, etc.

Of course when you are young you take things for granted and tend to be self absorbed. But as you mature you either see the importance and beauty of tradition and heritage or you fall prey to the delusion of atomized existence.

You are not now, nor have you ever been, nor can you ever be, “independent”.

You are one indiscernible link in a chain that runs ten thousand miles long.

Or perhaps better stated, you are one minor character in a story that is only half way through.
Without all the story which came before you, you have no identity,  place or purpose.