Friday, December 29, 2017

Economic Prospects...

1918: Single income households in which dad’s every-man job supports himself, his wife and their 7 kids with a large comfort zone, no debt and a nice little nest egg tucked away for a rainy day.

2018: Two income households in which dad and mom’s 4-year-college-degree-jobs barely support themselves and 2 kids with no comfort zone, mountains of debt and zero savings.

Viva Progress!


Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Classical Education Is Their Tool...

Some people are despondent over universities dropping classical subjects that were once considered foundational to a quality education: Greek and Latin languages and works, etc.

But the fact is classical education was never about education.

Education is never about education.

It’s about enculturation and assimilation into the ruling elite’s paradigm.

To put it bluntly, education is about stealing children from a conquered people as part of their continuing humiliation and subjugation.

Rarely does a young man taken from a farm and given a prestigious education return to the farm to live a life of milking cows, slopping the hogs and stacking hay.

No, he goes on to serve the interests of that particular society (the elite’s project) who created the university system and its educational end-goals.

Again, step back and think,

Everything you teach your children is to the purpose of them fulfilling established roles of obligation, duties, responsibilities and so on within your home and within your family.

Schools and universities do the same thing towards the same ends -but for their social system.

Classical “Western Civilization” was built by the Christianized Roman Empire.

The “good news” was not embraced outside of the educated urban centers. Outside of the cities Christianity, and Roman law/civilization, was basically told to f*@k off by the country bumpkins who made up around half of the empire and the vast majority of those living in northern Europe.

After centuries of attempted forced conversions and mass slaughters of the stubborn hicks, it was the founding of monasteries/universities that eventually broke the back of resistance and led the way to subjugation, aka the Romano-Christian civilization.

The way to truly and permanently conquer a people is through assimilating their children, who will then go on to rule as faithful stewards for the hostile elite.

And please, don’t go off on the whole “you need an education to get a job” mantra.
I’ve dealt with this before, but “jobs” is a post-industrial construct.

You only need a job to live the lifestyle your masters have concocted for you. And yeah, I do it too. It’s the system we are compelled to participate it, whether we like it or not.

But there was a time, not to long ago, when people, right here in Murica, didn’t go to the grocery store for their food! Where did they get their food?

They didn’t buy their clothes! Where did they get their clothes?

They didn’t pay heating and water bills! How did they stay warm and what did they drink?

They survived and thrived, without a classical education or even the ability to read and write in many cases.

But we’ve advanced since then, right?


Technology is tools. Expensive tools. When it’s needed, it’s used. When it ain’t, it ain’t.

So yeah, technology is advanced by empire’s looting. When empire slips and the money declines, technology goes bye-bye.

But has modern technology helped us or helped the elite rule over us?

Again, think.

The slightest hickup in Big Brother’s supply-line food delivery system to your town’s stores and you and your neighbors are faced with the prospects of starvation in just 48 hours. 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the battle-field style supply line set up of Murica’s BASIC NEEDS must be kept going to sustain your ass.

Your BASIC NEEDS OF FOOD is an issue taken from your consideration. You think only of having money to buy it. But what if, one day, it’s not even there to buy?

On that day you might find yourself wondering what great great-grandpa did, rather than what Cicero said or Augustine thought.

The point: Your family, both near and extended, is your university, your society, your culture and your nation.

Any education outside of that is there to attack, exploit and destroy your society, culture and nation.


Monday, December 25, 2017

Perverts & Refugees...

Parades and forced legal (public) recognition is a way for the tormented mind to try and soothe it’s self.

You’ve seen this too. People who do things they ought not to do, tend to try to validate their behavior by having others participate in it too, either directly or on the sidelines cheering.

Stable minded people do not need validation.

Men with a clear conscience never feel the need to recruit or convert others to their cause or convictions.

But degenerates are always looking for acceptance and validation.

Which brings us to the so called refugee crisis,

The “drive” behind some people embracing mass invasion -migration/refugees- is a desire on their part to bring in others to participate in the debauchery, believing it will validate the lifestyle.

America, and The West, are a sinking ship. It is riddled with every form of perversion imaginable and every unnatural act -from family planning, to feminism, to homosexuality, to mixed race marriages, to transgenderism to crass materialism, etc, America revels in everything that is debauched and perverse and reviles anything, and everything, that is normal and natural.

And there is no exception to this. Be it conservative evangelicals or libertarian liberals, they all fully embrace the decadence and decry any restraint as tyranny.

Personal, not collective, freedom, is their battle cry.

But deep down they know it is all decadent and dying. They fear it will end and what comes after. So they take in immigrants and refugees and lost puppy dogs and stray cats in a vain attempt to validate their diseased and dying culture of individualism and personal freedom.

I saw this growing up in church were every dipshit who claimed to be an ex-satanist turned bible believer was treated like a rock star, because the very idea of the convert acted to validate the good church folk’s notions of their sub-culture’s value. And the greater the distance of the purported conversion (in that case, all the way from Satan to Jesus) the greater the validation of the sub-culture.

So if a non-European foreigner embraces Murican society, then Murica is validated. God fearing Murican patriots strut and smile and chant “U-S-A!”, feeling all warm and gooey inside.

But if the non-white foreigner rejects America and American values then you will hear the same God fearing patriotic Muricans weeping and gnashing their teeth and their calls for carpet bombing of said forienger’s village or oppose the threat of tyranny.

Just like if you don’t accept gay marriage or transgenderism you will hear its proponents weeping and gnashing of teeth and calls for oppose the threat of tyranny.

America is fundamentally dysfunctional and unnatural.

We all know this.

This is why so many American Christians obsess over “the end times” and Armageddon. Or why so many liberals salivate at the prospects of a White minority or the destruction of the working class and small town America.

We know it.  But we won’t acknowledge that we know it.

We enjoy the decadence too much. We’re just too comfortable.

So on the one extreme we fantasize about WWIII and at the other extreme we seek out foreigners to seduce into our decadent “first world” in order to validate the anti-culture and believe it must, IT MUST, be the best, aka the goodest!

It Must!!!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Liberal Leads A Pirate's Life...

The universal standard of living (equality) that the left agitate for can only be built on conquest, exploitation, genocide and empire.

Nice parks. Electricity. Clean, running water. Hospitals. Schools. Supply-line grocery stores. Garbage pick-up. And all the rest.

These things only exist temporarily on the coattails of conquest and colonialism.

And they never last.

Because all the niceties of civilized society are purchased.

Just look at a any number of towns scattered across the USA that were once pristine and modern cities of industry, progress and technology and are now abandoned to gangs, rats, feral dogs and being taken back by nature.

What happened?

The money went away. No money, no modern civilization.

Money and the impetuous of the merchants who build the temporary cities are needed.

And as we can see with our own eyes, the modern city/civilization burns its fuel quickly. A burst of energy purchased by money will always lose momentum quickly.

To reiterate,

Civilization is built on blood and death and terror, because it is driven by economy. And it never lasts.

There are stages and then there is collapse and then there is the next one.

In every age the most advanced culture and technological society is ALWAYS the apex predator empire.

Or put it this way: the most successful pirates have the ships with the most luxury -for the duration of the  voyage.

America is, on this raiding party, the most successful pirate ship. Liberals are on board looking around at the gold, the damsels and the debauchery and saying to themselves, “everybody should have this standard of living.”


Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Statementist...

A final post on yacking.

As I alluded to in the last post, talking as a means to pursue peace as an ends to itself is actually harmful in the long run.

The sickest people talk the most about eating healthy.

The laziest people talk the most about mercy and pity.

The greediest people talk the most about charity.

The decadent talk most about tolerance.


And obviously those who talk most of “peace on earth” and everybody “getting along” tend to be the most selfish people. Day to day struggles and conflicts are ants at their self-absorbed picnics.

The point of these posts is that engaging in “talk”, as if it were an action, is not only pointless but self-defeating.

A Statementist is someone who doesn’t believe in things. He just makes statements about believing in things.

Which is to say he does nothing. Contributes nothing. Provides nothing. Constructs nothing.

The statementist is domesticated. In the absence of an abundance of social wealth and comfort his words turn to abstract noises and fall to the ground like Lucky’s in ‘Waiting For Godot’.

Plan, build and live.

Don’t seek peace. Just appreciate it in the brief moments it happens.

Don't tear down, build up.

Don't look for trouble, outsmart it.

Don't cry about hardships, endure them. It's part of life for everyone.

Live your convictions. Don’t preach them to others.

Don’t curse the darkness. Light a candle.


Friday, December 22, 2017

Stop Talking...

State your peace and let it go at that.

We have lived in an era of excessive communication. And that has led to disaster at one extreme and complacency at the other extreme and an abyss in the middle.

How quickly we forget the tried and true wisdom of: Actions speak louder than words.

Language is  a tool. Like a hammer. It can be used to drive a nail or it can be used to beat you to death.

But it’s only ever a tool. One of many.

And remember,

Peace is not a good thing to aspire towards.

Nature is endless conflict. Thus conflict is natural and good. Life is nothing but conflict and struggle. And that’s a good thing.

Peace and safety ALWAYS leads to decadence, corruption, sickness and devastation. Always.

The body that has endured the harshest attacks has the strongest immune system.


Something that is true is obvious.

Truth does not have to be defended with words.

Motto for 2018: NO MORE TALKING



The alt-right continues to make the very stupid mistake of arguing with leftists on leftist terms.

A quick refresher,

Your position is not an ideology. It’s a belief. It’s a faith, you might say (tis the season).

You don’t have to justify your preference or, in the language of our times, your racial orientation.


LEFTY: “That’s racist.”

YOU: “There’s no such thing as racism.” Or “I don’t believe racism exists.” Ditto sexism, anti-semitism, etc.

Remember the leftist empire is entirely linguistic and thus predicated on the verbal shuffle. If you don’t engage with them, they shut up and go away or they break down into bat-shit crazy rants.

Don’t give the leftists the validation of their world-view and then expect to get anywhere arguing with them.

You don’t have to convince anybody of anything. Nobody changes their minds because everybody is driven by primal instinct.

Some people lie about what they claim to believe and others are devout.

The chips will ultimately fall where they may.

You either recognize reality and nature or you don’t. If you do then “just because” is a valid response to any challenge.

So if anyone asks you to explain your beliefs, just answer: “Gut instinct. I always trust my gut and I never regret my instincts, right or wrong.”

Nature doesn't argue or debate. Your enemies do.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Religion vs. Pseudo-religion...

According to yet another religious friend of mine,

Legitimate religions have priests and alters and sacrifices.

Pseudo-religions have texts and debates about those texts.

It was this friend who first pointed out to me that,


are three distinctly different things.

Prayer is not worship. It simply means to talk or speak to, someone.
Praise is adulation. It is simply pointing out a person, place or thing’s positive attributes.

Worship is a specific act. An act that requires an altar and a sacrifice placed upon that altar.

Which is to say, if your religion has no altar and no “divinely anointed” priest offering up a sacrifice then yours is not a legitimate religion. It’s a pseudo-religion masquerading as a real religion. Kind of like Freemasonry or Judaism or Wicca.

Of course my friend is referring to the eucharist.

But it is a valid point, based on my own reading of religion and mythology.

Most Christians I know (Protestants) think prayer = worship. Or that praise = worship.

They don’t.

And the belief that studying a sacred text enlightens an individual spiritually, is occultism.

No sacrifice on an altar by an anointed priest = no act of worship.

Which, for a Christian, would mean the Catholic and Orthodox and Lutheran, etc understanding of the eucharist.

Evangelicals have no mechanism with which to worship God. Making it, too, a fake religion.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

"We The People", Declared The Elite...

“What oligarchs are to democracy, protestants are to Christianity.”
                                                       -paraphrased from a friend.

A friend of mine made a point in defending christianity that the deranged version of Christianity now popular in America is the bastard offspring of protestantism -which is humanism/mercantilism masquerading as “spirituality”.

His point went,

Oligarchs (aka, merchants) tell us that we should be allowed to have a say in how government is run, aka democracy, which in practice means the oligarchs actually rule via the influence they can buy by bribing politicians, owning media (propaganda) machines  and controlling courts -by having their politicians appoint their picks for judges.

Democracy de-facto allows oligarchs to rule.

Protestant ministers function the same way as oligarchs. They tell us all we need is the bible and that we are all able to read and understand it ourselves. Even the Holy Ghost will help us out.

In reality, every single protestant minister nurtures a cult of personality that empowers and enriches them. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

What are Billy Graham, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Albert Mohler, et al  if not religious oligarchs?

They are de-facto religious leaders but I’ll be damned if I can find evidence of a heavenly dove descending down upon them from above and personally anointing them.

What I do see is that their status is solely social/political. Their leadership position is via running successful businesses, aka churches -having the right contacts and kissing the right asses and not offending the wrong people.

As I’ve said before, Protestants are the most prolific writers among all religious types. Which is strange because they simultaneously insist that all we need is the bible.

All we need is the bible?

And their universities.
And their seminaries.
And their magazines.
And their books.
And their articles.
And their lecture series.
And their radio programs.
And their debate series.
And their exegesis works, vol 1-50.
And their podcasts.
And their.....
Etc, ad infinitum.

Protestants are absolutely obsessed with controlling how people read and understand the bible.

Which means that sola Scriptura has, in practice, meant the ascendancy of religious oligarchs.

Mega churches are just one overt symptom of that reality.

Where platitudes rain down freely, deception and self-delusion flourish in abundance.

Democracy and Bible Alone both massage the ego of the individual.


Friday, December 15, 2017

The Mirror Is Backwards...

It’s interesting that the pop stars that express the most concern for propaganda and political use of image are the ones most likely to cultivate cults of personality.

Consider a couple of equally terrible 80's bands :Motley Crue and U2. Yeah, yeah I know they each have their sycophants who insist they were great. But let’s be honest here, both groups had comically terrible guitarists and bass players and both groups had lead singers who sounded like a cow being strangled to death.
The Motley Crue drummer was okay while the U2 drummer apparently only had a snare drum!

Motely Crue were KISS wannabes. Lots up makeup. Ridiculous clothes. Lots of fireworks, dry ice and lasers. You might call them ‘image conscience’.

U2 were, supposedly, the opposite. They were Joy Division wannabes. Yes, they too aspired to be a big arena rock band, but they were more “serious”, you see. Their 80's stages were bare-bones and they eschewed over the top stage show effects, though they did wear mullets loud and proud.

Motely Crue sang about partying.
U2 sung about causes.

Motely Crue’s image screamed “look at me!”

U2's image screamed, “think about the children!”


Which of these bands cultivated a Stalinesque cult of personality through the media?

Which band posed for the press in Africa with starving kids?

Who had the messianic complex? Motley Crue’s lead singer, Vince Neil? Or U2's lead singer, Bono?

Again, which one actively cultivated an image of wannabe-savior?

Take a look at those old propaganda posters of Stalin or Mao and then take a look at magazine and newspaper periodicals/profiles of pop stars who are “activists”.

Pop stars are pop stars because the media and press give them that status...and their image.

Think for a moment: In the absence of media propaganda there are neither dictators nor democracies.


The Press Is An Evil Wind...

The press is an evil wind. 

Whoever has it behind their sails is engaged in evil deeds.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Victims Should Be Ashamed...

Imagine a man telling everyone he meets that he got his ass kicked at a bar last weekend.

Is this really something to boast about?

Would he not be heaping shame upon himself and his family?

Yes, he would.

There is another word for victim........loser.

This “praise the loser” evolutionary cul-de-sac goes right back to Jesus Christ.

Remember Jesus?

He’s the guy who’s sole claim to fame is that he shit his pants and went to his death like a neutered f*@king puppy.

And then his followers went around telling everybody about it!

“Hey everybody! Our god was ass-raped by Roman soldiers and then put to death on a stick, in public!”

“Oh, but he came back to life. Sure, it’s perverted and unnatural to come back from the dead, but he came back anyway. But yeah, he did get the ever loving shit beat out of him by some dudes before that."

See that’s the thing with being a victim. Once it’s done it can’t be undone. It’s forever.

“Justice” is a jello-y concept in the first place. But justice is also something that tends to come after the fact.

“Justice” can not undo the act. In fact, it only memorializes the shame.

In conclusion,

If you can’t take care of yourself, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

Oh, and Happy Yule!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Victims Of Irony...

There’s nothing cultural critics fear more than sincerity.

Ever notice that?

The gatekeepers of cultural dissemination mock that which, “takes itself too seriously”.

Irony, they adore.

Sincerity? That’s “mawkish” or “kitsch” or “Cheesy”.

And of course the irony they like to propagandize for is of the most vile, disgusting, dehumanizing sort.

Why is that?

What is gained from this, other than societal debasement and breakdown?

Oh, wait.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Media...









Saturday, December 2, 2017

Avoid Gollum’s Path...

It’s a temptation we can all fall into, but be careful not to go tumbling down rabbit holes in search of the ultimate cause of this, that or the other.

In other words, the hunt for the origin of things is an exercise in futility.

In LOTR’s Gollum wormed his way under the mountains in the belief that, “The roots of those mountains must be roots indeed; there must be great secrets buried there which have not been discovered since the beginning.”

And if you know the story you know Gollum remained alone in the darkness for quite some time. He found no secret knowledge but instead became more and more wretched with each passing day, till he eventually split in two and began having arguments with himself.

Questions about why and how are answered 99% of the time with, Greed, Envy, Lust, Ambition or Stupidity.

Intent makes up that last 1%. But as Intent is never subtle, there’s no mystery there -think ideologues or religious fanatics.

I know it might make life seem more bland and boring to realize that there are no great mysteries out there, but reality is what it is. Man up. Deal with it. Or start talking to yourself in the darkness.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Yeah, The Market Is Rigged...

Increasingly you see and hear the man behind the curtain mumbling,  "f*ck the curtain".

The show is over.

For about 300 years THEY have been trying to re-engineer reality to fit their ideology.

But THEIR project has been an utter failure.

It’s falling apart and any pretense to keep up the illusion is being tossed aside in increasing desperation to maintain the belief system.

Everybody knows this. They know it. We know it. But like Baghdad Bob-ism, why not keep up the denial to the last moment?

So yeah, the stock market, like every other driver in the modern world, is rigged. Big time.

Because the ride is quickly ending, so why the hell not do a Major Kong on the way down?

note: THEY being the merchant class who rose to power between the 14th and 19th Century.


Friday, November 24, 2017

Conservatives Still Dumb. News At Eleven...

I see conservatives are all puffed up now as “Hollywood is imploding” just as they knew it would.


Just like when the AIDs epidemic burst forth in the 1980‘s and conservatives were certain that would be the end to the sexual revolution and “free love”.


And certainly homosexuality would be pushed back into the shadows with the horrible deaths related to HIV. No doubt by 1995 traditional morals will be back and celebrated by even the radical left and the media.


And then there was the September terror attacks of 2001 by immigrants who were also muslims.
Conservatives were just certain that that would be the end of open borders and would, obviously,
discredit islam.



Conservatives never learn.

The left have no morality. They have no ethics. They have no notions of right and wrong. All they know is their revolution of death and destruction.

And they control the media, the culture, academia, the courts and even the churches now.

Lest you forget, “sexual harassment” was a term and concept created by.......leftists.

So even if you pile on the current attack of Hollywood, you are doing so within the paradigm the left created and sustain. Making you one of them.

If the left get caught stealing, they turn it into a “cause” to understand, tolerate and then celebrate thieves. And anyone who objects will be labeled a bigot.

Think about that for a minute.

Unless you're a conservative. If so, just go back to watching "reality" shows.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Democracy Gives Rise To Cults...

Everybody is an artist. Everybody is a scientist. Everybody is an engineer. Everybody is doctor.

It’s true.

We all practice these things as part of normal, everyday survival.

Scientists are not A People, anymore than artists are A People.

Science is something we all engage in. As is art.

And yet democracies (of the people) are drowning in cult of personalities. Celebrity Cults. “The Experts” Cults and so on.

This is because democracy is an obvious sham. You might’ve noticed that democracies are ALWAYS imposed upon a people from without -by a small group.

No society has ever voted to become a democracy because to vote would already make them a democracy.

The model for all government is the family. And the family is not a democracy. It is a monarchy with dad and mom being king and queen. And younger brothers subject to older brothers, etc.

Again, democracies are always imposed by a small elite.  Which is why they give out rights to individuals over and against the family. And it's also why we have these cult of personalities. Because if natural authority is not the base of society, then “experts” will be -people who are not acting on authority, but on the premise of them being qualified.
The elites must justify their reign and what better way than to get everyone to participate by exalting “experts” who are, of course, qualified to lead.

Being Qualified vs Authority.

That’s what it comes down to.

A Father has authority but a Sociologist is qualified.

The Father might not be very bright, and the Sociologist graduated from Yale.

You must submit to one or the other.

To which one would you suppose submitting would lead to a cult of personality?

To which one would you suppose not submitting to could lead to legal problems or even prosecution?

Think about it.

If you disregard the will of your Father (the King), you will loose his help and direction.

But if you disregard the will of an Expert, you can loose your home, your kids, your job and be cast into prison.

So is it any wonder why Murica worships celebrities and disregards their own natural instincts to give way to the will of experts (abortion, gay marriage, contraception, multiculturalism, etc)


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Did TV Make Snowflakes?...

I’ve wondered if the impact of ubiquitous mass media creating a generic world in which tens of millions of people grew up immersed in is the reason for the psychologically fragile twenty-some things we see today.

From commercials to “reality” tv to movies and so on, far too many people believed that the theatrical performance they were watching was representative of reality.

And of course whenever they find themselves in the real world, they go into shock and either scream and yell at the heavens or withdrawal into safe spaces where reality can’t reach them.

Education has played a role in this as well. Schooling was always more about indoctrination/enculturation than it was about teaching facts, but in a post-industrial democracy the emphasis became more overtly ideological, as the goal was to create voters rather  than workers. So we saw the rise of gender studies and race relation studies, the re-writing of history to support the current narrative and so on.
In other words the resources went from coal, oil and timber to voter/consumer -and the fight for and control thereof.

But the real world is always lurking beyond the fantasy world of “a better tomorrow”.

And the fantasy world is far more fragile than the snowflakes it created.

It's not a matter of if, but when it will come crashing down


Eating Yourself To Stay Alive...

That’s what politics really is, at the end of the day. Because that’s what compromise is.

There is nothing more self-destructive than compromising. It drives men over the edge and they end up miserable bastards at best, and insane at worst.

Which, if you think about it, is what is happening in Murica today. From Hollywood to D.C. to your very own neck of the woods, decades of compromise have reached the breaking point and the insanity of it all is leading people to rip each other apart.

This all starts with the suppression of instinct -of gut reaction. Man is also an animal. He acts and reacts to his needs and to obstacles. That’s it. That’s life. Acting and reacting to needs and obstacles.

But once you stop that, and begin to intellectualize or moralize acting and reacting you inevitably substitute them with ‘give and take’. You go from, “I need food, must get food -got food” to “if I work his fields he’ll  give me food in return”.

It doesn’t take much of a leap to see how extravagance will soon follow. Now your thinking, “I got a hamburger for working his field. If I cut his firewood I bet I could get some cake too.”

You don’t need cake. But once you’ve started down the ‘give and take’ path, you’ll end up doing a lot of giving for things you don’t really need. And to get them you’ll do a lot of compromising.

This is politics.  Wants over needs.

And to satiate your wants you will compromise your every instinct to the contrary. You’ll eat your own arm to keep your foot happy, so to speak.

You can stop this anytime you want, though.

You don't need to "dialogue" or "work things out" or any other such extravagance. Just recognize what you need, and leave it at that.

And always trust your instinct. Always go with your gut reaction. And never, ever regret it. Never reflect on an instinctive action or reaction. Don't exploit your own nature. That too is insanity.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Q Anon Is Jesus!...

Here’s a good example of the monotheistic mind set.

Geeks on the Internet are fed vague prophecies of a major, future happening and spend countless hours deciphering the cryptic clues in eager expectation of the big reveal. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

Sound familiar?

It’s been 2,000 years since Jesus Christ rode a cloud into outerspace with his followers declaring his imminent return.

2,000 years.

The Q Anon even assures a division between good and bad, encouraging the faithful to hold to the true and righteous path.

Q speaks of forces of good and evil behind the scenes who are at war with each other, with the struggle between the two impacting the “seen” world of the average Joe.

Sound familiar?

There are other parallels that are a instructive, but you get the point.

2,000 years since Jesus rode a cloud into outerspace. Christians still waiting. Still reading the bible in a sad attempt to decipher the clues.

But as I’ve said before, the life, death and purported resurrection of God incarnate had zero impact on the life of mankind.

Isn’t that, odd?

We are born, eat, sh*t, F*ck, sleep and die exactly the same way we did before Jesus Christ.

And so it is with Q Anon. There is no big reveal. There is no “happening” that will astound and amaze and shake the pillars of the heavens.

Tomorrow and everyday after, you will watch the sun go up and then see it go down. You will grow older and one of those days you will die. And the day after that the sun will go back up and then back down, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc -ad infinitum.

Stop waiting for someone to save you. Man up. Live your life.

Always trust your instinct. Never regret a gut reaction. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all you got.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nobody Is Outraged...

I’m not outraged by all the allegations of sexual harassment being reported by corporate media.

No one I know gives a shit either.

Nobody cares.

Granted, I don’t follow news media at all, or much of any media, period. And yet those I know who do could care less about that which the ass-clowns known as journalists are shrieking about.

Most people are offended and outraged about pulling down statues, transvestites holding public office and the attempt to normalize homosexuality.

In fact normal people are more repulsed and offended by journalists than they are by so called neo-nazis.


Truth As Deep State? (in reply to a friend IV)...

Yeah, yeah I got blunt on the last post. Sometimes it takes that to cut through the BS and save time.

As to your other points.

Was Jesus truth personified?


And here is how you know that    - truth is not something that requires being taught.

Facts do. Truth, as you defined it, does not.

We act and react by instinct. We aren’t taught truth, we intuit it. As I’ve told you before, if the one-god were self-evidently true then we would instinctively know it and all about him. But we don’t. We have to be taught and instructed about that which it’s proponents claim to be self-evidently true.

The one-god ALWAYS speaks with the mouth of man. Always -through books, letters, sermons, presentations and so on. The one-god is incapable of speaking with his own mouth, which would STRONGLY imply that he ain’t there.

My “problem” with Greek Philosophy is that it is nothing more than a rhetorical circle jerk.

Truth or facts are reacted towards, instinctively. Once you stop to ponder them you are simply thinking of ways to manipulate them, which means it’s no longer an instinctual reaction, which means you will be bogged down in bullshit. Philosophy is a luxury of decadence. It’s also an excuse to submit to exploitation because we act and react by instinct and so to suppress acting on  instinct is to be domesticated. Not a natural state.

Moving on, quickly,

Nature testifies against the one-god because nature is made up of forces at war with each other.
Tree tries to grow, wind knock it down. Forest grows up, lightning sparks fire and burns it down. Rain floods valleys. Rivers dry up, life in them dies. Snow kill fruitful orchards, etc, etc, etc.

If there is a single entity behind the world, then it hate’s itself.

And about death and resurrection,

My friend, death is natural. It’s part of life.  All things die. Thus death is good, because it is natural. Rising from the dead is unnatural and therefore bad. If Jesus rose from the dead then it was an unnatural, perverted act.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Christians Not Welcome...

I’ve gone through this before, many times in many places, but I’ll recap for some people.

This is a thumbnail as I don’t have time now for anything else.

You cannot be a christian and defend European peoples, be they in Europe or her colonies -aka, White people.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism: the same insidious thing. Absolutely no difference between them.

Christianity, a mix of three of the worst elements of antiquity -Roman politics, Greek Philosophy and Oriental Monotheism- is inherently degrading.

It’s degrading and demoralizing because at the center of Christianity is Jesus.

Pay attention,

Jesus was a coward who sh*t his pants and went to his death like a neutered fu*king puppy.

And a god, or man, who allows himself to be beaten and crucified is not worthy of honor.

Another thing, Christianity portrays Jesus as the groom and his followers as the bride. The bible uses imagery of a wedding as the “consummation” of the ages.

Do you understand that?

Christian men are now women. They are brides to Jesus. Jesus comes back to rescue them like a damsel in distress and then marries them and then butt f*cks them for all eternity.

So maybe that explains the rise of transgenderism. It’s the outward expression of the spirit of Christ.

So yes, Christianity is spiritual sodomy and cross-dressing.

Finally, monotheism was created by merchants as monotheism is an outgrowth of centralized economic culture.

You’ll notice that monotheism could never take root in societies that didn’t have developed economies.

No money, no one-god.

The one-god has never been embraced by peoples with hunter/gatherer or non regulated trade-based systems.

It is only when money -supply and demand style regulated economies are imposed on a people that they then become “open” to the one-god hypothesis.

More to follow when I have time.


Saturday, November 11, 2017


You know the overlords are messing with the peasants when they threaten retribution for offensive comments, terms or words, while simultaneously creating and blasting the most crude, vile, offensive content imaginable via tv, movies, music, billboards, etc...

Pop culture is grotesque. It always has been, but it keeps getting worse and more ludicrous.

And regulators, officials, artists, writers and producers of this crap, who legitimize it, turn right around and act offended at what they term as offensive, which are things no one is actually offended at, using the might is right power of the state to back them up.

That is a form of psychological torture.

The only poetic justice is that they are using this technique to cannibalize themselves, at the moment.


Friday, November 10, 2017

In Reply To A Friend III...

If there were no humans to hear God’s voice, would he still speak? 

See that’s the real problem.

God reveals himself........through things humans observe. According to you.

Thus God has no agency absent man.

God cannot reveal (read articulate/express) himself without man there to observe it.

God speaks via men -either through them or by them observing his characteristics. Thus God is powerless to speak on his own. Which contradicts your own definition of God.

And I’ve already addressed this, “why is there something instead of nothing” argument.

Pointing to the material world as evidence for a non-material entity is a contradiction in terms.

You need supernatural evidence for the existence of a supernatural thing. Good luck with that!


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Maybe He Was Napoleon!...

In the old days if your neighbor suddenly began dressing up in 18 century French military garb and claimed he was Napoleon it was widely held that he was insane and he would be carted off by the men in white coats.

But today a man can begin dressing in women’s clothes and proclaim himself a woman and everybody goes along with it.

Granted, if you don’t go along with it you can be persecuted and prosecuted, but still.

So this begs the question: If some 30 year old dude in Idaho suddenly claims he’s Elvis Presley, does he get access to the King’s bank account?

Of if some guy in 2017 France claims he’s Charlemagne, is he? Are we allowed to say he’s not Charlemagne? Or would that be intolerant?

The really bizarre part of all this is that the liberal elite don’t believe that men can become women or in same sex marriage or any of the other insane crap they shovel.

They’re just using it to attack and dislodge the declining White majority. Once that’s achieved they’ll turn positively puritanical on sexual morality issues and re-establish laws that would be considered harsh by even the standards of Jonathan Edwards.

So it’s truly tragic to see how the crazies are being paraded around as king for a day, while the conservatives are bending over backwards to accommodate a paradigm that everybody, including the Marxists who promote it, know is crazy and indefensible. 


In Reply To A Friend II...

Yeah I know the, “if it’s true” brand of apologetics.

But we’re not talking about objective truth. We’re talking about an interpretation of truth and the application of that interpretation.

The trouble this runs into with monotheism is the claim that the objective truth has personality and speaks. Although some of what you say about logos seems a bit close to pantheism.

A personality is not objective. A personality is subjective. Even a perfect person is particular and thus subjective. The monotheistic god has things he likes and things he does not like. No?

And even allowing that that were not the case, interpreting that perfect person is going to be subjective.

And all we can do is interpret.

So what you and other Christians are calling objective, divine, truth is, in reality, just a pursuit of a broad consensus among yourselves.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

In Reply To A Friend...

The defense: Christianity has been in northern-Europe for almost a thousand years and only became poison in the past 50 years, so it’s unfair to blame it for the current decline of our society.

The counter:  A man smoked cigarettes for 40 years and was completely healthy for 39 of those years, so it’s unfair to blame cigarettes for the lung cancer he has now.


Monday, November 6, 2017

If It Ain’t Broke Just Say It Is, So You Can Fix it...

A problem, once declared, is awaiting a solution.

Thus he who declares a problem creates the need for a solution.

There is no such thing as racism. Therefore there is no problem of racism.

There is no such thing as sexism. Therefore there is no problem of sexism.

There is no such thing as anti-semtism. Therefore there is no problem of anti-semitism.

The list goes on.

One of the best examples, is poverty.

There is no such thing as poverty, as an objective concept.

The word is poor, and it is subjective.

A homeless man may be poor compared to a man living in a shack, who is himself poor compared to a man living in a new mobile home, who is, in turn, poor compared to a man living in a new, 4,000 sq ft home, and so on.

Or, a millionaire is poor compared to a billionaire.

“Poverty”, like racism or sexism, is an artificially constructed political tool created by leftists as a means to perpetuate their revolution via endless class warfare.

If you’re on the right, then poverty means you are not generating enough disposable income to stimulate “growth”.

This is why you and I never recognize these “problems” until our elites reveal them to us.

"Problems" is how they justify their rule.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Mind Of The Leftist...

Essentially, the leftist operates under the presupposition that history is linear. That there is positive movement, or progress, towards a thing which is better -better by nature of momentum.

The reality is that history is not linear.

Human development is not linear. In fact it’s non existent.

Culture, knowledge, technology, understanding, morality, etc, are not linear.

Recently I was discussing with someone about who migrated to the new world first, Europeans or Asians (aka, native Americans). A third party then spoke up to inform us that whoever got here first must have come before the continents broke apart, because “thousands of years ago, people didn’t know how to build boats that could cross the ocean and stuff.”

You see, this third party is operating under the presumption of a linear history, in which humans are always “moving forward”, so those of yesteryear must have been dumber (ignorant) and thus not capable of rudimentary -need based- technology.

And that’s the thing, necessity determines all. And necessity has neither forward or backward momentum.

This is why leftists tend come from a highly pampered background where ideology, not necessity,  determines your every step.

And lets be honest,  people today are the most spoiled and pampered human beings in history.

But nothing lasts forever. Not even wealth.

Human history is not linear. It is a relatively small circle.


The Deep State Ain't That Deep...

Lawyers, doctors, journalists, politicians, businessmen, historians, theologians, etc attend universities. Universities that are given legal status and other support, by the state.

TV stations and radio stations need FCC licences and other legal paperwork provided by the state. Ditto churches, businesses, medical practises and so on. They all need legal acknowledgment and protection of the state.

And the state is then run by those who benefited from its patronage.

A common political and social vision is then held by all - a few differences in managerial style not-with-standing.

The illusion is that all of these institutions align to this common vision via the gravity of history -a natural selection that allowed the best and most rational ideas to arise and be objectively recognized by all.

The reality is that it is a closed system of irrational ideology, self-perpetuating itself by virtue of its ability to subjugate, dominate and exploit other states via raw power. It can intimidate or it can relegate through its ability to reduce anyone or anything that opposes it to the status of a non-entity.

In other words, American Civilization, and its deep state,  is Hollywood writ large.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We're All Hustlers Now?...

Murican Eonomy + Media are turning everybody into shameless hustlers.

What won’t people do to attract views to their blogs or youtube channel?

I just saw a youtube channel self-described as a “vocal academy” and all the videos were either “how to sing famous song #4,871" or some hot chick singing. *

Yeah, we all get it. It’s what gets the views.

But still, does everybody need to do this? Are we all going to be reduced to plotting and planning ways to exploit the vulgar crowds to get their dollars?

This kind of thing (crass exploitation married to entertainment) used to be called vaudeville and was relegated to the sleazy back-streets populated by prostitutes, drug dens and other such classy things.

It’s the place the people who have a relatively low price go to advertise that they have a low price.

I see the alt-media going in this direction a bit too. Labeling their daily or weekly shows/podcasts with sensationalistic (“topical") titles to draw the biggest crowd possible or going the conspiracy/Illuminati route every so often to titillate the possible random passerby.


People who are looking for something worth looking for are looking for something rare, and thus unfashionable.

Think of it this way,

If you were a crafter of exquisite, hand-made furniture of a Edwardian era aesthetic, don’t you imagine your customers would be looking for you as much as you would be looking for them, because of the specific nature of your work?

Would you really think it necessary to advertise your classical and rare furniture shop by adding, “also do  tattoos on Wednesdays”?

Seriously, does anyone stop to wonder where this wide-scale intentional pandering to populist  human impulse style scheming for a few quick bucks will lead?

* note: I continue my quest to figure out what constitutes good singing. People keep telling me you know it when you hear it, but none of them can actually describe the qualities they are hearing. They keep telling me about youtube videos I can listen to for examples. Apparently, good singing is indiscriminately hitting high and/or low notes or dragging out a note with a goat baaing-style quiver for dramatic effect.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Reverse Appropriation...

This is where social-justice-warriors are offended if you don’t “appropriate” their moral and political world view.

Of course they’ll never see the irony in that because they are the spiritual descendents of the Puritans.

The Murican spirit lives on in the self-appointed self-righteous.

From physical to ideological colonialism. Yee-haw!


Sunday, October 29, 2017


Every time the globalists take away a freedom, they give you a “right” in place of it.

Without the media you would be left to your own devices and go right back to thinking for yourself.

In America the (((Left))) has legalized murdering babies, legitimized homosexuality, broken up the family, bypassed representative government via judicial activism, enslaved the populace through debt and terrorized citizens with rampaging hordes let loose by open borders and designated “minorities”, all the while “patriots” kept their guns and boasted of their 2nd Amendment.

Marxist revolutionaries illegally tearing down statues that represent our history gets a general shrug, but kneeling during a f*@$ing football game is “crossing a line”.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Defining Conservatives...

Conservatism is simply finding a comfort zone within the current stage of the radical left’s never ending revolution and exploiting the present circumstances to make yourself fat and comfortable.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rightwing Transgender Anti-Feminists?...

“Tansgenderism”.   Also known as cross dressing.

Remember feminist studies and gender studies?

Remember how, according to progressives,  conformity to traditional gender roles are oppressive social constructs?

Now, how does a transgender dude express himself? By adopting the traditional gender role and socially recognized dress of, women.

Do you follow that?  Transgenderism is expressed, solely, by conformity to “traditional notions” of gender and gender roles: the dresses, the make up, the girly gestures, etc.

Look again at “Caitlin Jenner” on the cover of Vanity Fair. What makes him “transgender” is his presenting himself all dolled up in what is socially recognized as, a woman’s role: women’s attire -wig and makeup included.

Could there be a bigger f#ck you to feminism and gender studies?

And yet, feminists and progressives alike celebrate this fundamental rejection of all that they claim to stand and fight for.

That’s because they are full of shit!

Like all so-called liberals/leftists/etc, these troglodytes don’t believe in or fight for anything. They just concoct ways to justify their own, selfish, anti-social, self-destructive urges and behavior.

Now think of the corporations who support this bullshit!

Think of the government programs concocted to support this bullshit!

Think of the churches and Christian leaders who support or tiptoe around this bullshit!

So yes, every time you hear of the latest outrageous “cause” and you mumble to yourself, “next thing you know they’ll be defending_______________ (fill in the blank)........yes, yes they will.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Economy & The One-God...

Did early humans believe in deities? Maybe. But probably not.

It’s interesting that religious phases are reflected in economic models.

Polytheism is the stage found in societies with limited centralization and who barter and trade.

Monotheism is the stage found in societies with high centralization and who create money in exchange for service and goods.

So it’s doubtful that early man, who were scavengers with no centralization, would have conceptualized gods, period.

But it’s interesting that the one-god hypothesis rests solely on money.

The beginning of “value” was the origin of monotheism. God is commerce. God is money.

But that in itself is telling as value is a highly dubious and subjective concept. Emeralds, diamonds, rubies, gold and so on are effectively worthless, but have value because they are rare and hard to get. And yet, to a hunter/gatherer they would have neither value nor worth because they have no practical application to survival.

Economy began with merchants. And merchants were dependent upon walled and policed (and thus organized) encampments that would eventually be called cities.

From scavenging (no gods) to bartering (many gods) to money (one god).

As I’ve said before, money makes everyone a prostitute, as everyone sells themselves (a service) in exchange for it. Construction workers sell their bodies to businesses to use to build and in exchange receive money. The same is true for doctors, accountants, lawyers and so on. We all sell a service (ourselves) for money.

Economy makes every single human being a prostitute.

And as economy requires centralization and regulation and planning, a society built up around it will perceive a mythology that reflects it. If the economy and the city are ordered, regulated and planned, then so too must be the world.

So this all begs the question of what happens if and when economy fails?

If economy fails then cities fail and organized and planned society fails.

Strange that in the end, the one-god would be cast down, not by the devil, but by out of control interest rates. Or in layman’s terms, a lack of money.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Age Of The Wolf...

In the meantime the tools of civilization can be used to protect ourselves. Elections are important in dividing and defining territory in the short term. But you should be very careful about using economic variables to position yourself for the future.

The next few decades will be rough and ugly.

Looking into the long term, consider:

There is no such thing as progress -social, political, economic or otherwise.

Throughout 99.9% of human existence, humans have been hunter/gatherers.

Humans/Neanderthals have existed for millions of years. Civilization first blighted the land about  8,000 years ago and then slowly spread over the ensuing age.

In other words, Civilization is a bubble. And it will pop at some point.

Because Civilization is, obviously,  unnatural.

I point this out as a reminder that the overarching structures of life, as defined by civilization, will collapse.

So the prepper mentality of stockpiling against the mood swings of civilization simply won’t do it.

Ironically enough, if you want a rough model of how survival will look in the future, look towards the homeless. They are, essentially, living a hunter/gatherer existence right now -only against the backdrop of Civilization.

So just imagine if you were forced to go onto the streets to live and to do so without the assistance of soup kitchens or shelters and so on, and you’ll begin to accustom your mind towards the reality that awaits us and/or our descendants.

The paradigm will continue to shift.

How, when and under what circumstances is anybody’s guess. It could happen suddenly or simply continue to unfold over a period of time.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Year Of The Wolf...

    Hey globalist. I See You.

Sheep no more.

White Americans in “fly over” country tasted blood in the 2016 election cycle and they savored the taste.

Over the past year the establishment, including the GOP, have doubled down in their indifference/betrayal.

So be it.

It has only enraged the rubes even more. And the appetite 2016's election engendered has only grown stronger.

2018 is a mid-term election year.

And the rubes are patiently awaiting it. They are sharpening their fangs and claws in anticipation of it.

The particular candidates who will emerge are not even the point.

And the vote will no longer be about sending messages.

The 2018 election will be about establishing territory. And defending it!

So, leftists, you want a message from middle-America?

Try reading our pissed off, fed up, faces!

Sheep talk.

Wolves do not.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

We’re Not Coming Together...

                                            Nor should we.

For decades, as the Orcs ran amok, usurping and destroying every semblance of our culture and civilization, the self-anointed leaders of the right have counseled, not just reconciliation with the Orcs, but measured capitulation to their cause.

“Coming together as a nation” is the banner of those demanding submission to evil.

We are not going to get together with people who murder their babies.

We are not going to get together with people who willingly participate in depraved sexual acts.

We are not going to get together with Marxists just because they scream racism.

And as far as “understanding” these people. We do understand them. Very well. They’re evil.

Just a few facts to run down here:

1. The 20th Century was a catastrophe, and we have the burdensome task of undoing its damage.

2. There is no such thing as racism or sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia, etc....these words are constructs of globalists and socialists. They represent the paradigm of the very people who have committed themselves to destroying everything that is good and beautiful in the world.

So rather than argue a leftist’s beliefs, deny them. “There is no such thing as racism”.

Your denial of their terms robs them of whatever remaining power they have. Believe me, it works. They shut up and go away.

3.  There is no such thing as progress. The idea of progress was promoted by the freaks who took control of our nations through bribery, subversion, blackmail and violence. They’ve tried desperately to convince us, and themselves, that their reign of terror represents some sort of golden age. But 100 years of unprecedented death and destruction testifies against them and their “progress”.

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. And good men are, in all ages, outnumbered by evil and apathetic men.

There is nothing unusual about our time, save that the evil men have been unrestrained and unleashed without any real contention to their reign of terror.

But that age is waning. Going forward over the coming decades and centuries we are not going to be getting together with evil men. We are not going to dialogue with evil men. We are going to fight them and bring them to heel to restrain them and the harm they inflict on the world.


Stop Drawing Lessons...

This is something that is really irritating to read. It’s when a purported conservative writer extrapolates some broad general lesson out of a topic-of-the-week news story.

The main problem is that they tend to take a disgusting example of a freak (movie star, criminal, etc) and use it to “cast a light” on “us” or explain what said freak says about “us” as a whole or “our” society.

First off, there is no us!

Second, this “we are them" horseshit is just slippery moral equivocation dressed up as virtue signaling false humility.

Freaks and freaks.   Identify them as such.

Or better still,

Orcs are Orcs.

We are not Orcs.

We are Men.

Stop drawing lessons and Draw A Damn Line, Already! 


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Protestant Reformation II...

The mainstream news is not there to tell you what just happened. It’s there to tell you what’s going to happen.

And when a breaking news story occurs, the media co-opts it to inform you what the reaction to it will be.

It tells you how “the world” or “the nation” feels about the story, even though you and everyone you know feels differently.

In that, the media is very much like the catholic church 500 years ago. It presumes a moral mandate to steer the course of human events towards “the end of history”.

But just as the printing press came along and unraveled Rome’s ubiquitous stranglehold on “the truth”, so too has the Internet and the advent of Alternative Media come along and broken the media’s grip on information flow.

To be sure, the establishment has launched its counter reformation and is busily hunting down heretics. But the reality is that its power has already been broken in large part and can never be restored to its former universality.

The similarities between the ensconced and out of touch establishment to that of the medieval church are numerous and glaring.


Monday, October 9, 2017

A Dearth Of Depth...

The main problem with pragmatism is its inherent shallowness. Or more specifically, its vulnerability to hypocritical outcomes once suppositions are considered.


 Sane people agree that open borders are bad. The defining and fixing of places and peoples is an absolute necessity for long range social stability and order.

And yet, most sane people do not hesitate to pack up the family and move to another town or state for a better job opportunity or different climate and so on.

What’s the difference?

Borders are not merely national, they are sub-national or regional. And I’m not talking about designated lines on a map. I’m talking about extended family groups. If you are not living in close proximity to parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins in a multi-generational community, then you are a rootless cosmopolitan -a globalist denizen who respects neither borders nor nations.

These problems, you see, run deep.

Most conservatives disprove of homosexuality, yet give tacit approval to racially mixed marriages.

Most conservatives consider abortion to be murder, yet practice contraception.

On mixed race marriages the argument usually goes, ‘genetics don’t matter’ or ‘we’re all of the same species’.

But of course if the justification is that (for example) both Asians and Caucasians are of the same species so it’s okay if they mate, then what is the argument against a brother and sister mating? They’re both of the same species, after all. Both humans.

Naturally the counter point is made about defects in the offspring due to genetic closeness.

But now we’re talking about genetics, aren’t we. We’re talking about the scales of human kinds and the significance of genetic distance. Ooops!  That’s literally Hitler!

And then what if these consenting sibling couples are "fixed" and incapable of having children? What then is the pragmatic argument against them?

The very idea that you would resort to defending basic values and principles solely on the grounds of arguments based in pragmatism or practicality is ludicrous.

Traditions are not merely customs, they are an age old, time tested, codification of the order of nature.

It’s obvious that nature itself informs us of these things. Different races have existed for hundreds of thousands of years. For all that time, these differing people groups practiced near monolithic in-group breeding, hence the continuing existence of, and successful perpetuation of, the races.

 Blue Jays and Cardinals are both birds and yet, as a rule, Blue jays mate with Blue jays and Cardinals with Cardinals.

Moving on.

Human societies have always been hierarchical and structured around classes. Classes who married amongst their own.

We don’t call it the ‘Animal Republic’. We call it the ‘Animal Kingdom’, because there is a hierarchy and a food-chain. There are apex predators and then there are dinner.

The world functions within bounds and borders.

On abortion and contraception -again, if the argument is merely one of defining when life begins, then it abandons all consideration of what life is. Is life to be defined as the single, finite, span of time of a single human being? Or is life the existence of human kind?

In other words, and to put this into a Christian contextualization, does life begin at conception, or does life begin with the creation of the first man, Adam?

You see, there is more to it than technicalities or legalities. There are issues of deep complexity and meaning. Sidestepping them only compounds the problems in the long run.

If you are a conservative or a traditionalist and you defer to pragmatism or faddish humanistic scientism (the species type arguments) to defend your values then you had better be prepared to have them thrown back in your face.

If “personal freedom” is a value you support, be prepared to watch homosexuals parading down your streets.

If the “pursuit of happiness” is something you support, get ready to see your neighborhood turn into a Mexican slum.

If “religious freedom” is a value you value, prepare to watch your town turn into a Muslim Caliphate.

If a classless society is a Western Value, then you might want to start working on an explanation for the rule of the unelected political “deep state” and the extremist leftwing cultural dominance of the arts and media by people who tend to come from the same coastal cities and attend the same prestigious (read economically exclusive) universities.

Nature is not something you can escape. And nature observed is tradition.

And shallow arguments based on pragmatism fail.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stop Red Pilling...

There are two kinds of our people: those who go along to get along and those who are defective.

Those who go along to get along are about as reliable as a cardboard box in a rainstorm.

The defectives are, well, defective.

 Redpilling them is not only a waste of time it is actually counter productive. We want to mark them out and segregate them as far from us as possible. We do not want their genes in proximity to our posterity.

Because that is the issue.

Beliefs and opinions are byproducts of genes.

Lifestyles and worldviews do not form on the basis of consideration, knowledge or education.

Genetics is all.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

God vs. Not-God, In A Nutshell...

Funny that Christians argue against materialism on the basis that something exists instead of nothing.

This means the Christian appeals to the existence of the material world as evidence for God!

Whereas the atheist is looking for some sort of supernatural evidence beyond and apart from the material world!

So the Christian’s evidence for the existence of a supernatural deity is.....the existence of the material world.

And the atheist’s evidence against the existence of a supernatural deity is.....that there is nothing BUT the material world.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Talk about out of left field. At least from this side of the pond.

I don’t know what’s behind it but it seems strangely ominous -for good or ill, I don’t know.

This is Red History Month, after all.


I’ve no idea what it’s all about or who or what is behind it, but something about it feels very Balkanesque -circa June 1914-, to me.

Maybe I’m wrong. But these sort of queer, “over in the corner”, episodes have a precedent for spiraling into global cataclysm. If events were to turn ugly and then somebody blamed, say Russia, for destabilizing western Europe, that might unleash a series of events that quickly move towards an epoch changing climax.

Just wild speculation. Something strangely foreboding about it all though.


Monday, October 2, 2017

Reminder: October Is Red History Month...

Yes, this October is the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

You know, the left-wing revolution that led to the murder of 30 million Russians and Ukrainians, most of whom were rural farmers and small town people living outside the major cities.

Leading up to that was Czar Nicholas II being forced to step down as leader -he was persuaded by members of the government that it was the only way to avoid civil war.
He and his family were then arrested, being accused of working in collusion with a foreign country (in that case, Germany).

An interim leadership took over. They were more “moderate” and from the more respectable establishment political system.

But the radicalized groups of insurgents were already rampaging through the streets in violent protests, assassinating officials, terrorizing citizens and sabotaging infrastructure, all the while shouting slogans of “JUSTICE” “EQUALITY” and “TOLERANCE”.

By October of that same year this multi-ethnic “international brotherhood” of social justice warriors forced the interim government to step aside and they took over.

It helped that the press was on their side and even church leaders cautioned against resistance to these vicious thugs. After all, only “rednecks” and “haters” would be against the Bolshevik cause of “social justice”.

Within days of grabbing power the revolutionaries began to destroy churches, execute preachers and began the mass slaughter of tens of millions of rural peoples who were no doubt a threat because they were backwards, ignorant, bigoted and clinging to their guns and bibles.

Surprisingly, much of the military sided with the leftists. Many didn't, but they were no match for the highly organized leftists who had spent decades converting people from every strata of society to their insane and murderous ideology.

They took over what was left of the independent press,  appointed new generals for the army, created their own secret police, named new governors for every region, new mayors for every town and new teachers for every school, and so on. The new way would be the rule of the land and anyone who opposed or resisted would be labeled “mentally deranged”,  “terrorists” or just “enemies of the people”.

I point all this out for no particular reason whatsoever.

Just thought it was an interesting bit of history.

Go back to Netflix now.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

You, Marx & The End Of History...

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it.”-Karl Marx

And therein is the world-view that has set the whole world ablaze.

The two camps: those who try to preserve the the world that was handed down to them and those who seek to change the world handed down to them. The former assumes  a position of steward while the latter assumes a position of master. One preserves, the other usurps. The one wishes to serve, the other desires to rule.

How many conservatives now agree with Marx about changing the world?

How many Christians now agree with Marx about changing the world?

How many of you now agree with Marx about changing the world?

There is no end of history. There is no progress.

And it’s clear that none of us have the right to attempt to change the world. It’s insane to think we do. Because our lives are transient and leave no permanent mark upon the world. Build a glorious house or city and time WILL raze it down. Pour concrete upon the ground and grass will inevitably burst through it and break it apart. Break the moral order of one generation today and a future generation will restore it. It's just natural. You cannot change or alter the world.

We can only ever struggle to preserve what is handed down to us, and even that is a task which is ultimately doomed to fail, because the reality is that we all, in the end, must submit to decay and death. But life goes on and nature will have its way and always return to balance and restore what was "changed".

Again, it’s not mere arrogance to believe in changing the world. It’s madness to the point of tragic-comedy.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Purpose Driven Alt-Right?...

I keep seeing this idea that the alternative right/media should tone down its rhetoric and polish its rough edges in an attempt to be more palatable to the “normies”.

It’s an idea that’s been tried before.

Back in 1960‘s through the 1980‘s evangelical churches began to tone down the “fire and brimstone” aspect of their dogma in an attempt to make their brand of Christianity more palatable to the “unchurched”.

Churches became increasingly hip and cool and relevant and pastors started wearing Hawaiian shirts and sneakers while giving more positive and affirming sermons that would “meet people where they were at”-which is another way of saying, water down the message.

It all culminated in Rick Warren’s best selling Purpose Driven Life book which was based on Madison avenue research and mirrored the uniquely American preoccupation with self aggrandizement.

What were the results of all this?

A collapse in stable church attendance. God thrown out of schools. A rapid rise in atheism. Abortion legalized. Sky-high divorce rates. Broken homes. Broken communities. Homosexuality normalized. Gay marriage legalized. And now, passive (if not affirming) acceptance for trasngenderism.

For evangelical Christianity the attempt to seem less bigoted and judgmental led to the collapse of evangelical Christianity as a cultural influence on society. In fact Christianity is now completely discredited in schools, media, the arts, science and the day-to-day lifestyle choices of the vast majority of the peoples under the sway of Murica’s Empire.

Lesson: Fire and Brimstone draws lifelong devoted legions, while “felt needs” processes an endless stream of convictionless, religion-as-phase, twenty-somethings.

You either offer a stark alternative to the narrative, or you’re just more of the same.

People actually don’t want to be pandered to. They like bellicose absolutists who “tell it like it is.”
And even if they are put off by certain messages and the people who deliver them, those messages, obtusely delivered though they may be,  still leave an imprint on the mind long after fuzzy ass-kissing platitudes fade from memory.

This is even acknowledged in the whole “game” theory about women: jerks get the chicks because jerks are contrary and difficult and flaunt social conventions with aplomb and thus present a difficulty to be considered and contended with.

You can also see this with critics too. The miserable bastards who dismiss books/movies/music/paintings, etc with seemingly inconsistent hostility and mockery are the ones that have the biggest readership, even as half their readership “can’t stand them”.

And even more obvious is the 2016 election which saw reasonable, respectable, well spoken men get completely rejected in favor of a crude and vulgar loudmouth who refused to “tone it down” to appeal to the so called mainstream.

The bottom line is that the normies are f*@ked “where they’re at” and they know it. They’re ready to read and consider radical alternatives to the prevailing narrative. They no longer give a shit about appearances or keeping up with the Joneses.

If you do, you’re not an alternative.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

If You Take A Knee And No One Is There To Broadcast It, Does It Make A Statement?...

I don’t really watch TV and don’t follow Murica’s day-to-day soap opera, so I see this all with a rather amused and bemused perspective.

But let me get this straight.

1. Football, the lowest of low brow bread-and-circuses sports.

2. Multi-millionaire athletes who get away with rape and murder because they generate big, big bucks for corporate franchises, which themselves get away with every crime imaginable because, money -all subsidized, and kept afloat, by tax payers.

3. Making a statement during the national anthem to protest non-national (local jurisdiction) police forces.

4. Using television, an instrument designed to do nothing but promote vulgar mass consumerism  as the platform to virtue signal.

5. A morally indignant reaction from ticket-holders who, annually, revel in the grotesque debauchery of an amoral institution, built on greed, corruption, degradation and exploitation.

Welcome to Murica!

Setting aside the ridiculous freak-show reality of all this, it’s point #3 that is the most interesting.

Which particular police force is it that the protests revolve around?

After all, cities, counties and states have differing laws, ordinances and institutional policies regarding their law enforcement and courts.

Or is that the problem?

Maybe we need to do away with local government altogether?

Maybe create a federal police force that will have the direct, ubiquitous and unrestrained jurisdiction the FBI and other alphabet agencies don’t currently possess?

Interesting historical coincidence -after the media hyped celebrity villains of the 20‘s and 30‘s (Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger, etc) the creation of a FEDERAL POLICE AGENCY (FBI) which could supersede local law enforcement was seen as obvious and necessary, Constitution and commonsense be damned.


Monday, September 25, 2017

How The Left Operates...

Example: In the 1960‘s the left carried flowers and chanted ‘make love, not war’ while simultaneously waging a violent, bloody revolution in the streets and “through the institutions”.

This is their modus operandi.

They promote equality while also legislating race quotas.

They preach tolerance while at the same time demanding change.

They tell you if you don’t like their tv shows to just not watch them, while at the same time take your tax dollars, by force, to commit abortions and legitimize homosexuality.

Etc, etc..

The left want one thing: Revolution. Unending revolution. Chaos, and the power it brings them. They are usurpers and destroyers to the last.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Raptured At The 99 Cent Store...

Apparently Jesus is coming back again today. Some one-goders have a new pie chart explaining the whole thing. They’ll be raptured out of here at any moment and the rest of us will have to face the reign of the anti-christ.

You know what’s interesting about the anti-Christ?

According to the Book of Revelation, you won’t be able to buy or sale without the mark of the beast.

Isn’t that awful!

No buying and selling stuff!

Commerce, in other words, is what it’s all about.

So basically the anti-Christ will be standing between you and all of that cheap Chinese made crap at Wal-Mart.

Which means that if you can grow or hunt your own food or scavenge for it, you can pretty much just ignore Armageddon. Won't impact you at all.

Is it a stereotype that a book written by west-Asians reduces a battle between good and evil down to an issue of commerce?

Probably no more of a stereotype than the description of heaven as having streets paved with gold and doors made out of jewels, as also found in the Book of Revelation.

Strangely and grotesquely material?

You betcha. The bible is far to obsessed with money. From calling it the “root of all evil” to inexplicably and magically finding it in fish to Judas and his 30 pieces of silver, the bible has one thing on it’s mind: money, money, money, money....

As I’ve said before, the one-god premise was born out of the market place.

Merchants created the one-god.

Because the mono-god/culture/law/language/traditions, etc are good for business.

One-god = one world order. And a one world order = massive dividends.

So basically, a good deal is a handshake with god.


People Are Not Reasonable...

Art is subjective.
Says who?
Says the experts and critics whose opinion are, apparently, objective. Go figure.

Christianity wasn’t forced upon Europeans
Sure it wasn’t
And political correctness and cultural marxism wasn’t forced upon us either. Neither was abortion, gay marriage, open borders, etc, etc....

Some of us remember a time when the left would raise hell at the slightest inference of censorship. And then the conservatives and Christians would parrot them and denounce censorship as well.

Now the left demand censorship and the conservative and Christians, again, parrot them and call for it too.

People are not now, nor have they ever been, rational or reasonable.

What is called rational or reasonable is whatever the current conquerors declare to be so.
And propaganda is ubiquitous and quite effective.

There can be no chance for escape so long as we operate under the false premise that 'truth is objective and we want to know it.'

There's no "we".  And every person is motivated by material want and need, and operate by instinct.

Whoever speaks of being civilized or of progress or of humanity, is nothing more than the latest in a long line of predators who plan on having you for dinner.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Re-establishing Justice...

Massive reforms of the legal and political system are badly needed now to reflect a borderless world.

In order to re-establish a more just system, that which is unjust needs to be recognized and re-ordered to be more just.

For example, it is inherently, objectively, unjust for a protestant defendant to have to stand before a catholic, jewish or muslim judge or jury. Or White before black or black before white, and so on.

It is unjust for Lutherans to have a Calvinist mayor, governor, senator, etc.

And of course this can be extrapolated out to encompass all social interactions. Be it employee and employer, police and citizen, doctor and patient, teacher and student, etc.

Peoples have a fundamental right not to be subject to persons not of their own race, ethnicity, religion, creed, ideology and so on.

Such is called tyranny.

To claim an ideal of setting aside all bias is dishonest, and immoral.

The system as it is today is wholly unjust.

It can’t be sustained for long.

Reform now or face chaotic upheaval inevitably.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Consensus Or Bust...

Compromise is rarely done today to negotiate for tentative peace between groups. Rather, its goal is to create broad consensus.

Why is that?

Why the need for everyone to “come to an understanding” to form a consensus?


The demon that torments the Murican (and modern) soul is the nagging suspicion that all of its presuppositions are not, in fact, universally objectively true and inevitable.

Our belief, or faith, or ideals MUST be rational (not reasonable) And if rational for some...rational for all!

To suggest otherwise is why we have “safe spaces”.

It goes like this,

If some people, somewhere, don’t agree that (for example) republican forms of government with democratically elected representatives is the best and historically inevitable form of government, then the very fabric of the universe is likely to unravel.

This emotional fear is that if “we” all don’t agree on broad notions of law, morality, ethics, values, government, etc, then our pie chart trajectory of history was all for nought. There’s no point in even going on. Oh, the drama!

Modern man is terrified to ponder the notion that his personal beliefs and ideals will not be universally acknowledged and validated.

You can see this in the way conservatives take personal offense at societies that are not democratic-republics. Or in the way progressives insist that you not only tolerate homosexuals, but that you publicly validate the lifestyle.

You can hear it in the rather liberal usage of the word “we”.
“We” is no longer a specific group. No, “we” is the inevitable ‘everybody’.

You know the memes,

Do we agree with this, that or the other?

Is this who we are?

“We as a nation.”

“We must.....”.


Of course this begs the question, who is this “we” spoken of so much?

The answer is, “we” are everybody who genuflects to the consensus.

Consensus, you see, is the divine spark in the modern world.

In the absence of consensus the stars will literally fall from the sky!     Or something!


Monday, September 11, 2017

The One God Is The Enemy...

Actions speak louder than words.

The followers of the one-god, jews, christians and muslims have been responsible for more terror, destruction and death than all of the other cults and ideologies combined.

It does not matter one iota what they claim to believe or stand for.

What you believe is irrelevant. Your statement of principles are irrelevant.

It is what you do that matters. It’s what you do that you will be judged by.

Jewish mythology, which is a west-Asian mythology, is riddled with celebrations of grotesque destruction of persons, places and things. That’s pretty much all it is.

Christianity was born of a mix of that west-Asian cult and the Roman Empire.

Can anything good be said about the Roman Empire?


Well, they did build roads and aqueducts for some of  the enslaved survivors of their conquests, but that was only to make it easier to keep the enslaved, enslaved.

This deadly mix of Christianity and Rome was then forced upon northern Europeans.

Yeah, Yeah, I know, they willingly converted. Yeah, right. And we all willingly embrace political correctness and cultural marxism too.

Finally, of course there is islam. There’s not much to say about it that can’t be found above in the other two one-god cults.

And there is no question that all modern politics are the offspring of the one-god. Antifa is most certainly an offshoot of monotheism.


Monotheism posits the notion that there is one way.

If there is one god and one human race then there must be one way for all people to live, and thus it becomes a crusade to order human society to the parameters of that one way.

All must live under the same laws, the same customs the same political ideology and acknowledge the same social taboos.

It doesn’t matter if the vices and virtues change over time, what matters is that all MUST acknowledge them.

1,000 years ago if you didn’t believe Yahweh was God or that Jesus was the messiah or that Muhammad was the prophet, you would be labeled a heretic and face legal persecution.

Today, it you do not believe the races are equal, men can marry men or that men can become women, then you are labeled a bigot and face legal persecution.

And to be clear, we’re not talking about tribal customs here. No, the “One” people see no borders and see no peoples (plural) and so INSIST that ALL people everywhere MUST submit to one way of living...of laws, customs, taboos, virtues, vices, etc.

Or think of it this way,

From judaism to christianity to islam to one world totalitarian police state.

Once more, don’t bother with claims about how the faith(s) are really about love and this and that, etc.

What the torah, bible or koran says doesn’t mean jack-shit.

Again, actions speak louder than words.

Good seeds bring forth good fruit. Bad seeds bring forth bad fruit.

The verdict is in.

The one-god is condemned by the rotten fruit it has consistently produced.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Day's Anglin...

Someone pointed out to me that Vox Day and Andrew Anglin are in some sort of feud. This person likes Anglin’s site and asked me for my opinion.

This is quite strange (and circus like) as Vox identifies as non-White and Anglin looks, well, non-White.

I heard Anglin on a podcast a few years ago before I ever saw what he looks like and my gut reaction was to write the guy off. My instincts told me he was either doing what he does for “kicks” and that he would one day get a book deal denouncing his former life as a “White supremacist”, or he was fronting for a federal agency.

And his site is a little too good, if you know what I mean. With it’s approach of holding up the soul-crushing crap that pop-culture revels in, to satirize, it in fact has the ability to illicit naughty giggles from its readers while simultaneously demoralizing them.

On a side-note:  there seems to be an increasing problem among a lot of alt-media of late wherein they are inclined to ape mainstream media’s structural presentation of their programs. Enough with the “behind the scenes” style trailers for your podcasts or 10 minute videos on youtube!  The corporate media’s style is not something you want to imitate. Their crap is designed to manipulate and humiliate. All of it looks like something from Huxley, via Sesame Street.

But what do I know. I still can’t figure out why millennials all have the same (generationally exclusive) weird accent. They all talk like a 1940‘s New England school marm who just downed a bottle of cough syrup.

Back to Anglin.....No, I don’t trust the guy at all. Again, gut reaction. Always go with your gut reaction. On top of that he really doesn’t look quite White, now does he.

As to vox.

 He seems to be trying to cobble together some sort of post-MTV generation ‘Our Gang’ with himself as Spanky.

Vox himself identifies as non-White.

He is good friends with Milo Xylopylohopolis, a gay jewish guy who post selfies of himself bathing in pigs blood.

He’s also pals with Mike Chernolonovich (ethnicity unknown) who is married to a non-White.

He’s also pals with Steffan Mololoyneaux, another self-identified jew, aka, non-White.

See a pattern here?

This is sort of like the “Russian” Revolution where all the leaders were either jewish or married to jews. Very few Russians involved.

Vox and his faction are self-appointed defenders of “the west”, in spite of the fact that they’re all either non-European or traitors (marrying non-Whites).

That should send up some big red flags!