Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A World Without Racism...

Funny how everything that makes the First World the First World, is what is destroying the First World.

And everything that makes the Third World the Third World, is why the Third World is flourishing.

Currently White people (aka, European Peoples both in Europe and her colonies abroad) have collapsed from one third of the world’s population just 100 years ago to just 7% of the worlds population today. Yes, 93% of the World population are people of color.

Sadly, Japan too has been thoroughly enslaved to modern, progressive “Western Values” and is, subsequently, dying as well.

The West, be it atheist or Christian, conservative or liberal, led by America, is a plague. The evidence is undeniable.

This vision of a world without “racism” is a vision by Westerners -who are death on two feet.

A world without borders, races, ethnicities or class structures is a notion by an insane and dying people who are busily killing themselves and everything they touch.

A world without borders is an empire that knows no opposition.

The rapid decline of The West over the past 150 years -it’s decline into near total insanity and depravity, could almost make you believe the devil is real.

The age of Republics and Democracies have show the two headed beast to be the worst of all socio-political monsters.


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Evil Is Only Common Sense...

I just saw a post at Orthosphere about a car company running an ad with gays in it. The author writes, ‘My immediate thought: “I guess Mercedes doesn’t want straight men to buy their stuff any more.”’

No, the sad fact is Mercedes knows it has straight (White) men’s money no matter what. They know they could run a commercial showing a baby being sacrificed over a car and Murica’s straight White men would still buy one of their cars.

Because SWM’s (straight White males) are cold, hard pragmatists who KNOW that the only virtues in life are comfort and reliability.


It’s a long way to the job! The kids have a lot of after school programs to attend! You’ve constantly got to run to the store for one thing or another. Dad and mom are older now with medical problems and you have to take them to their specialists. I could go on.  The fact is you need a reliable vehicle. That’s just life (as it’s been designed by corporations for us).

So what if the car was blessed by a satanic priest who sacrificed a baby over it? I’ve got a lot of things going on in my life and, by-God, it’s a good car!

And you know it’s not really that much of a satire. Let’s be honest. We’ve all become masters at coming up with bullshit excuses for going along with the hideous evil that rules over us, and is devouring us.

And no excuse is more Murican than cold, hard, fu@*ing efficency.

Common Sense, after all, tells us that efficiency and pragmatism supersede any moral qualms.

If it works, it works!

If it’s more efficient, then it must be more moral.



Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Tyranny Of Talent...

What does a good singing voice sound like?

Personally, I don’t know.

Yeah, I know, you can name some celebrity who you think sings good because they can drag out a vocal quiver or warble their voice up and down -which is a silly fad of the day.

Pop culture has so dominated the arts for the past century that the dividing line between good and bad simply no longer exists.

With Youtube we can now get a wider take on much of the pop scene, decade by decade. We can hear bands and singers from a variety of genres.

I was recently listening to some of The Rolling Stones songs from the 60‘s and 70‘s, and...

DEAR GOD, Mick Jagger had/has a comically bad voice. Bad on record, but live it was like listening to a special needs talent show. The band was garage level quality, clanking together in some sort of harmony, I guess.
I won’t even go off on the Beatles -who genre hopped more than Spinal Tap -and were about as talented.

You have to wonder how and why some of these bands became famous.

And of course the answer is media exposure/promotion.

When I was a teenager it was Nirvana. An equally average band with another comically terrible singer.

What’s telling though, is that crappy Pop-Metal bands like Poison and Warrant were really big right before Grunge-Metal broke (and yes, Grunge was a sub-genre of Metal). So the same kids that on Monday were buying ‘Unskinny Bop’ and ‘Cherry Pie’, were, on Tuesday, buying ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

Whatever Media tells us is “big”, we accept as “big”, even if down deep we suspect it’s crap.

And very little of what has been pop culture has not been crap.

So what happened to talent?

Talent is Un-American and thus represents an existential threat to Murica, her global empire and all it stands for.

Because talent is too much like a monarchy. And Murica knows no (official) hierarchy.

We love the myths of the scruffy colonists overthrowing the pompous royalty or a mere monk taking on the Catholic hierarchy.

We love stories about the movie star who was discovered waiting tables, or the handicapped athlete who made it to the Olympics.

All of it completely fabricated horseshit. But it makes us feel good about the banality and irrelevance of our own lives. Fabricated exceptions become our avatars.

And of course our elite love that, as it keeps us content as we’re being exploited and destroyed.

The reality of objective talent threatens the illusion.

Talent is a threat to democracy because its qualities are objective. It can’t be made or voted on. Its ascension and reign is beyond our control and its qualities transcend the market place. When genuine talent is acknowledged it cannot be made into an avatar for the masses. It shines a bright light on the falseness of democracy and equality. It makes the rest of us feel average.

This is why it has always been a task of the gatekeepers to mock talent, and, if need be, openly attack it.

You might have noticed that when even mildly talented pop artists do appear to the wider public, critics attack and dismiss their music as “hokey” or “cheesy” or “bombastic" or some such deflective assault.

And we agree, even as deep down we don't.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Good Manners Are An Agenda...


Have you ever met a well refined and cultivated human being that wasn’t a snake?

Me neither.

I’ve been thinking about this lately.

Every single person I’ve met who is well mannered and polite tends to be (upon getting to know them just a little better) highly unlikable and completely un-trustworthy

What I’ve come to see is that people with good manners tend to be cowardly. The good manners are a defensive/deflective shield.

Yet cowards have deeper personality flaws beyond the obvious.

So when you get past the refinement you find someone who is prone to paranoia and treachery out of an inflated sense of “me against the world”.

Yes, it’s obviously easy to see this in politics.  Narcissistic people are known to be flatterers and bullshitters. And politicians spend their entire lives ingratiating -which isn’t healthy.

But I’ve noticed this everywhere.

Gruff, uncouth and rude doctors tend to be as good (if not better) than ones with good bedside manners.

And the same is true of professionals in every field.

In fact, in business dealings I’ve discovered that good manners are almost always a sign incompetence, a bad deal or flat-out criminal intent.

An unfriendly, uncouth, loudmouth is, generally, the most honest and reliable person with whom to have business dealings with.

It’s obvious when you think about it, but good manners and refinement are designed to act as a  disguise with the intent of ingratiating.

Someone who frowns at you, want’s nothing from you.

Someone who smiles at you, has an agenda.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Purple Fingers...

Yeah. Search Google Images for ‘Iraq’ and ‘vote’ or ‘election’ and you’ll be reminded of those creepy propaganda photos that were all over the news back in Bush’s America, celebrating the Iraqi Conquest with brand new voters/consumers in Iraq holding aloft purple stained fingers with which they had just participated in military-induced democracy.

Forgot about that, didn’t you?

Yep. Purple is the color of George Bush and Dick Cheney’s adventures in the middle-east which birthed ISIS, the refugee crisis,  multiple terror attacks and possibly WWIII.

Purple is now the color of conquest, destruction, totalitarianism and genocide.

Purple is the banner of Dick Cheney and Bernie Sanders.
Purple is the symbol of George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Fox News.

But don’t notice that!

Just go back to buying more stuff.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day’s West...

Someone just sent me a video of Vox Day explaining why Christianity is important to the West.

I’ve written on this issue before.

There are two ways you can look at this.

One way is to view the West as a culture that was/is constructed.

The other way to view the West is as the people inhabiting the north-west part of the old world.

Most (or many) of us take the the latter view.

The West, as culture, is what European peoples create when and wherever they are. It’s innate -both the good and the bad.

As such the West has existed for tens of thousands of years.

All of Europe was not “converted” to Christianity until just over two centuries before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And not long after that Europe began to question the religion to such an extent that just six centuries after the Baltic peoples were converted, Nietzsche declared God dead.

Particular cultural fads are like fashion.

Christianity was a fad. Like muttonchops, or mullets.

Yes, our people dressed with the fashion for a time, but it never defined them in a fundamental way.
Clean cut, middle-class kids became Hippies who then became Yuppies, after all.

Our people are a biological reality. We’ve no doubt had numerous gods over the past 30,000 years!

The Roman Empire and Classical Greece were a brief pit stop in our history and it is highly debatable as to whether they contributed anything of value to us.

Don’t get too wrapped up in notions of civilization and high-culture. Reality, NATURE, of which we are a part, is brutish, vulgar, violent and random. Art and Architecture might look nice at times but ultimately it’s just putting lipstick on a pig. But that’s a whole other subject.

Vox then suggested that there was an attack upon the West because it was Christian.

The problem with that argument is that radical leftist globalists are currently flooding White countries with hordes of Christians.

Yes, the Muslim (read non-White) refugee crisis has become the main issue in Europe, but in North America the problem is from Christian (read non-White) immigrants. And of course western Europe was being rapidly transformed long before the refugee crisis started.

So if the attack upon us is because we’re Christian, then why are our enemies flooding us with tens of millions of Christians?

As I’ve said before, religions are akin to fortification or battle plans. They’re either good or bad plans. Christianity, monotheism, is inherently bad because it implies, falsely, a singular totality while being riddled with contradictions.

After all, how does the bible’s strong implication that Christians would be a small, persecuted minority in all times and in all places square with the notion of a Christian civilization?

Under what metric can Jesus be “good” when things like walking on water and rising from the dead are un-natural -and thus a perversion?

Supernatural  Un-natural    Same-Same.

I could go on, but I’ve gone through all this before.


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Do Not Worship God...

So how do you worship God?

What is worship?

Prayer, Praise and Worship are three distinctly different acts. They can overlap, but they are never-the-less, three distinctly different things.

So what is the act of Worship?

I asked a Christian friend this recently and he had no answer.

He prayed to God, he participated in “praise services” and he attended bible studies.

But he had never, in his life, worshiped God.

The Orthodox and Catholics have an answer to this. Since worship is an act which REQUIRES a sacrifice, they can point to the Divine Liturgy or Mass.

Mainstream Protestantism has no act of worship of God. Thus Protestants do not worship God.

For protestants, Christianity is completely cerebral. If you do the right mental math, then you are “saved”. If you can’t work out the calculations (doctrines) in your head, you’re damned.

I was born and raised in a monolithic protestant culture, aka the bible belt. It's what I am, it's what I know.

I have seen Christians pray to God. I have seen Christians praise God.

But I have never seen Christians worship God. Ever.

And when I ask them what the act of worshiping God is, they have no answer -and, in fact, it had never even occurred to them to ponder it.

That’s rather amazing when you think about it.

But it might be rather telling that it’s the protestant countries, led by the USA, which are building a global secular governing system.

Protestantism subsists on two things: the printing press and literacy. Minus those things, Protestantism doesn’t even exist.

‘Faith Alone’ is another way of saying, it’s all in your head.

Maybe that’s why Protestantism has no act of worship for God.

It has no God.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Math Is Ignorance...

2 + 2 = 4?


Because White people say so?

Do you not see the hurt that math brings about?

Do you not see that when you say that 2 + 2 = 4 that you are discriminating against the other numbers?

Do you not see the sort of narrow, hateful, thinking such borders of thought engenders?

Liberate yourself from such tyrannical, bigoted, thinking.

Love knows not deterministic calculations!

Math is ignorance! Math is hate!


The sad thing is this really isn't satire. Progressives really do think at this level of crazy.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

The First Commandment...

....denounces religious freedom.

The first commandment: THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME, repudiates Freedom Of Religion.

Not least because the command is not individualist, but corporate.

The commandments were for the society as a whole. There was no differentiating the religious from the state or the personal from the public, until the enlightenment.

Has this obvious fact ever occurred to you, dear Christian?

Or has your religion been dumbed down, vulgarized and debased via social revolutionary thought to the point that it deserves the ridicule heaped upon it?

Freedom & Equality was not only Satan’s rallying cry in the Garden of Eden, but it has also been the slogan of the mad mobs who burned down churches and beheaded Christians.

The very ideas of personal freedom, racial, ethnic, class or gender equality, etc. are antithetical to good. Because good is order. And order is, by nature, particular, structured and hierarchical.

Chaos is where you will find equality.

And Chaos is the God that 99.9% of the Churches in Murcia worship.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

United With Christians?...

Christians are not a people anymore than horse thieves are a people.

Christianity is a behavior. Like stealing horses is a behavior.

Irish are a people. English are a people. Scottish are a people.

Identity is biological, not choice. To argue otherwise is to assent to Bruce Jenner being a woman.

Making an alliance with Christians is not about working with a people, but about working with individuals who behave in a certain way.

This is why there are “good” Christians and “bad” Christians and so many different denominations of Christians. For about the past 800 years everyone has been basically forced to call themselves Christian. However, genetics determines your identity and your proclivities.

So it’s a question of what kinds of people lay behind the descriptor. Some people are born to steal horses, others are born with the potential to steal horses and others are born that can never steal horses. Hence, devout believers and apathetic believers and atheists.

It’s genetics, not personal choice.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why Sluts Are Un-American...

They give it away for free!

And that goes against the very pillars of our post-enlightenment, post-industrial capital-driven civilization.

It’s a banker’s world, after all.

Prostitutes, on the other hand, are patriots. They’re entrepreneurs. They’re self-reliant.

The only reason they’re prosecuted is because their business is unregulated and government doesn’t get its fair share of the money.

So yes, we’re all prostitutes. Except the sluts.


With prostitution, men use a woman’s body for sexual pleasure in exchange for money.

In Construction, construction companies use men’s bodies to build buildings in exchange for money.

Laborers are literally picked up off of street corners in large cities.

See, we’re all selling a service which we perform in exchange for money, which means we are all selling ourselves.

It doesn’t matter whether you bag groceries or pull teeth, you are selling yourself via a “skill” in exchange for money.

Got a degree from Harvard? The Professors were, essentially, “rented" by the university for that teaching service.

And guess what?

You’ll get to hang that degree on a wall, as you sell yourself in exchange for money.

Round and round it goes.

It wasn’t always like this.

In times past the only people who participated in such exchanges were prostitutes, prisoners and slaves.

Everyone else raised the food they ate, made the clothes they wore and built the houses they lived in.

For anything more they would trade.

Taxes were paid in chickens or cows.

And land? Well you can’t take land with you when you die anyway, now can you?

That system was predicated on mutually beneficial assistance provided by large families within tribes, aka extended families.

But now, under the current system, we’re all independent. We just have to sell ourselves for money for food & shelter.

But I guess there is no alternative to the present system.


I mean, it’s gotta be the free market or socialist or some sort of thing like that.

We can’t just shut down the factories or put the merchants and bankers out of business.

We just need better policies -better management and regulation of this glorious liberating  system.



Monday, June 5, 2017

The Alternative Media Dies Every Day...

“To learn is to die and be reborn.” said an acquaintance to me recently.

I’ll admit, I laughed in his face. And I apologize.

I get what he was saying. It’s just that it was phrased in such a sincere grad-student kind of way that it sounded like satire.

But the thrust of it is sort of true.

The alternaverse is expanding because it is questioning the sacred doctrines of Cathedral (to borrow the Nrx expression).

While the left-wing and right-wing struggle for the privilege to set policy on the shop floor the alternative media is asking if the factory itself is the problem.

Those are two radically different paradigms of conceiving of society.

So to my friend I might rephrase the statement as, “to reconsider is to die and be reborn.”

That is what the alternaverse is about, really. Reconsidering the whole project, not simply learning the floor-plan.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Luxury Ethics...

Pontification over moral values and actions and reactions are, often, though not always, akin to mental onanism.

Hard physical work cures depression.

Hard physical work also solves moral conundrums.

Yes and No come much easier to a man striving to survive from one day to the next than it does to a man fretting over where to vacation this summer.

Grey moral areas, and “nuance” are byproducts of luxurious, decadent, living.


Reverb In An Echo Chamber...

Is there a solution?


Yeah, I know it’s a heresy to state that there is actually no solution to the myriad of problems facing the world, but, well, so be it.

This idea, this notion that the world is a big nail waiting for the right hammer to come along is actually a bigger problem than the perceived problems -which are in actuality just part and parcel of normative existence.

Maybe this goes back to the industrial revolution -this idea that “we can fix it”.

Or maybe it goes back to 1950‘s science-fiction films where scientists smoking pipes always found a way to destroy the monster. I don’t know.

But wherever it came from it has been nothing but a giant pain in the ass.

From Alcoholics Anonymous to Jenny Craig, this absurd notion of “fixing” the normal fuckupery of life has caused tens of millions of people to fall into the despair of wondering why it all goes wrong some other way, anyway.

You’re gonna get old, You’re gonna get sick. You’re gonna die. And as you await that inevitable end, life will kick the ever-loving shit out of you, over and over and over.....

The world’s problems work themselves out because people die.
Alcoholics eventually die. Drug addicts die. Politicians, bankers, bakers, farmers, thieves, homeless, etc, we all eventually end up six feet under.

Problems aren’t made, they’re born. And they’ll keep being born till the end of time. But they also go away, via time.

So enough with the self-help bullshit. It just panders to the snowflake in all of us and creates a warped view of how life actually is. Preachers, politicians, philosophers and so on, have no answers.

Because there’s no solution or cure. All we can do is deal with it as best we can in the short little span of time that we're here.

We’re all just biding our time on this rock, waiting of Godot.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

No One-God Without The City...

Following on the  previous Polis (City) vs. Arcadia (Country) paradigm from previous posts,

Monotheism, the ideology of there being one god to rule all, is the epitome (and inevitable outgrowth) of The Polis’s perception of itself and the attempt at justification for its moral directive to war on Arcadia.

If the City must needs articulate itself and conceptualize itself as a singularly planned and constructed universal, then ultimately it will construct a cosmology to mirror its self perception.

If The Polis is built with intent and design by sentient, intelligent beings then so too must the universe have a designer; an architect, no less.

If The Polis is organized and planned, so too must be the world.

Centralization begets centralization.

And so we see why they utilize such terms as Pagan (rural) and Heathen (uncultivated) to describe all that is threatening about Arcadia, in its unorganized, un-planed manner.

A heath is a piece of land unmarred by those “dark satanic mills”, and a heathen is a man who knows not the one god.


Monotheism, be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam or, to a lesser extent, Zoroastrianism, is a socio-political ideology. It is the Polis’s ultimate attempt at self actualization. It functions on a planned, engineered, conceptualized and constructed program.

As such, The Polis is a Pyramid. Everything must reach a singular point. All roads MUST lead to Rome, so to speak.

If there isn’t one god, one morality, one universal paradigm to which/whom all must submit, then The Polis falls apart. It’s very nature would be seen as inconsistent and untrue.

If society can form organically and function without and beyond planned organization, then the city's presupposition of its own inherent nature becomes entangled in self-doubt.

For the Arcadian there must be,at the least, two gods: Chaos and Order. Ever locked in combat, with neither one fated to prevail over the other.

In the general, though, there are many gods in Arcadia: light, darkness, wind, rain, heat, cold, harvests, malice, fertility,etc.

And yet it might be argued that there are no gods for the Arcadian. For the world is random, fickle, absurd, horrific and redundant (circular).

Frustratingly for The Polis in its critique of Arcadia, both seemingly contradictory possibilities are strangely complimentary in the eyes of the Arcadian.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Secret Plan Of The NWO...

All the chaos -the rage, the protests, the non-nonsensical policies and insane military brinkmanship, the open borders, economic shenanigans and cultural and moral anarchy,

all of it,

is because the rich old man is dying and won’t accept it and so is applying all his wealth on a plethora of doctors and treatments in the delusional belief that he can be the one person in history to defy nature, reverse old age and live forever.

In other words, the experiment has failed. The Old Man being the post-Enlightenment world order of liberal democracy, industrialism and capitalism/socialism.  Which is Murica and its empire personified.

It failed.

It’s dying.

But lacking all dignity and self-awareness, it imagines itself able to somehow make a come back and go on living for another few hundred years.

Like all sad demented men, greedy for more life, it believes it must go on. That the world will fall to ruin with out it.

And so to that end, it will bankrupt its wealth, destroy its home, cast out its own family and damn its still healthy and vital neighbors to hell, sparking conflict where it can in the bitter resolve to bring everybody else down to its misery and agony.

That is what the new world order is.

That is what is happening in the West today.

It’s the death-throws of a system.

There’s no grand secret plan. What you’re seeing is panic and desperation fueled by self-delusion.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Insanity Is A Safe Space...

Religions and Belief Systems, be they supernatural, political or generally ideological are nothing more than an attempt to reduce your personal experience of reality to the smallest possible safe space.

And it doesn’t work. Not even for mad men.

What is real is physical: race, gender, family, tribe, life, old age, death and so on.

You cannot alter nor bypass these real things.

Values, ethics, morals, etc are predetermined by genetics.

And, yes, your belief that these things can be overcome or fashioned and spread to various peoples is because of your genes.

It’s not a learned conviction.

Your convictions are predetermined by your genes -and if your convictions are “revolutionary” or “progressive” that means they are a mutation.

There is no such thing as freewill.

Belief systems and ideologies are a coping mechanism. Which is why some people are impassioned by them, while most are not. Most are apathetic to even those things they affirm their belief in (“abortion is murder let’s see who won the game”) because they are able to deal with reality, for the most part.

So when you see someone speaking of values and ethics and culture, as though they were an external and learned phenomena, don’t waste your time trying to convert them or change their mind.

Because you’d be conversing with a mad man hiding in his safe space.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Convenient Convictions...

If you are uncomfortable about expressing your beliefs or fear persecution for espousing them then keep them to yourself or within your close circle of family and friends.

But if you’re going to assert a position publicly, to an audience, stop watering it down  to appear to be in the middle of the road, aka “reasonable”.

Because the people to whom you are addressing lie about their beliefs and opinions anyway. All the time. Every day, in fact.

“Does this dress make me look fat?”
“No. No it doesn’t”

“What did you think of my kids in the talent show?”
“Your kids are very talented.”

“Do you think my fiance is pretty?”

“I’m thinking of starting my own business at home.”
“I’m sure you’ll be very successful.”

See, we all lie...all the damn time.

Only in extreme moments of life and death do most people actually state their true beliefs or  act in accordance with their convictions, or lack there-of.

So again, why would you go to the trouble of mounting a soapbox with a bullhorn only to pander to an audience before whom you have presented yourself and your message? Unless, of course, you’re just selling something.

Why would you try to make your views more palatable to people who are going to lie about how they feel about them anyway? Unless, of course, you’re just selling something.

Most people go along to get along while it is conducive to their continuing personal comfort to do so.

The people who say they are uncomfortable with your views in peace time will most likely be your staunchest allies in the trenches of actual war.

So yes, while most go along with the predominant ideology of the system today and profess their belief in its tenants, you can rest assured that about 75% are lying and, given the opportunity, would participate in overthrowing that very same system.

Many of those sitting on the fence of apathy today are burning with zealotry on the inside.

Likewise, the zealots of peacetime are the cowards of wartime.

So to all the “movement personalities” out there jumping on to stages and calling attention to yourselves, either cut the crap and be honest about your positions or get off the stage.

Unless, of course, you’re just selling something.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why Globalists Love Terrorism....

Simply put, it helps propel the establishment narrative of the redefining of “us” and “them”.

Globalists are hell bent on creating a one world system. To this end they must, in the hearts and minds of the peoples of The West, irradiate all remnants of traditional and natural demarcations -namely family, nationality, gender, hierarchy and race.

And they’ve largely succeeded. First and foremost via mass migration of non-Whites.

But also notice how “us” is now a gay disco or multicultural pop concert that revels in orc-like behavior?

If “them” are terrorists, and terrorists are international, “us” is also, necessarily, international.

“Us” is no longer a particular people with unique and particular ethnicity, culture, language and religious customs.

No, “us” are global citizens, with "democratic values"- whatever the hell that is.

Those of you who think these ongoing attacks will cast a revealing light on the problems of Islam or multiculturalism are missing the mark by about a mile.

Terror attacks confirm and consecrate the globalist paradigm.

This is why talking head leaders announce that this is all part of daily life now in the new cosmopolitan world of “us”. It unites “us”. It defines “us” via juxtaposition with “them”.

They love to speak of "authoritarian regimes" or "extremists" because for them identity is only ideological or choice, not physical and biological (think Caitlyn Jenner for example).

You want to break this spell?

For one thing, stop calling them muslims. Religion is NOT an identity. Call them what they actually are: Arabs or Turks or Egyptians or if they’re mixed, mongrels, etc.

Because, again, a Nation is NOT a place or form of government.

A nation is an ethnicity.

A state or kingdom can have physical borders, but a nation’s borders is blood.

This is why the western world continues to fall into chaos and destruction: too many would rather talk about what they are or what they do are rather than who they are.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time Travel With The Alt-Right...

Another word for discrimination is, choice. 

With all the new people flooding into the Alt-Right such old and worn out rebuttals to left-speak is a revelation.

Whenever I look at the comments sections of various alt sites and blogs it’s like going back about 15 years and seeing all the same discussions rehashed and wrestled with all over again.

Time is being wasted this way.

Look, to all the newbies out there, you have to get it into your heads that the left and its ideology are not reasonable. Their assertions are riddled with contradictions.

Don’t react to what they claim or assert. Dissect their assertions and find the contradiction and mock it.

Remember that their questions are never questions: they are emotional talking points dressed up with a question mark.

Remember that the left do not engage in dialogue. They can’t. Their beliefs and assertions are self-contradicting and they don’t actually believe in them anyway.

So don’t waste your time engaging with them by presenting facts or logic-based arguments. They’ll simply change the subject, dodge the point or move the goal posts.

To shut them down you shut them up by not acquiescing to their demented worldview.


Lefty: “Race is a social Construct.”

Me: “So is equality”.

That’s all it takes. They shut up and go away.

Lefty: “That’s racist”

Me: “There’s no such thing as racism”

Lefty: “ that’s fascist”

Me: “So is nature”

Lefty: “All people bleed red”

Me: “So do rats”

You have to treat leftists the same way a veteran comedian treats hecklers. Because that is what the leftists/progressives are. They’re just hecklers. Nothing more. They have no substance or motivation beyond that role.


The Apocalypse As Spring Cleaning?...

Unlike hippies or new-age pagans, Arcadians (country or rural people) are more genuine children of nature, or people of the earth. They share the earth’s agonies and ecstasy because they do not reverence it as being some other thing, apart from themselves. Man cannot destroy nature, because man is nature.

In contrast, The Polis (the city) views the earth as a foreign thing upon which they happen to reside. They speak of nature, not as nature, but as a thing. They speak of the relationship (good or bad) between man and nature, whereas the Arcadian intuit man and nature as, essentially,  synonymous. Or, at the least, interconnected intrinsically.

For the Arcadian, it is not man that is foreign to the world, but The Polis; the city -civilization. Thus the Arcadian looks upon natural disasters as purging and cleansing, whereas The Polis see them as destructive -to their projects.

Indeed, The Polis divide disaster into ‘man-made’ and ‘natural’, while the Arcadian see no distinction as man is natural.

When nature unleashes its fury it is The Polis that suffers, physically and existentially. An Arcadian expression “the damn has broken” is an expression of satisfaction of nature contravening the machinery (and thus power) of The Polis. The waters, held unnaturally captive, burst forth.

In that, ‘natural disasters’ are an organic part of the war between Arcadia and The Polis.


Many ancient cultures had myths of devastating floods which would destroy all but a few people.
These floods would restore balance to a world hopelessly besieged by The Polis.

In contemporary times we see a constant stream of prophesied doomsday events.

The Rapture/rise of the Anti-Christ and destruction of the world order.
Y2K, in which machinery would cease to function and society would revert back to a more technologically “primitive” circumstance.
The 2012 Mayan Calender End, which would signify the end of the world.

The list is long.

Indeed, what is the “New World Order” but The Polis as Cosmo (universal).

Fears of the Illuminati, Mind Control, World Government, Aliens, WW III, etc. are all indirect manifestations of the Arcadian’s instinctive reaction to The Polis’s war upon them. A war which is indirect in confrontation, yet implicit in its end result.

Thus the "end of the world" scenario, be it nuclear war or an asteroid striking the earth, is the hypothetical direct response.

And the controversial aspect of this is that the Arcadian does not truly fear such catastrophes, but actually yearns for them.

The cracking of concrete is threatening to that which is built upon it. But for the green grass held prisoner beneath, it is the breaking of a damn.

In this we can see that present day infatuation with, and constant prophecy of, "doom and gloom" is, in actuality, a messianic-type of hope for the Arcadian.

More interesting still, is that this long looked for cataclysm is always seen to be an inevitable movement of nature. Like the world flood mythos of old.


Monday, May 22, 2017

The City Is The Enemy...

As was seen in previous post on the subject, country-people, 'Arcadians', are Pagans, as that word denotes a territory (and a people) limited by defined, marked, points. Whereas The Polis is ever-growing and ever redefining its borders and itself. The Polis is universal.

Arcadians are rooted, defined and fixed in particular quantity and quality and space; ethnic, tribal, clannish.

The world of the Arcadian does not extend beyond the country of their particular, specific, people. Their rivers, forests, lakes and mountains are all solid boundaries of their existence, physically, philosophically and spiritually. Which is why they can never be truly Polis, cosmopolitan or civilized.

For example, among the back-country settlers of Appalachia the word ‘foreigner’ was/is applied to any and all (persons and things) who were not immediately proximate to themselves. A stranger may be of the same race and ethnicity, speak the same language and worship the same god, yet be suspiciously labeled a foreigner because he is from outside of the borders of a particular local people.

Within The Polis, all are strangers and yet all are of the Polis. All are ‘us’.

The consequence of this contrast in the conception of borders and boundaries is substantial, and leads to conflict.

That the Arcadian does not see a planet, continent or state as such, but rather (and only) a world consisting solely of his people and his world, means that when The Polis and Arcadia meet, they conceptualize one another via wholly different, and incompatible, paradigms.

The battle lines can thus be seen as follows: a man from Arcadia may be able to become part of The Polis, but a man from The Polis can never become part of Arcadia.

At first glance this may seem to give the advantage to The Polis, but upon further consideration it is, at least, a draw.

The threat to Arcadia (inclusion) is countered by the impenetrable barrier (exclusion) of The Polis.

The Polis must then adopt an unending offensive tactic, while Arcadia is always on the defense.

The irony of this being, these battle positions, born of the intrinsic qualities of each side, merely reinforces each sides intrinsic qualities.


Friday, May 19, 2017

The Deep State Is The Polis...

Below is a summary of terms and lines of the battle underway.

The so-called “deep state” is merely the heart of planned society, aka civilization, aka The Polis.

Arcadia A region of ancient Greece in the Peloponnesus. Its relatively isolated inhabitants proverbiably lived a simple, pastoral life.

Polis The Greek term for a city-state -an area dominated by and administered from a central fortifiable town; a city.

Arcadia is a Greek word associated with rural, pastoral life: AKA, the country.

Polis is the Greek word for the Latin Civitas, or City. And from that word we get the words civilization and civilized.

Cosmopolitan is a combination of Cosmo (universal) and Polis (city). Thus Cosmopolitan means Universal-City. And it often refers to its culture and value system.

For many ages there has been an ongoing struggle  between The Polis and Arcadia. Between organized (planned/engineered) society and organic (rural) society.

The tension between Arcadia (the country)  and The Polis (the city)  derives from the reality that Arcadia is organic and The Polis is contrived.

For The Polis, identity is constructed and articulated and seen as ideology and conceptualized as ‘idea’. It is planned. It is built.

For the Arcadian identity is unexamined and/or taken for granted.

Whereas The Polis is planned and reflective, Arcadia is not.

Arcadia has an observable form, but Arcadia itself does not observe it.

Arcadia has society, without having a society. It has politics without being political. It has religion without being religious. It has organization without being organized.

These attributes of Arcadia not only run contrary to The Polis, they run contrary to the fundamental presuppositions upon which The Polis is built.

As The Polis is engineered and artificial, and must constantly articulate the justifications for its own function, it must assert that outside of its construct chaos must reign.

That Arcadia functions, successfully and without chaos, century after century, is an existential threat to The Polis.

War of Words

Just look at the etymology of expressions and terms of division and dehumanization concocted or used by The Polis.

Pagan from late Latin paganus, meaning villager; rustic/noun use of adjective meaning “of the country, of a village,” from pagus “country people: province, rural district”.

Pagan simply means country people, or people not living in the city.

Country from Latin Contra, “opposite, against- contrary”.

So country means to oppose and be against. Against what? The Polis (the city) of course.

Pagan also means “district limited by markers” thus related to pangere “to fix, fasten,” from PIE root *pag -”to fix”.

A fixed place, in other words. Something rooted. As opposed to cosmopolitan, which implies either implicitly or explicitly, rootlessness.

As seen above, pagan, or country-people, is also synonymous with villager. And villagers live in country houses traditionally called villas.

Village is the source of the word villain, which is a bad or evil person. So Arcadia (country people) are not only “contrary” passively to The Polis, but are seen as actively a threat.

Following on the pagan-means-fixed definition above, consider the word ‘Province’ which is another designation for country and from which we get the word, provincial.

Provincial of or concerning the regions outside the capital city of country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded

Again, country and country-people (Arcadians) are defined as unsophisticated (contrary) and narrow-minded (fixed).

Then there is the derogatory word, Heathen. It derives from the word Heath, which means uncultivated land. And, of course, from the word cultivate we get the word, culture.

The striking insinuation of this term, and its use by The Polis, is that wild and untamed forests, fields and meadows are not only unpleasant, but a threat.

Rural mean of the countryside. Thus rural means contrary and to be against; villainy.

Rustic means country person or peasant -of the country, rural; country-like, plain, simple, rough, coarse, awkward. 

As we can see, if you do not live in, and partake of, The Polis (the city) you are coarse, awkward and unsophisticated. You are narrow-minded, rooted and fixed. You are a Pagan, a heathen and Villain. You are contrary.

to be continued...


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stop Outsourcing Your Life!...

Stop and consider how much of your life is sustained via unnecessary outsourcing of your own duties of self preservation to others.

Break your arm? What do you do?

You don’t know do you?

So off you go to the hospital. They know what to do. You, your family and friends -your neighbors?  Not so much.

Food & Water? The most basic necessities for sustaining your existence? Wal-mart! Wal-mart provides those things. And the water company.

And thank God for gas stations. Can’t get to Wal-mart or the doctor without gas! And thank God for electricity! Milk and eggs wouldn’t last long without a refrigerator.

Yeah these are obvious things and they are a luxury. But the “luxuries” don’t end there do they?

From childbirth to acquiring food to education to our understanding of the world to health issues to death and burial and a million small things in between, we’ve out-sourced just about every facet of our lives to strangers who have no vested interest in us or our families beyond a quick buck.

We didn’t always. Throughout most of history we handled these things ourselves.

Yeah, there’s always been money and taxes. But money existed solely for taxes (being a representation of goods), so you only ever had it to pay taxes. Because it’s easier to pay the government in coins than in chickens -though they sometimes took those too. For everything else we bartered. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

There is a principle at the heart of all this.

This out-sourcing of our ability to take care of ourselves and our family is the fuel for the economic model which dominates and defines our lives here in the USA.

Let that sink in. Murica is a feedback loop.

The retardation of our ability to take care of ourselves is what fuels the economy which fuels the bureaucracy that enables the hideous system that exists because we can’t provide for ourselves anymore.

And we “elect” politicians to preserve and manage this f@cking intrusive monstrosity. Then we sit back and bitch about how intrusive and monstrous it is.

Stop deferring, instantly, to someone else to solve your problems.

Start thinking in terms of actually taking care yourself and your loved ones.

Fix your own car. Grow at least some of your own food. Become less dependent on a system that is crumbling anyway.

It’s a way of thinking and conceiving of choices that is the main issue.

It may take generations to get turned around again and go in the right direction. But every journey requires a first step.

Then again the whole thing could crash tomorrow and nature will sort out the ones who can re-adapt and those who can’t.

Stop outsourcing your life! 


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jesus Is The Anti-Christ!...

A dictator who enslaves mankind via a global, One World governmental system?

Who could that be?

“Bad Guy”
 “(the Beast) forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
-Revelation 13: 16-17

“Good Guy”
“It is written: "'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'”
-Romans 14:11

“Bad Guy”
“The second beast....caused all who refused to worship the image (of the Beast) to be killed.”
-Revelation 13:15

“Good guy”
“Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.” -Revelation  20:15

See, it’s not the all-encompassing totalitarian police-state that’s bad, it’s just a question of who runs it.

The belief in one god leads inevitably, inexorably, to the very monstrosity Christians so greatly fear. It’s not one-word government they tremble at the thought of, it’s just bad management of it.

As I’ve said before, Christianity is a toxic mix of three of the worst elements of antiquity: west-Asian monotheism, Greek philosophy and Roman politics.

And yeah, yeah I know, Rome gave us aqueducts and roads. Yeah, and wars gave us canned food and the microwave oven.

The Roman Empire was nothing more than a cartel that subsisted on the enslavement, rape and terrorizing of everyone around it. Rome was a gangster’s mansion surrounded by diseased and crime riddled slums filled with terrorized and exploited victims, known euphemistically as “citizens”.

Greek Philosophy was, basically, an attempt to moralize the (to this day unsupported) notion of inevitable political and cultural monopoly, aka civilization. Much of it, however, was mental Onanism.

Monotheism is desert peoples way of externalizing their social ideal of, Sheikh & Harem and mercantilism-as-transcendence. God's people are collectively called his "spouse" or "bride" and heaven is paved with streets of gold.

See the common thread that lets the three things intertwine?

Combine the three things and you get Christianity....and a push for a one world government....oh, and the anti-Christ, aka Jesus.


Monday, May 15, 2017

The Day A Star Was Thrown Into A Volcano...

Harry Randall Truman was the 84 year old caretaker of a lake-front lodge right next to Mount Saint Helens.

As the volcano gave off signs of imminent eruption in early 1980, old Harry became a media sensation due to his stubborn refusal to heed evacuation orders.

Of course many others remained in the danger zone too (57 people died due to the volcano, including Harry), yet only Harry became a star.

Why Harry?

He was an expressive, talkative, lonely old widower who ate up the spotlight (attention) and the media was looking for a “human interest” angle for what they knew would be a prolonged coverage of the Volcano leading up to its eruption.

Encouraged by press coverage (including celebrity profile type segments) and subsequent “give ‘em hell, Harry!” public reaction, the old man played the part the media crafted for him: cantankerous folksy anti-hero who wouldn’t let a bunch of bureaucrats drive him off his land. He received fan mail, marriage proposals and even had folk songs composed about him.

Harry, his lodge and his 16 cats ended up buried beneath about a hundred feet of mud, ash and debris.

The media knew damn well what would happen to him. He was their Captain Ahab (they loved photos of him with the Whale, I mean Volcano, in the background). And yet he was used for the ratings and for keeping people’s attention fixed firmly on the evening news entertainment.

I don’t think there is much doubt that in reality Harry was a frightened old man who wanted to flee from the danger. But every time he opened his door, there was a reporter prodding him to play his designated part.

It went something like this,

Media to Harry: “Are you going to disappoint your fans and let those know-it-all pencil necks push you off your land Harry?”

Harry: “Hell no. No one pushes old Harry around. Not even a volcano!”

Media to viewers: “That’s our Harry!”

Viewers: big toothy grins and rabid applause.

Harry was the proverbial king for a day.

I point this out for all the dumb bastards out there who find themselves “compelled” to protest for some social cause which was highlighted, scripted and staged by the media.

Ask yourself this,

If you protest and no press is there to take your picture, do you make any sound?

In Ye Olden Times there was no such thing as a protest, in the way the word is used today.

People rioted when provoked, which was rare.

But it’s hard to get good pictures and craft a narrative out of a genuine riot. Riots are out of control.

A Protest, however, is an organized and staged (there’s that word again) event. There are designated stage entrances, official lines to be read and even rehearsals. Hell, many of them are flat out paid for their performance.

Just FYI, if you’re a protester or SJW I can guarantee you, no matter what you may think, it's not of your own volition.  You may think it is, but you're wrong.  You are playing a part crafted for you and you are performing in someone’s play, the plot of which the producers consider none of you business -the finale of which involves you and a big volcano.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cancer Preens...

You can find the sentiment expressed in various ways down through the ages, because it’s true.

You rarely see people do good things because that which is good is harmonizing to consistency and  stability and undeviating from the homogeneous values and ethics of a social system.

Cancer, of course, is the opposite of that.

Social-Cancer is that which disrupts consistency and stability and deviates from the homogeneous values and ethics of a social system.

Which is why cancer stands out and, by its nature, draws attention to itself.

And as the task of sustaining a thing is dull and thankless and draws little attention to itself, the preener turns to the only thing that is guaranteed to bring instant fame: destruction. Change in a healthy body is never good -change in a healthy body is called disease.

Attack, destroy and tear down all that was and came before and you will find yourself upon a stage and in the limelight.

And in a society where adulation is a core ethic, that which works to draw attention to itself and bring change to the social order is no longer seen as a cancer, but as ‘king for a day’.

However, I think we all know what happens to such “kings” at the end of the day. (notice how every revolution inevitably cannibalizes its own)

And yet millions continue to crowd into the theater and fight for the chance to stand upon that blood-stained stage, or cheer on those who do.

But the curtain inevitably falls, and the last “king” must, to top all others, burn down the proverbial theater with everybody in it. Cancer, after all, destroy’s its host.

Death is cancer’s pinnacle -its moment of glory, even as it is it’s own demise.

Or to put it in Americanese, it is ‘The End of History’.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hooker Revolution...

The gravity of a meritocracy driven by a cult of celebrity is a tyranny of the narcissist's warped values.

This is compounded by the fact that women are social animals. They deem it important how they look and how they are perceived by the world about them. That’s fine. That’s how nature has designed them. And it’s an important part of a well balanced world.

A normal, healthy, man, on the other hand, doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the world thinks of him, how he dresses, what he says, etc. In fact (truth be told) the average man loves to “stir up shit” and leave a wake of controversy and shrieks of outrage everywhere he goes. He loves to offend people.
Again, it’s how nature designed us. It’s the counter balance to women’s need for social approval.

The drive for wide social acceptance and praise is inherently feminine.

Which is exactly why theater and performance-art were historically linked to, and seen as another form of, prostitution.
The desire to be on a stage, accepted and praised, is feminine to an unhealthy extreme. And actors take money in exchange for a performance.

“Celebrity” is not only feminine, it is feminine in the negative sense in that it is a form of prostitution -presenting and selling yourself for wide social acceptance and praise.

Of course social media plays into this in more ways than one. Some women (and effeminate men) not only love to be on facebook and the like, they also, foolishly, put every facet of their personal lives onto the Internet Stage to garner “likes” -praise, acceptance and adulation. To this end they essentially prostitute themselves and their families for applause.

This “spirit” also draws out effeminate men. Politicians and Religious Leaders, for example, have become increasingly feminine in thinking and demeanor. Both pander to audiences for wider social acceptance. Both love to be on stage and perform and heap up praise and positive appraisal. Seeker-sensitive churches and government mandated tolerance seminars are good examples of this.

A normal,healthy, heterosexual man is never, ever, “offended” or “outraged” by word or deed. (again, he in fact gets a kick out of hearing about them)

But an abnormal, maladjusted, effeminate man is, indeed, concerned with words and deeds that cause “offense” and “outrage”.

And the current decadent culture is most fit for such abnormal men to rise to the top in. The top being minor or major celebrity status in a three-ringed circus society.

So yes, every politician is a hooker, driven by a perverted feminine spirit of narcissism.

Every preacher is a hooker, driven by a perverted feminine spirit of narcissism.

Are there exceptions to this?

Yes, the world leaders who rig elections, wipe out the opposition, stir up controversy & outrage and have harems of supermodels are, indeed, normal, healthy, well adjusted men. And the societies they rule over are the most healthy and well functioning ones.

But the democracies of the west are freak-shows -hopelessly in debt, overrun by orcs, terrorized by crime and corruption and ruled by effeminate men, tranny’s and hookers.

And THAT is the Spirit of 1776 reaching full maturity.

A Kingdom is a Kingdom. A democracy/republic is a whorehouse.


Sunday, May 7, 2017

God Vs. Truth...

“...our ancestors were not willing to ignore all that must be ignored to see this as the clockwork universe....they were attuned to what is strange, uncanny, absurd, and horrifying in existence. And so their Allfather, their author of nature, was no benevolent watchmaker, but a dangerous, fickle, unpredictable god.” -Collin Cleary

Nature is wild, chaotic, violent and random. It wars against itself. It devours and destroys itself.

Plants, animals & human beings are all part of this nature and reflect these attributes.

Nature testifies against the monotheistic god of the jews, muslims and christians. It does so in a thousand ways, every single day.

Perhaps this is hard to see in the near-lifeless deserts of west-Asia. But there is more to the world than the deserts of the one-god. Step into a forest and you will see a world that is indeed strange, uncanny, absurd, and horrifying.

This is most likely why rural people were attacked so vehemently  by the monotheists. Pagan, after all, means rural -or rubes, or hicks or country-folk, etc.

The country people resisted the one-god longest. Only converting to a pagan-christian hybrid. And even then they were constantly being attacked and persecuted for their “witchcraft” or “heresies”.

Because, being surrounded by the forests of Europe, they saw most clearly the falseness and inherent bullshit of the one-god hypothesis.

Unfortunately today these attacks have been renewed by SJWs and Progressives, who carry the one-god's presuppositional torch. They, like the monotheists, believe in a linear history (hence, "progress") rather than a cyclical one, which, again, nature tells us is actually true.

And they, like the monotheists before them, detest "the rubes".


Friday, May 5, 2017

The REALLY Real You...

Your beliefs, your ideology, your convictions, etc don’t mean jacks*@t.

It’s what you do that matters. It’s what you do that reflects what you actually love and hate -what you actually care for and what you discard as valueless.

But this is a natural and obvious truth that far too many forget or refuse to accept.

What a man says tells you nothing about what he will do.

Cowards often boast of the virtue of bravery. Thieves proclaim their contempt for theft. Back-stabbers cry loudest for loyalty and those who insist on the importance of “good manners” are never, ever to be trusted!

A statement of belief or oath to a creed, either publicly or within yourself, has all the value of a fart on breezy summer day.

The REAL YOU is not on the inside.

The REAL YOU is shown in your deeds and actions, day-in-day-out.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

T-Rex Ate Death?...

Yes, religion is man-made. But so are law, language and rockets.

Religion has two aspects -the first is it’s use as an engineering, or fortification, plan for a society -how to organize -social mores, ethical codes, etc AKA, human interaction. And the second is how we relate to death -our own and those close to us.

But get a neo-Atheist and an “on fire for the lord” neo-Christian together for a debate or discussion  and what is most likely going to be the topic? The origin of life or how old the earth is or some such thing.

This is comical and irritating to those of us trying to have a constructive discussion of the issue.

Let me drive this point home -religion, as it relates to us on a day-to-day, personal level,  deals primarily with issues of personal fear and anxiety, grief and sorrow, over death and the pain and horrific loss it brings.

Death is the great enemy of us all. And as you get older you come to appreciate how terrible and all-powerful death is. Ancient peoples worshiped the sun because it struggled against death -by nourishing life.

Again, sun worship was about contending with death.

And no, this is not about heaven as a paradise in space or a man with a beard in the sky.

In the 2nd aspect of religion, Heaven and God function for the same purpose and to the same ends as a lover feeling (believing) the sentiment that he will love his beloved forever. And he means it! He will love her forever and ever, without end -even though this sentiment is of a quantity and quality that he himself cannot wrap his mind around, even when he allows himself the realistic doubt of its truth.

Religion, in the 2nd aspect, is a poetic attempt to articulate the deep rooted, organic, human need to believe that (against all logic and reason) somehow, some way, somewhere, “we’ll meet again”.

And again, in the broader, more mechanical aspect, religion is about structuring society (human interaction) -which is ultimately like trying to put a barbed-wire fence around a forest fire to control it. But still, we are driven to at least try to make good rules and live by them.

To reiterate,  religion is about two things: social order & death.

So, with that said,

how in the hell did dinosaurs ever get involved in the discussion?


Monday, May 1, 2017

Comfort Bitching...

Granted, we’ve all done/do it to one degree or another, for a time. It’s very tempting to try to make a point with information bombardment. But it’s usually a phase that we go through, and then mature out of. After awhile you realize the daily outrage is just that, daily.

Many don’t, however.

And there is nothing that becomes so increasingly irritating as those who do nothing but collect news stories and then whine and bitch about how outrageous their content are.

There they are, sitting on their big fat asses in nice comfy chairs in front of the keyboard or a microphone, reading over headlines that they inform us is certainly apocalyptic. They do this day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year, decade after decade.

They never dare offer a solution. No, they just sit there and express their shock and incredulity.......and ask for donations.

It would be like a guy going on his radio show every day complaining about the bear that terrorizes his family. “Well folks, the bear ate another one of my kids this morning. Can you believe it? What is the world coming to?”

If you don’t have the backbone to do something about the bear, at least spare what’s left of your dignity and don’t give a f*#king play-by-play of its rampage in progress.

And this is more generally applicable.

The expressed concern over a world gone mad is sort of undercut by the luxurious, cozy, lifestyles of every single one of these guys that do nothing but fear-monger.

“The world is falling apart. They’re taking our freedoms. Soon they’ll come for us. Things have never been so bad. See you at Dollywood this summer!”

Unless you’re prepared to get off your fat pampered behind and offer concrete, actionable, solutions to the myriad of calamities befalling us, might I suggest you instead turn your focus more towards accentuating the positive. And articulating and celebrating the positive. At least once in a while.

Everybody already knows the world is FUBAR.

Tell us something we don’t know. Like how to rebuild. Tell us about beauty and goodness and truth. Or at least offer critique and assessment and not just feigned outrage. Otherwise, shut up already with the "news of the day" routine.

Don't be like the narcissistic SJW's who subsist by leaching off of the very system they pretend to protest.

Or is it really so much easier (and profitable) to talk about nothing but the inevitability of death rather than the beauty of life?

If you have the ease and comfort in your life to sit around and bitch about how bad things are, then things must not be that bad, for you. Not yet.

It's not enough to know what you are fighting against. Sometimes you need to be reminded of what you are fighting for.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Anti-Racism is Pro-Totalitarianism...

Of course, there’s no such thing as “racism”. The word literally has a million definitions and meanings, and since the definition of definition is definitive, “racism” literally doesn’t exist.

But racism as a rhetorical political tool is used to for only one purpose: the enforcing of a single, monolithic, global police state.

You can see this when globalists use the term “White Supremacist”. It’s a construct that has one hell of a presupposition at it’s base.

Supremacy of what?

If there are hundreds of nations (ethnic groups) living in their own societies by their own customs, laws and cultures then the concept of "racial supremacy” has no meaning.

It’s only when you presuppose that a universal, global, totalitarian state is inevitable that you entertain notions of one group or another fighting for top position within it.

And then the best way to keep such struggle for supremacy from happening is to enforce “multiculturalsim”, “diversity”, race mixing, gay marriage, transgenderism, etc.

Of course the vast majority of human beings do not want to live in such a globalist state.

Most peoples want to live in a society of, and with, their own kind, with their own customs, laws, social mores, cultural traditions, religions and so on.

Those who promote diversity, equality, a world without borders, anti-racism etc, are working towards the enthronement of a hideous global Babylonian system in which all nations are destroyed, the family is destroyed and every single human being on earth will be atomized and hopelessly enslaved.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

In Case Of War With North Korea...

What with that there North Koe-reean feller invading and destroying so many countries around the world, it’s inevitable that good ol’ Murica will be called, (by no less than God himself) to step in and save the day.

Murica must liberate those poor North Korean people who don’t have gay marriage, teen abortion,  Tranny’s on TV, fifty million Mexicans and “refugees” from the middle-east and so on.

Clearly, something has to be done.

Thank God Communist China has our back!!!

And no doubt a war may lead to significant damage to trade ports in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China...

If that were to happen, you wouldn’t be able to buy all of that highly inflated Chinese made crap from Wal-Mart.

In such a case, some sort of lend-lease deal would be needed to help re-build any damaged infrastructure in those east-Asian cities and ports.

Some sort of, oh, I don’t know, trans-pacific-partnership......or something.

Sure the global economy would take a bit of a hit for a few years, but the long term economic benefits from such a paradigm shift to the part of the word that has 4 of the world’s 7 billion consumers - I mean people, would mean massive expansion of top CEO’s portfolios.

But even if there’s no war, such a trans-pacific-partnership might be needed anyway, just to keep the profits. I’m sorry, I mean the peace.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Caged Bird Is Unnatural...

Many people (even those with pet birds) acknowledge the fundamental truth that a caged bird is a tragedy. Birds are meant to fly - to soar through the air with the wings Gnon* has given them. Keeping them caged is unnatural.

But therein the modern, progressive, mind betrays itself.

After all, what is normal? Right?

What is natural?

Is not the entire project of modernized civilization constructed upon the ashes of concepts such as natural and normal?

Is it natural for two men to get married?

Is it natural for a man to dress and act as a woman?

Is it natural for people of different ethnicities or races or classes to marry?

If, as the progressive insists, there is no normal and nature has no law, then a caged bird is no longer a tragedy.


*note: Gnon stands for God of Nature Or Nature

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Wages of Freedom...

Funny how the American version of freedom (inspired by the French and American Revolutions) tends to render everything meaningless.

After all, without “freedom of religion” religion wouldn’t be able to mean absolutely nothing, as it does today.

Freedom allows couples to divorce at a whim and destroy families.

Freedom allows homosexuals to marry and make a mockery of marriage.

Freedom allows mixed-race and mixed ethnic marriages, thus destroying whole nations (a nation is an ethnic group, not a place).

Freedom allows men to put on women’s dresses, mocking and denigrating men and women.

Freedom allows new generations to walk away from their families, their countries, their religions and their cultures and thus renders all of them meaningless.

But of course this freedom can only continue as long as freedom of association is prohibited, as that would be racist and discriminatory -hence the destruction of nations, families, marriage, races, ethnicities, religions and so on, in the name of equality.....and freedom!

Freedom knows know king, and subsequently it knows no father or mother either. And so cultures, faiths, traditions and the very foundations of human society, sustained and nurtured by natural hierarchical authority, are cast aside.

And the wages of freedom?

Look around.

The lust for freedom has set the world ablaze. The fires are spreading. And those not yet consumed in the blaze are choking to death from the smoke.

Freedom? How can a poor pitiful creature like man -bound by mortality and the daily precariousness of his life upon this rock in space, speak of freedom?

What fools we are.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Billy The Kid Was Almost Twenty-Two...

Billy The Kid, the famous/infamous Old West outlaw first gained wider national attention in 1880, when he was 20/21 years old. He was shot (in the dark) and killed by Sheriff Pat Garret a year later in 1881, a couple months shy of his 22 birthday.

Notice something in that brief biography?

Billy THE KID entered the wider national conscience when he was 20 years old.

There has never been a time in history when those under 25 years of age were not considered to be kids -non adults.

And for good reason.

Critical areas of your brain, that involve decision making, do not fully develop until the mid-twenties.

So yes, you can have an opinion at 22, it just won’t be a well informed or personal one.

And even beyond 25, it takes years of experience to be better able to navigate life’s bland intricacies.

But even at that, very, very few have it in them to make critical choices. Which is why leaders are few and great leaders are rare. One shepherd, many sheep. And sheep are dumb.

99.9% of people follow well worn paths in every area of their life, through out their life.

A voting age of 21 was bad enough, but lowering it to 18 was ridiculous. At that point there is no logical argument against lowering it to 2.

And yes, I know, 18 years olds get sent off to fight and die in wars, etc.

Yeah, they do. Because they’re easy to manipulate and use. They’re energetic, naive and have jelly for brains.

As has been pointed out before by others, there is a reason you really don’t see too many 40 year old suicide bombers or genuinely passionate religious/ideological zealots with grey hair.

This is a tough pill for many to swallow, especially those raised in America where platitudes of “individuality” and “choice” have been used by vipers to hypnotize and lure easy prey.

These cheap platitudes about “freedom” and “independence” have also fed into the atomization of people, leaving them unable to defend themselves from invasion and destruction.

You’re not free and you’re not independent. And democracy is the biggest damn con in history.

And robbed of the basic knowledge about basic survival that used to be passed from father to son and via tribal traditions, you are completely defenseless in this wilderness of a world.

In other words, Mr. Roughed Individual, without strong, wise and mighty political and religious leaders from your own people, who rule with a rod or iron, you and your family are in big f*@king trouble.

You can repeat bulls@*t about democracy and “no king but Jesus” all you want, but you only pile more dirt upon your own grave as you do it -much to the glee of the stronger and wiser men who have deceived and ensnared you.

What is happening to the people of the West now is not the result of reckless or foolish leadership -no, it is ritualistic humiliation of a conquered and defeated people -a ritualistic humiliation which precedes mass slaughter -similar to what happened to the Romanov family in the "House of Special Purpose".

“As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”
                                                                                                                       -Isaiah 3:12 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Hank Hanegraaff & North Korea...

What do Hank Hanegraaff and North Korea have in common? They both represent drama-as-news-cycle that I only know about because I occasionally walk into/through a room with a TV on....or happen to here about from every single freakin human being I come into contact with.

Of course “we” have to do something about that North Korea dictator guy. I mean, how many countries has this psychopath attacked and invaded now? Look at what he did to Iraq! And Syria! And Libya! And Yemen! And what about Turkey? Ooops, lets not talk about that. WWIII it is! Yeehaw! Murica Rules!

If you don’t know who Hank Hanegraaff is, do yourself a favor and don’t look into it.

Of course the Bible Answer Man pulling a Judas on Martin Luther by joining that weird wing of Popeless Catholicism known as the Orthodox Church in this, the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, is without a doubt the seventh trumpet of Revelation.

At any rate I always knew the guy had to be a phony. After all, where in the Bible does it use the words “Hank Hanegraaff”?

That’s what I Thought!

Meanwhile a county, city and neighborhood near you is being fundamentally and radically transformed into a third-world hellhole via the largest mass migration of human beings in history.
Your culture, your society and your people are being decimated right before your eyes.
Whites are now just 8% of the world’s population, and dropping.

I wonder what Hank will call his program now that he’s no longer a Bible-aloner?


The Grave Dumb Sin Of Over Analyzing Hypotheticals...

It’s a fine line between making a point and stating the obvious.

The alt-media or alt-right is growing rapidly because it (more often than not) states the obvious, rather than trying to make a point. Memes are a good example of this.

State, or present, the obvious and people will see the point. Try to make a point and you either end up sounding  preachy and sanctimonious or you leave people scratching their heads trying to figure out what your point is.

We don’t always do this, of course, but we do do it.

The left and old right, however, go the “making a point” route exclusively because those damn facts are always ganging up on them and kicking the non-subjective shit out of them.

Whenever a SJW tosses out some pre-packaged Soros-funded talking point disguised as a question, such as, “how would you feel if you were a homeless refugee?”, I always reply that I’d rather ponder how I’d feel if I were a bad-ass warlord with harem full of Victoria’s Secret  supermodels.

Emotionally manipulative hypotheticals are all the left has, but even in that they have to be able to control a very narrow array of hypotheticals, lest reality again invade into their intellectually retarded safe spaces.

Back to the point of this post... there is an element within the new schools of discourse that gets a bit too carried away with unnecessary ponderings on what-if’s and maybe’s, and that, of course, is the neo-reactionary world.

It’s one thing to what-if the present or near-future but the neo-reactionaries have a tendency to what if long range scenarios involving highly complex theoretical and hypothetical overlapping situations, which may or may not evolve given happenstance A B & C developing into an inevitable D E & F.

They tend to go off on long involved rants about the pros and cons of an Aristotelian based nobility ruling over a land based empire, during a a multi-year drought, in the year 4242 AD, and stuff like that.

Granted, it’s sometimes interesting -but only for so far. The Nrx has long been seen as the crazy uncle in the attic of the alt-right for a reason. Occasionally enlightening, but still crazy.

So when someone asks me about the Nrx I always suggest that they not get overly involved with groups who develop complex systems that require multi-leveled hypothetical analyzing to unpack.

Or just think of it like this: treat queries into what a person or group are about like you would a person to whom you ask the basic, simple, question, “What do you want?” The longer it takes them to answer that question the faster you should be backing away and regretting having asked it.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Re-Up (North Korea Is The Free Country)...

Fact: The office of President of the United States has infinitely more power than all of the kings and queens of antiquity combined. “The President", 1789 - ,is an unparalleled beast of a tyrant. Elections = you get to vote on what the tyrant will be called for the next four years. The Tyrant remains the same.

Fact: The colonists had LESS freedom after the Revolution than before. (they also paid higher taxes after ”independence”)

The U.S. Constitution functions towards one end -consolidation (assimilation). It brings every family, neighborhood, town, county and state under one moral, legal, political, ethical, linguistic, religious and economic jurisdiction.

In the colonies, prior to 1776, each village and colony had its own general, but particular, way of life: ethnicity, culture, religion, laws, customs, etc. Villages and colonies defined who and what they were.

After the revolution these peoples no longer had such basic (intrinsic and historical) freedom. The vast project of bringing every village and county under one monolithic federal umbrella had began.

The exaltation of the “individual’s rights” over the colony’s (or village’s) rights commenced.

The end result of the constitution is seen today, wherein one person is “free”, but two or more are not.

One man can call himself Baptist, but a town (a thousand men) cannot call themselves Methodist -because "freedom of religion".

An individual is free to declare himself a homosexual, but a city or county or state is not free to declare themselves heterosexual -because "individual liberty".

No, under the all seeing eye of Uncle Sam there can be no peoples, only individuals. There can be no distinct and particular ethnicities, races, families, tribes, colonies, etc, each with their own customs, laws, traditions and identities.

Such is denounced as racist or discriminatory.

The civil rights act effectively outlawed freedom of association, aka discrimination, which is the cornerstone, not only of freedom, but of nations, cultures and the family itself. (read that again)

The United States is thus ever hungry -ever growing and expanding, insisting that all distinctions be erased. All borders, all religions, all customs and all peoples MUST be consolidated and assimilated into one monolithic social, political and economic state of the individual consumer.

There can be no white nations (or any ethnic nations) or heterosexual families, or Mothers & Fathers, etc.

Is it any wonder then that a country like North Korea, which still has a semblance of independence from the global state and an identity of its own choosing, is seen as such a threat to the powers that be?

How terribly ironic to realize that America is Mordor and North Korea, Iran, Assad’s Syria, Putin’s Russia, etc are the lands of elves and hobbits, holding out against the ever encroaching forces of darkness.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All Over The Map?....

An acquaintance tells me the posts here are “all over the map” in regards to religion. Am I for it or against it?

Well, the world is complicated in it’s inane simplicity.

It’s like people. I have "friends" and family who I can’t stand. Don’t like them at all. Go to a get together with them and have a great time talking and joking around with them and then leave still not liking them and not caring if I ever see them again.

Life’s funny, ain’t it?

Religion has form and function. It’s not merely about the supernatural.

I can argue within theological contexts because I’ve read the texts and have an opinion on them. I can join in a discussion between catholics and protestants over the issue of the’real presence’, for example. I lean toward the protestant view.

And yet, I don’t believe the literal supernatural elements of it.

It’s just like arguing over the nature of Tom Bombadil in ‘Lord Of The Rings’. It’s a discussion that can get pretty heated! Old Tom didn’t really exist and the story is fiction. And yet, discussions and arguments abound. And they can be rather profound. Lessons can be gathered or taught out the story. Inspiration can be found in it.

The neo-atheists who go on about religion being man-made don’t realize how stupid they sound. Of course it’s man-made. So are skyscrapers, rockets, legal systems, languages and so on.

Religions were developed over centuries, by the best educated minds in multiple generations to deal with the complexities of social problems such as law and order, ethics, principles, war and peace, life and death, etc.

These are things neo-atheists take for granted because they are spoiled brats taking the fragile social system they were born into for granted. They have the luxury to fret over things like equality and social justice -concepts that only exist in the tiny bubble of western decadence, bought and sustained by western imperialism, colonialism and global exploitation and domination

So, religion is a social system. It can be critiqued. Parts of it can be embraced while other parts of it can be attacked and rejected.

Remember, the early Christians of Europe moved in on the collapsing Roman Empire and assumed it’s institutions. The Catholic church’s structure is based, directly, on the Roman Senate. The pope is based on the emperor, etc.

And the good ol USA just happens to function on 3 branches of government. And 3 has no significance in Christianity, no, no, no of course not. And it’s not like there are 3 Abrahamic religions that are currently dominating, and destroying, the world.

So, yeah, my primary beef is with the idea of monotheism. The one-god thing.

It’s a very, very, very bad idea that naturally lends itself towards imperialism and globalism.

I won’t go into here, as I have before, but sufficient to say, the one-god of the jews, christians and muslims IS the Dark Lord of Mordor. He is the fictional concept made real via actions based on the idea of there being only the one- one god, one morality, one system of ethics -one race the human race, one government and so on.

The one-god idea is the enemy. He is the usurper and destroyer. He is death and darkness. He is deceit and malice. He is a lie.
And all who follow him ride a mountain of skulls on a river of blood, right into the deepest, darkest pits of hel.

How’s that for dramatic overstatement!

But’s it’s basically true. The one-god premise is an idea concocted by men who worship death and destruction via their thirst to conquer and exploit.

So what religion then?

Religions evolve and move. And if the situation in the middle east ever gets out of hand, the Abrahamic freaks might just take care of themselves for the rest of us.

The idea of  ancestor worship or the elements representing “gods” (read, natural forces personified in a human-like character) seems most natural, to me -if you feel the need to scratch the “spiritual” itch.

The Green Man, or Old Man Winter, or Jack Frost, etc. these are a conception of religious expression that are innate to us.

There is no literal thunder god, but there is thunder!

There are no literal frost giants to threaten us, but danged if frost doesn’t come along every year and kill or stunt the grass, the leaves, the flowers and the gardens.

This is the religion we should base our society and our politics on.

After all, nature doesn’t have a beginning and an end, like the mono-god posits. No, it is cyclical (so to speak), like our “heathen” ancestors observed. Round and round the seasons go. Day follows night, follows day, etc.

In the mean time, we have to deal with what is. And right now religious institutions are run by the one-goders.

All we can do is try to make the best of a bad situation, until the situation changes.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Snake Oil For Atheists...

One great example of how neo-Atheists get snookered by traveling sideshow atheism, making the rest of us look bad, is Bart Ehrman.

This one is almost comical. Ehrman’s whole shtick is that the gospels don’t all align, exactly, on the details of the events which they describe.

Ehrman gets up before a crowd and hammers the podium and shouts things like (and I paraphrase), “did Jesus die at noon or at 3:00 pm? It depends on which gospel you read! Were there 2 people at his grave or 3? It depends on which gospel you read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

His point? Good question.

Do the gospels describe the same basic events? Yes.

Do they vary on the details? Yes, yes they do.

As you would expect, different accounts differ on details. Just ask traffic cops who’ve been to a few accidents in their time. People see and remember things differently. But they usually describe the same general event.

The gospels all tell the same basic tale. A dude named Jesus taught things, had followers, was put to death and then was said to have been seen by some resurrected.

So what exactly is Ehrman’s point?  What is he even arguing?

Ehrman is just doing the classic bait and switch. You see, what he is really arguing about is the subject of supernatural biblical inerrancy, not historical records or accounts.

His selling point is that he is arguing from a professional, secular, historian’s perspective.

But he ain’t.

Biblical inerrancy is a THEOLOGICAL presupposition that addresses the iffy subject of DIVINE (meaning supernatural) inspiration.

Divine inspiration is the suggestion that God (SUPERNATURALLY) inspired the writers of the various books and letters of the bible to write said books and letters.

The relevant and important question is, what exactly does it mean to be inspired by the spirit of God to write? Does it mean men were inspired to write down what they remembered, or does it mean that they were, essentially, possessed by the spirit of God, who used their physical bodies to write things down.

There is no real consensus among believing theologians or laymen on the issue.

And yet.... Ehrman’s entire publishing and speaking career is based upon an argument from a narrow and denominationally-particular presuppositional supernatural construct on what divine inspiration may mean and possibly entails.

In other words, Ehrman is not arguing from a secular historian’s position.

His fundamental arguments about biblical accounts are theological and supernatural based, not historical.

This is why he has run afoul of the Jesus Myth people.

His arguments were never about historical facts, they were about what supernatural inspiration  should or would look like. And absent an appearance by the almighty himself to clear it up, that’s a ridiculously impossible subject that can only ever be wildly speculated about.

And how many of you fell for it?

I would bet that even professional quacks like Pat Robertson aren’t as dogmatic as Ehrman is in regards to the notion of what divine (supernatural) inspiration of ancient texts means and how it worked.

Don’t feel bad though. Live and learn.

Ehrman isn’t alone.

The post-2000 era has seen an endless stream of McAtheists show up and peddle their shitty generic version of the real thing.

Sad thing is they’ve gotten rich doing it. Much like their televangelist counterparts.