Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is America Abandoning Its Values?...

Have you seen this rhetorical question lately?

Let’s go over some basic reality here.

The United States was born out of the 13 colonies. Thirteen British colonies. The critical era of our history was between 1607 and 1707. If you are not descended from British colonists that arrived in that century then you’re not one of “us”.

The American Revolution came over one and half centuries after Jamestown was founded.

And it was a revolution that most colonists wanted nothing to do with. Like all revolutions, it was crafted and led by a small clique of wealthy merchants and bankers who claimed that their “values and ideals” should be everyone’s values and ideals.

America did not begin in 1776, it began in 1607 at Jamestown.

The American identity is an ethnic, biological identity. It is an English/Scottish identity, detached from the homeland and settled in North America. Yes, there were the Dutch and German settlers scattered about too. But they were always seen as outsiders, right up through WWI. However, assimilation and intermarriage was possible with them as they were, genetically, cousins from across the North Sea.

Later immigrants from Ireland and Europe could never assimilate, as they were a bit to distant from us, genetically. So they carved out their own little enclaves across the vast continent and the only thing that held the imposed republic together was commerce and the overarching Anglo-Scottish underpinning (to play at words!).

Nations are not places. Nations are not ideals or value systems or beliefs.

A nation is one thing, and one thing alone, and that is an ethnic group. A specific, particular race of people.

Remember this when you hear those on the left and right talk about “our” values, “our” way of life and “our” freedoms.

Who is “us”?

Beliefs and values are manifestations of genetics. Different peoples will have different values.

The only way a society can change its values is if the people of that society are replaced by another people.

When you hear someone saying, “that’s not our values”, you are hearing one ethnic group manifesting its genetics in contrast to another ethnic group.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Birth Of A Nation...

Whether Trump succeeds or fails in his goals, is irrelevant. The divide in the United States is growing more explicit and overt by the day.

If the opposition acquiesce to him, the divide becomes more pronounced and the end of the Republic is hastened.

If the opposition defy him, the divide becomes more pronounced and the end of the Republic is hastened.

Trump, whether intended or not, has turned the fundamental tactic of “class warfare” back upon the ruling elite who have used it.

This ruling class in America, who are appropriately called ‘the CeauČ™escu Class’, continue to cry foul over the fact that Trump is not telling them what they want to here. He isn’t addressing them.

No, he is addressing the “average Joe”, aka, White Americans. He not only addresses them directly, but associates himself as them. And as he is the President, this symbolism becomes even more intricate. Which is to say, every insult or attempt to de-legitimize him by the CeauČ™escu Class is seen as directed at White America -all 200 million of them. More than that, it is directed against all that is perceived as America: Plymouth, 1776, the Founding Fathers, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Betsy Ross, Mark Twain, Mayberry etc, etc.

Again, whether intentional or not, this is the outcome.

Which is to say, the birth of an explicitly White Nation is happening right now.

Ultimately, where the United States currently resides there will be several nations. One large White Nation of about 200 million Whites (there are about 30 million more in Canada). And then several smaller (and most likely highly dysfunctional) black, Asian and hispanic nations on the periphery.

The new world will, at last, come to look like the old world.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump’s Eight Word-Spell For Victory...

‘Please Don’t Throw Me Into The Briar Patch!’

The business world is a briar patch, and Trump was born and raised in the business world.

And thanks to the rise of the merchant elite over the past few centuries, every facet of society now functions on the principles of a business model.

It’s not simply about “the deal”, it’s also about dominating the situation by causing everyone else to define themselves in relation to you and your wants and goals.

For a year and a half Trump completely dominated the US election cycle in a way no person has before. Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders and Clinton spent all of their time defining themselves as candidates (and as people) via their reaction to Donald Trump.

What did Jeb, Ted or Hillary actually stand for?

Who the hell knows. Their every waking moment was spent explaining how they differed from Donald Trump. Trump turned his opponents into his own walking and talking billboards.

He did the same thing to the media, obviously. In his first press conference of 2017 he reduced the “prestigious press” to a panel on the Jerry Springer show. He completely dominated and humiliated them.

Even the outgoing President, foreign leaders, both political parties and the Pope were forced to partake in defining themselves via Trump.

Thus Donald Trump became the bright center of the solar system and everyone else became  orbiting satellites.

Every protester against Trump is simply reducing themselves to an identity that exists only in relation to Trump.

Or, put another way, Trump is like a new religion. “Polite society” has, over the past century, grown comfortably secluded in its pretense of socio-political agnosticism.

With Trump now the center of the socio-political system, polite society must out themselves as either rabidly atheist or extremist fundamentalist.

And since about less than 1% of “polite society” is actually neutral on issues of politics and social order, that means 99% of “polite society” are now forced to publicly reveal themselves as extremist fundamentalists in their social and political affiliations.

Of course the establishment is terrified of being forced to reveal their true selves this way. They are increasingly forced to become the spectacle of the rabid, foaming at the mouth, extremist ideologue. They are now part of the vulgar, dirty mob.

And what has been their response to this threat of exposure?

Again and again, their plan is to throw Trump into the briar patch.

And again and again, Trump emerges with a big smile on his face, reminding them, once more, “you fools, I was born and raised in a briar patch!”

For our "progressive" elite, not learning from the past is a virtue.

The next four years will be, at the least, fun!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Made America Great...

First off, 'great' is subjective.

What made America America was it’s particular people and their particular ways, not a form of government. Not an ideology. Not a narcissistic notion of "progress".

A nation is an ethnic group and their unique culture, not a form of government.

Americans are people from around the North Sea -especially England and Scotland, but also Holland and northern-Germany.

The American 'Way of Life' was created by these 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestants' to be sure.

It was fashioned, organically, by them and for them and their posterity, exclusively.

Other peoples cannot adapt and assimilate into this way of life. We see this fact all around us in the form of raging mobs and highly dysfunctional minority-majority cities.

And this way of life cannot be exported to the rest of the world. Again, we see that fact unfolding in the world every day, from Iraq to Syria and from Ukraine to Germany.

A nation is an ethnic group, not an ideology, form of government or political system.

Cultures do no pre-exist the people who inhabit them.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Islam Is Not The Problem...

Once again, ideology and/or belief systems do not inform or shape the actions of humans or human society.

Genetics does.

Genetics are the totality of human reality.

Belief systems, ideologies, ethics and morals are manifestations of genetics.

Labels can be used and applied, but the manifestation of a “belief” will always be filtered through DNA.

European and European-Americans are one kind of people. Semites from the middle-east are another kind of people.

How each forms and expresses beliefs and ideologies are pre-determined by Genetics.

There is no such thing as free will.

Gods are created as an expression of different peoples genetic variation.

So the invasion of the south into the north is not a religious issue or ideological conflict. It is a racial issue.

Different races have inherently (genetically predetermined) different morals, ethics, principles, etc.
And different races and ethnicities have inherently, genetically predetermined, different ways of organizing societies, standards of law and order, etc.

This is a fact. An obvious truth gleaned from history and nature.

The closest example of this for those living in the United States are blacks. Blacks speak a variation of English, practice the Christian religion and participate in the same general popular culture as Whites.

And yet, blacks represent a completely different concept and expression of morality, ethics, principles, family norms, social norms and ideas of law and order and social organization.

The same is true of hispanics.

Again, objective reality testifies to the fact that ideology, belief systems, creeds, etc, do not, in any way, affect or inform, human behavior.

Genetics is all.

Demographics is destiny.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Interfering In Elections...

So The One Percent is wailing that another country interfered in their business.

Hello! “Assad must go!” Anybody remember that?

Remember the U.S. bombing the shit out of another country in order to FORCE leadership/policy change?

Remember the Washington establishment DEMANDING that Syria have a new leader that would meet with America’s approval?

Hello!!! IRAQ!

Remember when the One Percent created fake evidence and perpetuated it with fake news in order to justify the destruction of an entire country: had a foreign leader hung, left thousands of U.S. soldiers dead or crippled for life, killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and created ISIS in the process?

And that’s hardly the end of it. The U.S. has, through it’s news organizations, NGO’s and economic hegemony, interfered, overtly, in just about every country’s election process -including it’s own allies, such as France and Germany.

And now these evil bastards are actually bitching that Russia interfered in an American election by
a. revealing actual, real crimes committed by the DNC
b. running news stories that were critical of the Obama regime’s policies.

Yes that’s right. The primary complaint of the One Percent and their intelligence agencies is that Russian news agencies and private web sites ran stories that did not praise American foreign policy.

Can you believe that?!

That would be like Pepsi charging Coke with interfering in their sales because Coke only runs commercials for Coke.

This is the last, desperate whimper of our snowflake elite.

It’s almost infuriating in its hypocrisy, yet tragically comic in it’s patheticness.

Exposed for what they are, we find our world conquering elites to be nothing more that insufferable brats.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Liberalism Is Totalitarian...

Has there ever been a liberal/progressive policy that was not made law through autocratic fiat?

No. There hasn’t.

Activism is, by its own nature, autocratic and authoritarian and VERY un-democratic, in the truest sense of democracy.

And democracy must always be externally engendered and enforced upon peoples to begin with!

Activism is the shrill scream of a minority, or even single person, demanding the rest of the world conform to their wants and wishes; to their notion of right & wrong.

Not only that, it is an incredible manifestation of hubris  for anyone to consider themselves wise enough in their own conceit to overturn social structures and norms that have stood for all of recorded history.

But of course this is the “activist”, the social justice warrior -the special snowflake for whom the world has been waiting for since the dawn of time to come along and tell us all how it should all be (and how it should have always been).

And where they cannot bypass the will of the people to enforce their ideology with the force of the state, they revert to the demand of expectation; the, “why aren’t there more non-Whites there” type of shriek, in which the implication is that their own expectation for how things should be should be the ethical and moral measuring rod all others MUST submit too.

As such, their expressions in art, politics, sports, culture, etc. are always a demand of expectation.

The activist is never the humble servant, but always the plotting rebel. Never content, but rather always contrary to all else.

In other words, the leftist/SJW/activist is always selfish, deceptive and destructive -in all times and in all places.

And the only solution for their expectations is absolute power and the totalitarian instruments to wield it.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Family Tree. “Does It Matter?”...

I’ve done extensive family history for my own and other families. Most are curious, some exited and others hesitant (cans of worms are found under roots!).

There are always those vocal few who ask, “does it matter?”. Who cares who great--great-great- great grandpa was or where he came from or what he did?

I always answer back, “it’s part of your story, or, rather, the story you are a part of.”

It takes a special kind of self-aggrandizement to see one’s self as being independent of, and disconnected from, your lineage and, subsequently, your posterity.

Basically it’s nihilism.

But it’s nihilism dressed up as an ideology of enlightened thinking; of rising above the petty concerns of history, tradition, culture, race, family, etc.

Of course when you are young you take things for granted and tend to be self absorbed. But as you mature you either see the importance and beauty of tradition and heritage or you fall prey to the delusion of atomized existence.

You are not now, nor have you ever been, nor can you ever be, “independent”.

You are one indiscernible link in a chain that runs ten thousand miles long.

Or perhaps better stated, you are one minor character in a story that is only half way through.
Without all the story which came before you, you have no identity,  place or purpose.