Sunday, January 8, 2017

Interfering In Elections...

So The One Percent is wailing that another country interfered in their business.

Hello! “Assad must go!” Anybody remember that?

Remember the U.S. bombing the shit out of another country in order to FORCE leadership/policy change?

Remember the Washington establishment DEMANDING that Syria have a new leader that would meet with America’s approval?

Hello!!! IRAQ!

Remember when the One Percent created fake evidence and perpetuated it with fake news in order to justify the destruction of an entire country: had a foreign leader hung, left thousands of U.S. soldiers dead or crippled for life, killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and created ISIS in the process?

And that’s hardly the end of it. The U.S. has, through it’s news organizations, NGO’s and economic hegemony, interfered, overtly, in just about every country’s election process -including it’s own allies, such as France and Germany.

And now these evil bastards are actually bitching that Russia interfered in an American election by
a. revealing actual, real crimes committed by the DNC
b. running news stories that were critical of the Obama regime’s policies.

Yes that’s right. The primary complaint of the One Percent and their intelligence agencies is that Russian news agencies and private web sites ran stories that did not praise American foreign policy.

Can you believe that?!

That would be like Pepsi charging Coke with interfering in their sales because Coke only runs commercials for Coke.

This is the last, desperate whimper of our snowflake elite.

It’s almost infuriating in its hypocrisy, yet tragically comic in it’s patheticness.

Exposed for what they are, we find our world conquering elites to be nothing more that insufferable brats.