Friday, January 13, 2017

Islam Is Not The Problem...

Once again, ideology and/or belief systems do not inform or shape the actions of humans or human society.

Genetics does.

Genetics are the totality of human reality.

Belief systems, ideologies, ethics and morals are manifestations of genetics.

Labels can be used and applied, but the manifestation of a “belief” will always be filtered through DNA.

European and European-Americans are one kind of people. Semites from the middle-east are another kind of people.

How each forms and expresses beliefs and ideologies are pre-determined by Genetics.

There is no such thing as free will.

Gods are created as an expression of different peoples genetic variation.

So the invasion of the south into the north is not a religious issue or ideological conflict. It is a racial issue.

Different races have inherently (genetically predetermined) different morals, ethics, principles, etc.
And different races and ethnicities have inherently, genetically predetermined, different ways of organizing societies, standards of law and order, etc.

This is a fact. An obvious truth gleaned from history and nature.

The closest example of this for those living in the United States are blacks. Blacks speak a variation of English, practice the Christian religion and participate in the same general popular culture as Whites.

And yet, blacks represent a completely different concept and expression of morality, ethics, principles, family norms, social norms and ideas of law and order and social organization.

The same is true of hispanics.

Again, objective reality testifies to the fact that ideology, belief systems, creeds, etc, do not, in any way, affect or inform, human behavior.

Genetics is all.

Demographics is destiny.