Saturday, January 7, 2017

Liberalism Is Totalitarian...

Has there ever been a liberal/progressive policy that was not made law through autocratic fiat?

No. There hasn’t.

Activism is, by its own nature, autocratic and authoritarian and VERY un-democratic, in the truest sense of democracy.

And democracy must always be externally engendered and enforced upon peoples to begin with!

Activism is the shrill scream of a minority, or even single person, demanding the rest of the world conform to their wants and wishes; to their notion of right & wrong.

Not only that, it is an incredible manifestation of hubris  for anyone to consider themselves wise enough in their own conceit to overturn social structures and norms that have stood for all of recorded history.

But of course this is the “activist”, the social justice warrior -the special snowflake for whom the world has been waiting for since the dawn of time to come along and tell us all how it should all be (and how it should have always been).

And where they cannot bypass the will of the people to enforce their ideology with the force of the state, they revert to the demand of expectation; the, “why aren’t there more non-Whites there” type of shriek, in which the implication is that their own expectation for how things should be should be the ethical and moral measuring rod all others MUST submit too.

As such, their expressions in art, politics, sports, culture, etc. are always a demand of expectation.

The activist is never the humble servant, but always the plotting rebel. Never content, but rather always contrary to all else.

In other words, the leftist/SJW/activist is always selfish, deceptive and destructive -in all times and in all places.

And the only solution for their expectations is absolute power and the totalitarian instruments to wield it.