Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Birth Of A Nation...

Whether Trump succeeds or fails in his goals, is irrelevant. The divide in the United States is growing more explicit and overt by the day.

If the opposition acquiesce to him, the divide becomes more pronounced and the end of the Republic is hastened.

If the opposition defy him, the divide becomes more pronounced and the end of the Republic is hastened.

Trump, whether intended or not, has turned the fundamental tactic of “class warfare” back upon the ruling elite who have used it.

This ruling class in America, who are appropriately called ‘the CeauČ™escu Class’, continue to cry foul over the fact that Trump is not telling them what they want to here. He isn’t addressing them.

No, he is addressing the “average Joe”, aka, White Americans. He not only addresses them directly, but associates himself as them. And as he is the President, this symbolism becomes even more intricate. Which is to say, every insult or attempt to de-legitimize him by the CeauČ™escu Class is seen as directed at White America -all 200 million of them. More than that, it is directed against all that is perceived as America: Plymouth, 1776, the Founding Fathers, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Betsy Ross, Mark Twain, Mayberry etc, etc.

Again, whether intentional or not, this is the outcome.

Which is to say, the birth of an explicitly White Nation is happening right now.

Ultimately, where the United States currently resides there will be several nations. One large White Nation of about 200 million Whites (there are about 30 million more in Canada). And then several smaller (and most likely highly dysfunctional) black, Asian and hispanic nations on the periphery.

The new world will, at last, come to look like the old world.