Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump’s Eight Word-Spell For Victory...

‘Please Don’t Throw Me Into The Briar Patch!’

The business world is a briar patch, and Trump was born and raised in the business world.

And thanks to the rise of the merchant elite over the past few centuries, every facet of society now functions on the principles of a business model.

It’s not simply about “the deal”, it’s also about dominating the situation by causing everyone else to define themselves in relation to you and your wants and goals.

For a year and a half Trump completely dominated the US election cycle in a way no person has before. Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders and Clinton spent all of their time defining themselves as candidates (and as people) via their reaction to Donald Trump.

What did Jeb, Ted or Hillary actually stand for?

Who the hell knows. Their every waking moment was spent explaining how they differed from Donald Trump. Trump turned his opponents into his own walking and talking billboards.

He did the same thing to the media, obviously. In his first press conference of 2017 he reduced the “prestigious press” to a panel on the Jerry Springer show. He completely dominated and humiliated them.

Even the outgoing President, foreign leaders, both political parties and the Pope were forced to partake in defining themselves via Trump.

Thus Donald Trump became the bright center of the solar system and everyone else became  orbiting satellites.

Every protester against Trump is simply reducing themselves to an identity that exists only in relation to Trump.

Or, put another way, Trump is like a new religion. “Polite society” has, over the past century, grown comfortably secluded in its pretense of socio-political agnosticism.

With Trump now the center of the socio-political system, polite society must out themselves as either rabidly atheist or extremist fundamentalist.

And since about less than 1% of “polite society” is actually neutral on issues of politics and social order, that means 99% of “polite society” are now forced to publicly reveal themselves as extremist fundamentalists in their social and political affiliations.

Of course the establishment is terrified of being forced to reveal their true selves this way. They are increasingly forced to become the spectacle of the rabid, foaming at the mouth, extremist ideologue. They are now part of the vulgar, dirty mob.

And what has been their response to this threat of exposure?

Again and again, their plan is to throw Trump into the briar patch.

And again and again, Trump emerges with a big smile on his face, reminding them, once more, “you fools, I was born and raised in a briar patch!”

For our "progressive" elite, not learning from the past is a virtue.

The next four years will be, at the least, fun!