Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Made America Great...

First off, 'great' is subjective.

What made America America was it’s particular people and their particular ways, not a form of government. Not an ideology. Not a narcissistic notion of "progress".

A nation is an ethnic group and their unique culture, not a form of government.

Americans are people from around the North Sea -especially England and Scotland, but also Holland and northern-Germany.

The American 'Way of Life' was created by these 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestants' to be sure.

It was fashioned, organically, by them and for them and their posterity, exclusively.

Other peoples cannot adapt and assimilate into this way of life. We see this fact all around us in the form of raging mobs and highly dysfunctional minority-majority cities.

And this way of life cannot be exported to the rest of the world. Again, we see that fact unfolding in the world every day, from Iraq to Syria and from Ukraine to Germany.

A nation is an ethnic group, not an ideology, form of government or political system.

Cultures do no pre-exist the people who inhabit them.