Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is Gay The New Divorce?...

Apparently Milo Xilopenopherous, or whatever the hell his last name is, has been invited to speak at some conservative get-together.

Now I don’t really go in for politics and could care less for Milo, but I saw this story at one of the few remaining web sites that allow comments.

Among the commenters there was one fellow in particular who was all indignant about the whole ordeal. He kept incessantly asking, “is homosexuality conservative?” or some variation thereof.

Of course the answer is, no.

But then so what?

Is divorce conservative? No. No, it isn’t.

Is “family planning” and using contraceptives conservative? No. No, it isn’t.

Remember those issues, conservatives?

To say nothing of class structures and gender roles.

If you participate in, or grudgingly approve of, divorce or contraception, under any circumstance, then you can, in no way, consider your self conservative.

Sorry. You’re just another extremist agitator against societal norms.

See how f@*ked up things are.

It’s a little late to strut around signaling your virtue.

Conservative principles didn’t survive the great 20th century culture war.

Right now we're reduced to trying to survive physically. And dead people don’t bicker over principles.

If we somehow manage to physically survive the current onslaught (which is escalating exponentially by the week), then one day our great-great grandkids might be able to sit around in peace and pontificate on ethics and society.

Until then, we’re literally to the point of fighting just to survive.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Christianity’s Fem-Men Leaders...

A proposed solution to this problem.

I’ve not paid a lot of attention to official Christianity Inc. in the past few years, yet perusing the landscape of the “kingdom” I discovered its trajectory was right where I expected it to be.

Namely, the preponderance of lisping, fey “men” who now make up 100% of SBC/evangelical/bible-believing leadership.

And I’m not saying they’re fey and effeminate to be hyperbolic.

No, literally, they tend to be thin, delicate, fem-men who preen and gesture like a woman or they’re pudgy, dough-faced invertebrates who actually do lisp.

That, or they are the ridiculous virtue signaling ministers with the tattoos and edgy fashion sense -because there’s nothing more sincere than pandering to 16 year-olds, and only 16 year-olds. 

Now whereas the bible does insist that church leaders be married to only one wife and have a good reputation, it no where proscribes communities from having cultural standards of its own in regards to who puts themselves forward as leaders and teachers, religious or secular.

So what I recommend is that anyone who wishes to elect themselves leaders or teachers of men, should have to earn that position. And the tried and true way of doing this has always been to fight for the top spot. Physically.


 Not to the death, though.

No, but any would-be minister or preacher should have to fight the toughest and meanest men in any community in which they wish to preach or teach.

If they can’t defeat any and every man in that community in a physical brawl, then they have no right to teach or preach.

If they aren’t willing to fight, then they must sit down and shut up.

This is not some “barbarian" suggestion.

Nature works.

Men who are the biggest and strongest and most fearless do indeed make the best leaders. And the societies they lead tend to be the safest and most stable.

History shows this to be true.

It also shows that when this metric is abandoned for a more “nuanced” and “civilized” and “democratic” approach, degradation, decadence and horrific societal collapse follows.

Much like what is happening right now.

And yes, Jesus never got into a brawl to earn the right to teach, etc. But then again he never got married either, now did he.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

There Is No Such Thing As Free Will...

In any discussion about society, the rule of law, culture, behavior, government, race, etc, it must always be remembered that there is no such thing as freewill.

Creeds, religions and ideologies do not shape human beings or affect human behavior.

A person will choose A or B, but the how and why he will choose, is determined by his genetics. And, subsequently, what he does with A or B will be determined by his genetics.

The concept of freewill has always been tossed around in the West, but it has never formally been acknowledged as real or relevant.

People do what they do because of what they are.


A horse-thief was not sentenced to be hung because he stole a horse. No, he was hung because he was a horse-thief.

In other words, he stole the horse because he was a horse-thief.

One does not become a thief by stealing. No, one steals because he is a thief.

Ditto murder, rape, arson, etc.

Murderers kill people. Rapists rape. Arsonist burn things.

Again, this has always been understood.

The denial of it by some reflects random genetic variation or defect. Much as with horse-thieves.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

When It All Starts To Fall Apart...

Well, first off, the machinery, the bureaucracy, will not just fall apart. It will attempt to mutate into something else to survive. That’s the biggest danger and the gravest threat.

Remember that the United States is a global nexus.

For example, the State Department alone has an annual budget in excess of over 60 billion dollars. It has tens of thousands of employees all over the world, many of whom have been working for it for decades. It is ingrained and entangled into the affairs of governments all over the world, including their militaries, industry, finance, justice, educational establishments, crime syndicates and so on.

Ditto the NSA, the Pentagon, the FBI, Justice Department etc, all of which essentially function as independent global powers, influencing (or attempting to influence) the lives of every single human being on earth, all the while manipulating and interacting with powerful people at ever level of society.

This is also why you hear so much about “the courts”. The legal system in America -from the prison system, to law enforcement, to social workers, to lawyers, to the Supreme Court,etc, is a 100 billion + industry, whose actions carry ramifications across the globe.

Yes, for a lack of a better term, America is The Beast.

And as America has entangled itself into the corporate business, governmental and private affairs of every nation on earth, you can better your bottom dollar those nations make it their business to entangle themselves into America. They must.


America could indeed fall apart. No doubt about it. And, if history be a guide, it will fall apart.
It’s inevitable.

And yet,

The bureaucracy will indeed attempt to mutate to survive. It’s happened before. The collapsing Roman Empire mutated into the Roman Catholic Church.

And today, with the mass migration of the south into the north, Washington D.C. is likely to become the capital of the global Holy Caliphate Republic, in the 21st century.

So yes, when it all starts to fall apart is when it will begin to mutate into a new, more terrifying beast.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Technological Progress Or Scam?....

Why is it mechanical technology has become more bulky and complex, not less?

For example,

Compare the upkeep (and tools) needed to keep a  Model-T working to any automobile made within the past 30 years.

There is no comparison.

Anyone could keep a Model-T running. And all you needed was a screw driver, a wrench and a hammer.

Modern cars? Have you ever worked on one? If not, ask a mechanic how increasingly difficult it is to keep up with new car problems and glitches and, subsequently, tools. Ask him what the life cycle is on a new car. (ditto appliance repairmen and modern appliances)

Think of the added cost of a GPS system for your car vs. a fold-up paper map that fits in your glove box!

A modern automobile also weighs around 4 to 5 times more than the first cars.

It’s also interesting to look at a photo of a street in America from the 1930‘s and 40‘s. Cars and trucks were aesthetically pleasing and painted in bright blues, yellows, reds, greens, etc. It looks like something from a fairy-tale compared to today’s Mordor-esque incarnation of mainstreet.

So let’s see, modern cars are bigger, uglier, bulkier, more needlessly complicated and thus more expensive to maintain and repair, use more gas on average and have a much shorter life cycle.

This is advancement? This is progress?

Actually, this would seem to be going in the opposite direction. At this rate, by 2050 cars will be made out of rocks and be fueled by coal furnaces.

I thought about this during the past summer when the weed-eater broke down and I resorted to an old scythe and clippers to finish the trimming.

Weed-eater upkeep: gas, oil, spark plugs, lots of string and inevitable problems with gas-feed, etc.

Sickle/Scythe/Clippers upkeep: keep the blades sharp. Occasional handle split.

So again, which one represents technological progress?

Which one requires more time, cost and upkeep?

It’s especially comical when you consider that you can reach down with your hand and pull up grass and weeds.

You can apply this to just about everything in your life. About 99% of modern technology is actually bulky, expensive, consumer products you don’t need and which represent a step backwards in the very principle of, Tools.

Actually, when you think about it, the vast majority of technology today functions to turn the consumer into the tool.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Religion Doesn't Cause Wars.

Religion doesn't cause wars.

And science does not lead to better understanding.

Ideology, belief, faith, knowledge, education, etc are all subject to genetics.

Belief does not cause people to act a certain way. DNA does.

We are now at the end of the age of ideology, which came right after the age of faith. Both ages were dominated by zealous nuts who believed that how people think, or believe, could affect their behavior.

In the Faith Age, faith was abstract. If you comprehended dogma right, you were saved and if not you were damned.
 It was simply mathematics. If you could calculate the formula in your head, heaven. If not, hell.

It was sin (wrong thinking) that held mankind in darkness.

In the Ideological Age it was a matter of proper education. It was ignorance that held mankind in darkness and salvation was attained via information and understanding.

For the theists it was ignorance of God that led to peoples living like barbarians.

For the Ideologue it is ignorance in general that leads peoples to living third world level existences.

The cold hard bitch of a truth is, that it is genetics that determine it all.

Jesus isn't coming back and there is no such thing as human progress.

Belief systems manifest via genetics. How and why a people will believe what they will is determined by genetics. It’s not a choice. Which is why every race and ethnic group has a Jesus made in their own image, or an idea of civilization that fits their genetic disposition.

Ditto education.
How education is approached, utilized and conceptualized will be determined by genetics.

The radical muslim extremist and the redneck klansman can both graduate from Harvard or Yale and yet the experience will not alter their future behavior.

Because, again, it is not belief, ideology, education or experience that affects how people will behave. Only genetics does.

And yes, even those who’ve had a ‘road to Damascus’ type of transformation are themselves exhibiting genetic particularities, or defects.

So yes, it must be argued that the past ages wherein first faith, then ideology, came to dominate society, represent the temporary victory of those possessing a genetic mutation, which caused them to act out in such destructive ways.

The Age of Faith and the Age of Ideology left millions dead and the world in ashes. A handful of genetically defective people caused a hell of lot of misery.

There is no heaven. And there is no progress.

We are what we are. We are born, eat, shit, procreate and die exactly the same way humans have for many thousands of years, and will go on doing for many thousands of years yet to come. Beliefs and education have not changed this at all.

The future is neither dystopian nor utopian. No, it will just be more of the same, till the end of time.


Friday, February 3, 2017

America As Russia?...

Exactly one hundred years ago, in March of 1917,  a cabal of internationalist bankers and merchants coerced the Czar of Russia to abdicate. They had financed various revolutionary groups who spread chaos across Russia, destabilizing society. They pressured the Czar to step down, convincing him it was the only way to prevent a civil war that would rip the country apart.

The Duma (the senate) facilitated an interim government of liberal and socialist factions. All very democratic.

It lasted till October.

By October the most extreme of the revolutionary groups, the Bolsheviks, had brought the country to disaster via protests and supply-line disruptions, and then they marched on the capital, St. Petersburg, and seized power, offering themselves as the solution to the problems they had created.

The military, like the rest of society, was split. Some fought against the Bolsheviks, while others, surprisingly, joined them, becoming their most zealous enforcers. Many people were shocked at how fast these soldiers turned from patriots defending their country to revolutionaries mass murdering peasants. Ditto the police.

The Bolsheviks also had the support of a large number of twenty-somethings, especially at universities, where radical ideology had become the best way to virtue signal your superiority to the ignorant rubes.

They also had overwhelming support from most of the press as well as outside support from bankers and financiers in Britain, Germany and America.

It was the peasants (rural people) who opposed them. These people lived in what we might today call, ‘Flyover country’.

They were stubbornly conservative and traditional in their values and customs.

An estimated 30 million of them would be murdered by the Bolshevik revolutionaries in the decades to come.

The Czar, his wife, five children and four servants were brutally murdered in the basement of house known as “the house of special purpose”.

And all of this was done in the name of freedom, equality and social justice.

Funny, that in the west-Asian mythology of Genesis, Satan’s rallying cry in the Garden of Eden was also, ‘Freedom and Equality’.

Now could this same scenario play out in America in 2017?

Yes it could. The circumstances are eerily similar.

There are, however, wildcards, such as the alternative media, via the Internet.

Still history does repeat itself. And the Russian peasants in early 1917 could never have imagined the fate that soon awaited them.