Friday, February 3, 2017

America As Russia?...

Exactly one hundred years ago, in March of 1917,  a cabal of internationalist bankers and merchants coerced the Czar of Russia to abdicate. They had financed various revolutionary groups who spread chaos across Russia, destabilizing society. They pressured the Czar to step down, convincing him it was the only way to prevent a civil war that would rip the country apart.

The Duma (the senate) facilitated an interim government of liberal and socialist factions. All very democratic.

It lasted till October.

By October the most extreme of the revolutionary groups, the Bolsheviks, had brought the country to disaster via protests and supply-line disruptions, and then they marched on the capital, St. Petersburg, and seized power, offering themselves as the solution to the problems they had created.

The military, like the rest of society, was split. Some fought against the Bolsheviks, while others, surprisingly, joined them, becoming their most zealous enforcers. Many people were shocked at how fast these soldiers turned from patriots defending their country to revolutionaries mass murdering peasants. Ditto the police.

The Bolsheviks also had the support of a large number of twenty-somethings, especially at universities, where radical ideology had become the best way to virtue signal your superiority to the ignorant rubes.

They also had overwhelming support from most of the press as well as outside support from bankers and financiers in Britain, Germany and America.

It was the peasants (rural people) who opposed them. These people lived in what we might today call, ‘Flyover country’.

They were stubbornly conservative and traditional in their values and customs.

An estimated 30 million of them would be murdered by the Bolshevik revolutionaries in the decades to come.

The Czar, his wife, five children and four servants were brutally murdered in the basement of house known as “the house of special purpose”.

And all of this was done in the name of freedom, equality and social justice.

Funny, that in the west-Asian mythology of Genesis, Satan’s rallying cry in the Garden of Eden was also, ‘Freedom and Equality’.

Now could this same scenario play out in America in 2017?

Yes it could. The circumstances are eerily similar.

There are, however, wildcards, such as the alternative media, via the Internet.

Still history does repeat itself. And the Russian peasants in early 1917 could never have imagined the fate that soon awaited them.