Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Christianity’s Fem-Men Leaders...

A proposed solution to this problem.

I’ve not paid a lot of attention to official Christianity Inc. in the past few years, yet perusing the landscape of the “kingdom” I discovered its trajectory was right where I expected it to be.

Namely, the preponderance of lisping, fey “men” who now make up 100% of SBC/evangelical/bible-believing leadership.

And I’m not saying they’re fey and effeminate to be hyperbolic.

No, literally, they tend to be thin, delicate, fem-men who preen and gesture like a woman or they’re pudgy, dough-faced invertebrates who actually do lisp.

That, or they are the ridiculous virtue signaling ministers with the tattoos and edgy fashion sense -because there’s nothing more sincere than pandering to 16 year-olds, and only 16 year-olds. 

Now whereas the bible does insist that church leaders be married to only one wife and have a good reputation, it no where proscribes communities from having cultural standards of its own in regards to who puts themselves forward as leaders and teachers, religious or secular.

So what I recommend is that anyone who wishes to elect themselves leaders or teachers of men, should have to earn that position. And the tried and true way of doing this has always been to fight for the top spot. Physically.


 Not to the death, though.

No, but any would-be minister or preacher should have to fight the toughest and meanest men in any community in which they wish to preach or teach.

If they can’t defeat any and every man in that community in a physical brawl, then they have no right to teach or preach.

If they aren’t willing to fight, then they must sit down and shut up.

This is not some “barbarian" suggestion.

Nature works.

Men who are the biggest and strongest and most fearless do indeed make the best leaders. And the societies they lead tend to be the safest and most stable.

History shows this to be true.

It also shows that when this metric is abandoned for a more “nuanced” and “civilized” and “democratic” approach, degradation, decadence and horrific societal collapse follows.

Much like what is happening right now.

And yes, Jesus never got into a brawl to earn the right to teach, etc. But then again he never got married either, now did he.