Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is Gay The New Divorce?...

Apparently Milo Xilopenopherous, or whatever the hell his last name is, has been invited to speak at some conservative get-together.

Now I don’t really go in for politics and could care less for Milo, but I saw this story at one of the few remaining web sites that allow comments.

Among the commenters there was one fellow in particular who was all indignant about the whole ordeal. He kept incessantly asking, “is homosexuality conservative?” or some variation thereof.

Of course the answer is, no.

But then so what?

Is divorce conservative? No. No, it isn’t.

Is “family planning” and using contraceptives conservative? No. No, it isn’t.

Remember those issues, conservatives?

To say nothing of class structures and gender roles.

If you participate in, or grudgingly approve of, divorce or contraception, under any circumstance, then you can, in no way, consider your self conservative.

Sorry. You’re just another extremist agitator against societal norms.

See how f@*ked up things are.

It’s a little late to strut around signaling your virtue.

Conservative principles didn’t survive the great 20th century culture war.

Right now we're reduced to trying to survive physically. And dead people don’t bicker over principles.

If we somehow manage to physically survive the current onslaught (which is escalating exponentially by the week), then one day our great-great grandkids might be able to sit around in peace and pontificate on ethics and society.

Until then, we’re literally to the point of fighting just to survive.