Saturday, February 4, 2017

Religion Doesn't Cause Wars.

Religion doesn't cause wars.

And science does not lead to better understanding.

Ideology, belief, faith, knowledge, education, etc are all subject to genetics.

Belief does not cause people to act a certain way. DNA does.

We are now at the end of the age of ideology, which came right after the age of faith. Both ages were dominated by zealous nuts who believed that how people think, or believe, could affect their behavior.

In the Faith Age, faith was abstract. If you comprehended dogma right, you were saved and if not you were damned.
 It was simply mathematics. If you could calculate the formula in your head, heaven. If not, hell.

It was sin (wrong thinking) that held mankind in darkness.

In the Ideological Age it was a matter of proper education. It was ignorance that held mankind in darkness and salvation was attained via information and understanding.

For the theists it was ignorance of God that led to peoples living like barbarians.

For the Ideologue it is ignorance in general that leads peoples to living third world level existences.

The cold hard bitch of a truth is, that it is genetics that determine it all.

Jesus isn't coming back and there is no such thing as human progress.

Belief systems manifest via genetics. How and why a people will believe what they will is determined by genetics. It’s not a choice. Which is why every race and ethnic group has a Jesus made in their own image, or an idea of civilization that fits their genetic disposition.

Ditto education.
How education is approached, utilized and conceptualized will be determined by genetics.

The radical muslim extremist and the redneck klansman can both graduate from Harvard or Yale and yet the experience will not alter their future behavior.

Because, again, it is not belief, ideology, education or experience that affects how people will behave. Only genetics does.

And yes, even those who’ve had a ‘road to Damascus’ type of transformation are themselves exhibiting genetic particularities, or defects.

So yes, it must be argued that the past ages wherein first faith, then ideology, came to dominate society, represent the temporary victory of those possessing a genetic mutation, which caused them to act out in such destructive ways.

The Age of Faith and the Age of Ideology left millions dead and the world in ashes. A handful of genetically defective people caused a hell of lot of misery.

There is no heaven. And there is no progress.

We are what we are. We are born, eat, shit, procreate and die exactly the same way humans have for many thousands of years, and will go on doing for many thousands of years yet to come. Beliefs and education have not changed this at all.

The future is neither dystopian nor utopian. No, it will just be more of the same, till the end of time.