Sunday, February 12, 2017

There Is No Such Thing As Free Will...

In any discussion about society, the rule of law, culture, behavior, government, race, etc, it must always be remembered that there is no such thing as freewill.

Creeds, religions and ideologies do not shape human beings or affect human behavior.

A person will choose A or B, but the how and why he will choose, is determined by his genetics. And, subsequently, what he does with A or B will be determined by his genetics.

The concept of freewill has always been tossed around in the West, but it has never formally been acknowledged as real or relevant.

People do what they do because of what they are.


A horse-thief was not sentenced to be hung because he stole a horse. No, he was hung because he was a horse-thief.

In other words, he stole the horse because he was a horse-thief.

One does not become a thief by stealing. No, one steals because he is a thief.

Ditto murder, rape, arson, etc.

Murderers kill people. Rapists rape. Arsonist burn things.

Again, this has always been understood.

The denial of it by some reflects random genetic variation or defect. Much as with horse-thieves.