Thursday, February 9, 2017

When It All Starts To Fall Apart...

Well, first off, the machinery, the bureaucracy, will not just fall apart. It will attempt to mutate into something else to survive. That’s the biggest danger and the gravest threat.

Remember that the United States is a global nexus.

For example, the State Department alone has an annual budget in excess of over 60 billion dollars. It has tens of thousands of employees all over the world, many of whom have been working for it for decades. It is ingrained and entangled into the affairs of governments all over the world, including their militaries, industry, finance, justice, educational establishments, crime syndicates and so on.

Ditto the NSA, the Pentagon, the FBI, Justice Department etc, all of which essentially function as independent global powers, influencing (or attempting to influence) the lives of every single human being on earth, all the while manipulating and interacting with powerful people at ever level of society.

This is also why you hear so much about “the courts”. The legal system in America -from the prison system, to law enforcement, to social workers, to lawyers, to the Supreme Court,etc, is a 100 billion + industry, whose actions carry ramifications across the globe.

Yes, for a lack of a better term, America is The Beast.

And as America has entangled itself into the corporate business, governmental and private affairs of every nation on earth, you can better your bottom dollar those nations make it their business to entangle themselves into America. They must.


America could indeed fall apart. No doubt about it. And, if history be a guide, it will fall apart.
It’s inevitable.

And yet,

The bureaucracy will indeed attempt to mutate to survive. It’s happened before. The collapsing Roman Empire mutated into the Roman Catholic Church.

And today, with the mass migration of the south into the north, Washington D.C. is likely to become the capital of the global Holy Caliphate Republic, in the 21st century.

So yes, when it all starts to fall apart is when it will begin to mutate into a new, more terrifying beast.