Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Commies For Capitalism....

Is it really so surprising that global, capitalist, corporations promote (and enforce) communism?

Both systems, ultimately, ‘exalt the individual and glorify the self’.

Whatever pretense to an appeal towards a “community” or “movement” is to be made, there must first be the pandering or preaching to the individual to “encourage” him to support said community/movement.

It’s no different than marketing a car to you...for the family.

On the one hand we here platitudes about individualism and personal choice, etc. But on the other hand we here platitudes about mankind and humanity and “we” and “us”, etc.

The thing is, we are always on the receiving end of this bombardment. It’s never innate. It’s always an external stimuli via media, government, religion, etc. And it’s hardly a secret that media, government and religion are patrons of corporations. Or, if could be said that corporations are the muse of media, government and religion.

Capitalism vs. Communism. Democracy vs. Dictatorship. Left vs. Right. Etc. They’e two sides of the same, post-enlightenment, post-industrial, coin.

A hideous beast was created when the Enlightenment copulated with the Industrial Revolution.

For the past two and a half centuries various merchants have vied for the glory to mount and steer the wretched creature, even as it rampaged across the world leaving death and terror in its wake.

The world doesn’t need another Adam Smith or Vladimir Lenin or Ronald Reagan or Thomas Edison or George Washington.

We need Saint George.