Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Immigration & Transvestitism...

The two issues go hand-in-hand.

Is America a nation? Can anybody become American? Can a man become a woman or a woman a man?

Do you see the problem with the notion that identity is a choice?

All down thought time, a nation was always and only a biological -ethnic/racial- reality.

A nation was never a place or a form of government. It was a biological unit. Period.

Yes, nations often had lands of their own, and on rare occasions had their own own governments.

But the land was generally named after the particular people (the nation) who occupied it or the particular people who lived there came to be also synonymous with the land’s name. Britain was the name of the Island, but the inhabitants were English, Welsh, Scottish, Cornish, etc. Sometimes they are collectively called ‘British’, but it’s usually not appreciated or considered a slander or insult.

And peoples sometimes moved over large distances, yet retained their nationality. The Goths moved into, and some became citizens of, Rome. Yet they remained Goths. And much later they attacked their host because (among other reasons) their host was not them. Similar situations have occurred all over the world down through the centuries.

The trouble with America is that it was never a nation. It was a business set up by bankers and merchants who dragged an unsupportive population into their revolution. A revolution that has never stopped.

America is an empire comprised of consumers. And it’s ever expanding; looking to engulf the entire planet and turn all of its’ seven billion inhabitants into fellow Americans -to liberate them, to make them free.

As such, the identity of “American” must be flexible, atomizing and rational. America is freedom, and there is nothing more liberating than loosing the bonds of all traditional forms of identity -racial, ethnic, familial and gender.

To say that race doesn’t matter or that gender is a choice is the epitome of freedom -of being American.

To wit, there is nothing more American than a man deciding one day that he has chosen to be a woman.

For if, as the impassioned  patriots tell us, that freedom is choosing to live how you want to live, then lady liberty must needs be a man in drag.

Look around you dear Murican. Freedom has unleashed hell on earth.