Sunday, March 12, 2017

Orcs Virtue Signal...

The more shallow, decadent and morally corrupt people become, the more they feel the need to proclaim their “virtues” publicly.

Just 30 years ago most people almost never spoke openly of their social and political beliefs or their ethics and principles.

But even then, drunks were always the first to damn dope-heads and liars were always boasting of their honesty. And you could always bet that that one guy who was always railing against porn and bragging about how solid his marriage was, was the one who was screwing the church secretary.

In fact it was a generally acknowledged rule that any business that had a cross or Jesus fish in their store window was run by crooks.

You can see this magnified today. The people out in the streets screaming “justice” and “love” are irrational, inarticulate, and spit their words of “tolerance” out with irrational rage and hatred. The ones that shout about their “pride” are the ones that look the most f*@ked up and depressed.

And notice that the more they try to suppress their shame and hatred of themselves, the more orc-like they become in appearance and demeanor.

A person who believes in the concept of objective, universal, justice doesn’t need to stomp through the streets with a sign and a bullhorn proclaiming it. That would be a fundamental contradiction.

Historically, morals, values and ethics were thought to be discovered. And then codified, because they were true.

There were no marches. No protests. No rallies. Nothing. Because that which is found to be true is acknowledged as such because it is true. It’s like gravity. It  may not be fair that you can’t fly like a bird, but jump off a cliff and justice will be the ground racing toward you.

But lies need rallies. Lies need protests. A lie needs people screaming in the streets, not for it’s defense, but for it’s slaughtering of the truth.

The truth is always humble, calm, simple, articulate and unassuming. It never screams. It never demands.

Truth always has its day of victory, not through conquest, but by virtue of the fact that lies always fail and fall in the end.

Those who demand justice should be wary of getting what they want.

Justice is the gravity of truth.