Saturday, March 4, 2017

Our Leopold And Loeb Elite...

That really does sum it up, doesn’t it.

The run-of-the-mill highway-robbers who stole, bribed, blackmailed and murdered their way into their current position of establishment elite really do look upon Europeans and European-Americans (aka, White people) with contempt and amuse themselves with visions of our demise. Because they had the hunger and instinct to worm their way to where they are at the top and the rest of us are too damn content to live out simple, traditional  lives. We’re rubes.

This also feeds into the elites lust for more and more immigrants. Because to them, America is a prize; a global treasure chest, and only the ambitious and the greedy get the jewels. And since the rubes are content and not driven enough by lust and greed for power and money and material things, they romanticize immigrants who are, in fact, driven by lust and greed for power and money and material things.

The “American Dream” is a concept concocted by late 19th and early 20th Century immigrants (mostly jewish) who saw the United States as nothing more than a black Friday sale at Wal-Mart.

But the sad fact is, they’re right.

The United States was founded by merchants and bankers. And it was done so against the wishes of the vast majority of the colonists who lived here.

Those descendents of the colonists had “America” forced upon them, just as they’ve had open borders, abortion, gay marriage, civil rights, etc forced upon them. Nothing new today. It’s been par for the course since Washington and Jefferson’s day.

So to all you loyal American Patriots out there, keep in mind that what you are being loyal and patriotic for, is now, and has been since 1776, a Wal-Mart writ large, and managed by Leopold and Loeb.

So as you elbow your way through the crowds of Mexicans and Muslims to hold aloft your Chinese made red, white & blue flag in honor of a political state that celebrates gay marriage, transvestites and sundry, at a parade or rally organized by political mercenaries openly plotting the destruction of you and your family, stop and ask yourself just what the hell is it you are feeling such warm and fuzzy feelings for?

Freedom and democracy?

The hell on earth you are seeing all around you every day is a byproduct of "freedom and democracy".

So please, stop and think. Ask yourself, "who is us"? Then ponder what freedom for "us" would look like and what it would be.

note: Patriot means “of your fathers”, in the biological sense. So patriotism is actually an ethnic/racial construct. A Patriot is a man who protects and sustains the lineage, customs and culture of his own particular tribe/ethnicity/race.