Monday, March 27, 2017

Try Not To Offend The Arsonist...

Progressive or leftism is an ideology in much the same way as a fat guy who eats an entire cake by himself and then gets angry when you point out the reason for his obesity, is an ideology.

It’s just a way of deferring poor personal behavior via projection onto others as “social justice”.

Take AIDS for example. Remember that? Back in the 90's it was big. You would often hear the Saturday-night libertine talk about how we needed to acknowledge it and deal with it.

PROGRESSIVE: “AIDS is an issue that we need to talk about openly and honestly.”

ME: “Gee, I wonder what causes AIDS?”

PROGRESSIVE: “Let’s change the subject.”

In the Progressive or liberal mindset you never talk about the cause or even sympathize with the effect. You just justify the action.

At the heart of liberalism or proggressivism or whatever you want to call it, is a desperate attempt to justify personal behavior that is unjustifiable, by supporting persons who have done other or similar anti-social things.

This is where the “let’s not judge” bullshit comes from. Choosing not to judge people is not neutral, by the way. It is an act which requires judgment and discrimination.

This “judge not” baloney is most vulnerable when it’s articulated in anything more than 2 second sound-bites. If a proponent of progress utters two sentences in defense of their “ideology” you can count on the second sentence fundamentally contradicting the first.

This can apply to an entire premise as well.

Take “transgenderism” for example. Also known as cross dressing.

Remember feminist studies and gender studies?

Remember how, according to progressives,  conformity to traditional gender roles are oppressive social constructs?

Now, how does a transgender dude express himself? By adopting the traditional gender role and socially recognized dress of, women.

Do you follow that?  Transgenderism is expressed, solely, by conformity to “traditional notions” of gender and gender roles: the dresses, the make up, the girly gestures, etc.

Look again at “Caitlin Jenner” on the cover of Vanity Fair. What makes him “transgender” is his presenting himself all dolled up in what is socially recognized as, a woman’s role: women’s attire -wig and makeup included.

Could there be a bigger f#ck you to feminism and gender studies?

And yet, feminists and progressives alike celebrate this fundamental rejection of all that they claim to stand and fight for.

That’s because they are full of shit!

Like all so-called liberals/leftists/etc, these troglodytes don’t believe in or fight for anything. They just concoct ways to justify their own, selfish, anti-social, self-destructive urges and behavior.

Now think of the corporations who support this bullshit!

Think of the government programs concocted to support this bullshit!

Think of the churches and Christian leaders who support or tiptoe around this bullshit!

So yes, every time you hear of the latest outrageous “cause” and you mumble to yourself, “next thing you know they’ll be defending_______________ (fill in the blank)........yes, yes they will.

There is no rock-bottom for people hellbent on dragging each other’s depravity out into the light and adorning it with garlands and crowns.