Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Caged Bird Is Unnatural...

Many people (even those with pet birds) acknowledge the fundamental truth that a caged bird is a tragedy. Birds are meant to fly - to soar through the air with the wings Gnon* has given them. Keeping them caged is unnatural.

But therein the modern, progressive, mind betrays itself.

After all, what is normal? Right?

What is natural?

Is not the entire project of modernized civilization constructed upon the ashes of concepts such as natural and normal?

Is it natural for two men to get married?

Is it natural for a man to dress and act as a woman?

Is it natural for people of different ethnicities or races or classes to marry?

If, as the progressive insists, there is no normal and nature has no law, then a caged bird is no longer a tragedy.


*note: Gnon stands for God of Nature Or Nature