Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All Over The Map?....

An acquaintance tells me the posts here are “all over the map” in regards to religion. Am I for it or against it?

Well, the world is complicated in it’s inane simplicity.

It’s like people. I have "friends" and family who I can’t stand. Don’t like them at all. Go to a get together with them and have a great time talking and joking around with them and then leave still not liking them and not caring if I ever see them again.

Life’s funny, ain’t it?

Religion has form and function. It’s not merely about the supernatural.

I can argue within theological contexts because I’ve read the texts and have an opinion on them. I can join in a discussion between catholics and protestants over the issue of the’real presence’, for example. I lean toward the protestant view.

And yet, I don’t believe the literal supernatural elements of it.

It’s just like arguing over the nature of Tom Bombadil in ‘Lord Of The Rings’. It’s a discussion that can get pretty heated! Old Tom didn’t really exist and the story is fiction. And yet, discussions and arguments abound. And they can be rather profound. Lessons can be gathered or taught out the story. Inspiration can be found in it.

The neo-atheists who go on about religion being man-made don’t realize how stupid they sound. Of course it’s man-made. So are skyscrapers, rockets, legal systems, languages and so on.

Religions were developed over centuries, by the best educated minds in multiple generations to deal with the complexities of social problems such as law and order, ethics, principles, war and peace, life and death, etc.

These are things neo-atheists take for granted because they are spoiled brats taking the fragile social system they were born into for granted. They have the luxury to fret over things like equality and social justice -concepts that only exist in the tiny bubble of western decadence, bought and sustained by western imperialism, colonialism and global exploitation and domination

So, religion is a social system. It can be critiqued. Parts of it can be embraced while other parts of it can be attacked and rejected.

Remember, the early Christians of Europe moved in on the collapsing Roman Empire and assumed it’s institutions. The Catholic church’s structure is based, directly, on the Roman Senate. The pope is based on the emperor, etc.

And the good ol USA just happens to function on 3 branches of government. And 3 has no significance in Christianity, no, no, no of course not. And it’s not like there are 3 Abrahamic religions that are currently dominating, and destroying, the world.

So, yeah, my primary beef is with the idea of monotheism. The one-god thing.

It’s a very, very, very bad idea that naturally lends itself towards imperialism and globalism.

I won’t go into here, as I have before, but sufficient to say, the one-god of the jews, christians and muslims IS the Dark Lord of Mordor. He is the fictional concept made real via actions based on the idea of there being only the one- one god, one morality, one system of ethics -one race the human race, one government and so on.

The one-god idea is the enemy. He is the usurper and destroyer. He is death and darkness. He is deceit and malice. He is a lie.
And all who follow him ride a mountain of skulls on a river of blood, right into the deepest, darkest pits of hel.

How’s that for dramatic overstatement!

But’s it’s basically true. The one-god premise is an idea concocted by men who worship death and destruction via their thirst to conquer and exploit.

So what religion then?

Religions evolve and move. And if the situation in the middle east ever gets out of hand, the Abrahamic freaks might just take care of themselves for the rest of us.

The idea of  ancestor worship or the elements representing “gods” (read, natural forces personified in a human-like character) seems most natural, to me -if you feel the need to scratch the “spiritual” itch.

The Green Man, or Old Man Winter, or Jack Frost, etc. these are a conception of religious expression that are innate to us.

There is no literal thunder god, but there is thunder!

There are no literal frost giants to threaten us, but danged if frost doesn’t come along every year and kill or stunt the grass, the leaves, the flowers and the gardens.

This is the religion we should base our society and our politics on.

After all, nature doesn’t have a beginning and an end, like the mono-god posits. No, it is cyclical (so to speak), like our “heathen” ancestors observed. Round and round the seasons go. Day follows night, follows day, etc.

In the mean time, we have to deal with what is. And right now religious institutions are run by the one-goders.

All we can do is try to make the best of a bad situation, until the situation changes.