Saturday, April 29, 2017

Anti-Racism is Pro-Totalitarianism...

Of course, there’s no such thing as “racism”. The word literally has a million definitions and meanings, and since the definition of definition is definitive, “racism” literally doesn’t exist.

But racism as a rhetorical political tool is used to for only one purpose: the enforcing of a single, monolithic, global police state.

You can see this when globalists use the term “White Supremacist”. It’s a construct that has one hell of a presupposition at it’s base.

Supremacy of what?

If there are hundreds of nations (ethnic groups) living in their own societies by their own customs, laws and cultures then the concept of "racial supremacy” has no meaning.

It’s only when you presuppose that a universal, global, totalitarian state is inevitable that you entertain notions of one group or another fighting for top position within it.

And then the best way to keep such struggle for supremacy from happening is to enforce “multiculturalsim”, “diversity”, race mixing, gay marriage, transgenderism, etc.

Of course the vast majority of human beings do not want to live in such a globalist state.

Most peoples want to live in a society of, and with, their own kind, with their own customs, laws, social mores, cultural traditions, religions and so on.

Those who promote diversity, equality, a world without borders, anti-racism etc, are working towards the enthronement of a hideous global Babylonian system in which all nations are destroyed, the family is destroyed and every single human being on earth will be atomized and hopelessly enslaved.