Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dad & Mom...

note: the following is written by a non-believer in the supernatural. However, like it or not, these institutions must and will exist and are innate to us. How they function or dysfunction is important, to say the least. 

Isn’t it interesting that the middle-ages church functioned in the role of the feminine social institution, side-by-side with the monarchy, which functioned in the role of masculine social institution?

The church comforted, the monarchy defended.

Mother and Father.

Neither perfect in their roles, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

They functioned, naturally -as an organic outgrowth of human social interaction, just like the family.

In our glorious modern age of republics and democracies, which is free from war, crime, poverty and despair, we label monarchies as institutions of the oppressive patriarchy.

Granted, once we overthrew our kings the numbers of wars, dysfunction and mass murders increased by about 10,000%, but hey, let’s not nitpick.

And the church, that symbol of woman, of the feminine, is decried for it’s tyranny and oppression and all around, general, terribleness.

Yeah. That sort of philosophical contradiction on the part of moderns, who shout “girl power!”, while simultaneously decrying the evils of the institution which embodies all that is feminine, is part and parcel of their unabashed unthinking.

Now consider the confusion today in these critical social institutions. How many churches are filled with wimpy fem-men and masculine he-shes?

Yes, the church today is more feminine, but perversely so. It’s no longer the modest saintly mother grinding at the mill, but a dolled up street whore, saying all the right things to potential johns so as to “win them over”.

And government? What was once a masculine institution which functioned like a lion strutting about to defend it’s people and punish evil, is now a bloated sow, eating its own shit and presenting its teats for whatever critter may happen to stroll by.

These two critical social institutions, the monarchy (government) and the church, representing Father and Mother, have been, from within and without, thrown down, attacked, mocked, abused and dressed in one another’s clothing for the express purpose to mock and delegitimize.

Sound familiar? See any reflections of that cast back upon the world around us?