Saturday, April 8, 2017

O Dark Satanic Mill, How We Love Thee...

Gay marriage, feminism, transgenderism, no-fault divorce, contraception, family planning, roughed individualism and the like can only be sustained in a society with an over abundance of wealth concentration. And the only way to attain such wealth is through conquest and exploitation.

How many people understand this?

Traditional morals, fixed social roles, large families, tribalism and the like, all manifest as a survival mechanism to protect and perpetuate life in a time and place without the perks of wealth abundance. Look no further than the third world today for examples.

The American Way Of Life, Personal Freedom, Human Rights, Equality, Democracy, etc, are only able to exist at present because of the massive abundance of wealth in the West due to  Imperialism, Colonialism and Slavery.

Social stability, by way of excessive wealth, allows for the sort of “freedom” we see today.

Which means,

No colonialism, no feminism.

No Imperialism, no gay marriage.

No slave trade, no transgender rights.

No stealing of resources, no democracy.

No plundering of nations, no human rights.

No wars & genocide, no no-fault divorce, family planning or vacations to Myrtle Beach.



Social Justice Warriors, be they liberal atheists or conservative Christians, are not only the socio-political descendants of Puritans, they are also the torch bearers of colonialism. Open borders is just colonialism in reverse -cheaper to exploit them here where there is already infrastructure than to exploit them over there, where there ain’t.

Of course this also means that the current situation can only be temporary and the system upon which "freedom" and "human rights" leaches off of will inevitably collapse.