Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Wages of Freedom...

Funny how the American version of freedom (inspired by the French and American Revolutions) tends to render everything meaningless.

After all, without “freedom of religion” religion wouldn’t be able to mean absolutely nothing, as it does today.

Freedom allows couples to divorce at a whim and destroy families.

Freedom allows homosexuals to marry and make a mockery of marriage.

Freedom allows mixed-race and mixed ethnic marriages, thus destroying whole nations (a nation is an ethnic group, not a place).

Freedom allows men to put on women’s dresses, mocking and denigrating men and women.

Freedom allows new generations to walk away from their families, their countries, their religions and their cultures and thus renders all of them meaningless.

But of course this freedom can only continue as long as freedom of association is prohibited, as that would be racist and discriminatory -hence the destruction of nations, families, marriage, races, ethnicities, religions and so on, in the name of equality.....and freedom!

Freedom knows know king, and subsequently it knows no father or mother either. And so cultures, faiths, traditions and the very foundations of human society, sustained and nurtured by natural hierarchical authority, are cast aside.

And the wages of freedom?

Look around.

The lust for freedom has set the world ablaze. The fires are spreading. And those not yet consumed in the blaze are choking to death from the smoke.

Freedom? How can a poor pitiful creature like man -bound by mortality and the daily precariousness of his life upon this rock in space, speak of freedom?

What fools we are.