Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Is Normal?...

Normal is living a self-sacrificial life.

Normal is NOT doing what you want to do.

Normal is NOT living how you want to live.

Put another way, Normal is the opposite of selfish.

Abnormal, or perverted, is doing what makes you happy -what pleases you -what fulfills you.

Normal is living a life that perpetuates peace and stability in family, community and society. Which is to say, Normal honors family and traditions and customs.

Abnormal, or perverted, is living a life devoted to self, which naturally causes disharmony, instability and conflict.

Granted, this is the opposite message sent by Marxist-Capitalism, which encourages, if not demands, that you recklessly and ceaselessly indulge in you.

Yet, find a person living “their life on their terms” (which is pretty much everybody today) and you’ll see an empty shell of a human being -depressed, angry -if not medicated, resentful and living a life where everything about them is in ruins, or teetering on the brink of ruination.

For God’s sake, we have a “debt-based” economy! And not surprisingly, we have a population that is either homeless or one pay check away from homelessness. Because there are so many people making 25 to 80 thousand dollars a year, but trying to live like millionaires.

That is abnormal. And it is a result of living a life devoted to self.