Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cancer Preens...

You can find the sentiment expressed in various ways down through the ages, because it’s true.

You rarely see people do good things because that which is good is harmonizing to consistency and  stability and undeviating from the homogeneous values and ethics of a social system.

Cancer, of course, is the opposite of that.

Social-Cancer is that which disrupts consistency and stability and deviates from the homogeneous values and ethics of a social system.

Which is why cancer stands out and, by its nature, draws attention to itself.

And as the task of sustaining a thing is dull and thankless and draws little attention to itself, the preener turns to the only thing that is guaranteed to bring instant fame: destruction. Change in a healthy body is never good -change in a healthy body is called disease.

Attack, destroy and tear down all that was and came before and you will find yourself upon a stage and in the limelight.

And in a society where adulation is a core ethic, that which works to draw attention to itself and bring change to the social order is no longer seen as a cancer, but as ‘king for a day’.

However, I think we all know what happens to such “kings” at the end of the day. (notice how every revolution inevitably cannibalizes its own)

And yet millions continue to crowd into the theater and fight for the chance to stand upon that blood-stained stage, or cheer on those who do.

But the curtain inevitably falls, and the last “king” must, to top all others, burn down the proverbial theater with everybody in it. Cancer, after all, destroy’s its host.

Death is cancer’s pinnacle -its moment of glory, even as it is it’s own demise.

Or to put it in Americanese, it is ‘The End of History’.