Monday, May 1, 2017

Comfort Bitching...

Granted, we’ve all done/do it to one degree or another, for a time. It’s very tempting to try to make a point with information bombardment. But it’s usually a phase that we go through, and then mature out of. After awhile you realize the daily outrage is just that, daily.

Many don’t, however.

And there is nothing that becomes so increasingly irritating as those who do nothing but collect news stories and then whine and bitch about how outrageous their content are.

There they are, sitting on their big fat asses in nice comfy chairs in front of the keyboard or a microphone, reading over headlines that they inform us is certainly apocalyptic. They do this day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year, decade after decade.

They never dare offer a solution. No, they just sit there and express their shock and incredulity.......and ask for donations.

It would be like a guy going on his radio show every day complaining about the bear that terrorizes his family. “Well folks, the bear ate another one of my kids this morning. Can you believe it? What is the world coming to?”

If you don’t have the backbone to do something about the bear, at least spare what’s left of your dignity and don’t give a f*#king play-by-play of its rampage in progress.

And this is more generally applicable.

The expressed concern over a world gone mad is sort of undercut by the luxurious, cozy, lifestyles of every single one of these guys that do nothing but fear-monger.

“The world is falling apart. They’re taking our freedoms. Soon they’ll come for us. Things have never been so bad. See you at Dollywood this summer!”

Unless you’re prepared to get off your fat pampered behind and offer concrete, actionable, solutions to the myriad of calamities befalling us, might I suggest you instead turn your focus more towards accentuating the positive. And articulating and celebrating the positive. At least once in a while.

Everybody already knows the world is FUBAR.

Tell us something we don’t know. Like how to rebuild. Tell us about beauty and goodness and truth. Or at least offer critique and assessment and not just feigned outrage. Otherwise, shut up already with the "news of the day" routine.

Don't be like the narcissistic SJW's who subsist by leaching off of the very system they pretend to protest.

Or is it really so much easier (and profitable) to talk about nothing but the inevitability of death rather than the beauty of life?

If you have the ease and comfort in your life to sit around and bitch about how bad things are, then things must not be that bad, for you. Not yet.

It's not enough to know what you are fighting against. Sometimes you need to be reminded of what you are fighting for.