Friday, May 26, 2017

Convenient Convictions...

If you are uncomfortable about expressing your beliefs or fear persecution for espousing them then keep them to yourself or within your close circle of family and friends.

But if you’re going to assert a position publicly, to an audience, stop watering it down  to appear to be in the middle of the road, aka “reasonable”.

Because the people to whom you are addressing lie about their beliefs and opinions anyway. All the time. Every day, in fact.

“Does this dress make me look fat?”
“No. No it doesn’t”

“What did you think of my kids in the talent show?”
“Your kids are very talented.”

“Do you think my fiance is pretty?”

“I’m thinking of starting my own business at home.”
“I’m sure you’ll be very successful.”

See, we all lie...all the damn time.

Only in extreme moments of life and death do most people actually state their true beliefs or  act in accordance with their convictions, or lack there-of.

So again, why would you go to the trouble of mounting a soapbox with a bullhorn only to pander to an audience before whom you have presented yourself and your message? Unless, of course, you’re just selling something.

Why would you try to make your views more palatable to people who are going to lie about how they feel about them anyway? Unless, of course, you’re just selling something.

Most people go along to get along while it is conducive to their continuing personal comfort to do so.

The people who say they are uncomfortable with your views in peace time will most likely be your staunchest allies in the trenches of actual war.

So yes, while most go along with the predominant ideology of the system today and profess their belief in its tenants, you can rest assured that about 75% are lying and, given the opportunity, would participate in overthrowing that very same system.

Many of those sitting on the fence of apathy today are burning with zealotry on the inside.

Likewise, the zealots of peacetime are the cowards of wartime.

So to all the “movement personalities” out there jumping on to stages and calling attention to yourselves, either cut the crap and be honest about your positions or get off the stage.

Unless, of course, you’re just selling something.