Sunday, May 7, 2017

God Vs. Truth...

“...our ancestors were not willing to ignore all that must be ignored to see this as the clockwork universe....they were attuned to what is strange, uncanny, absurd, and horrifying in existence. And so their Allfather, their author of nature, was no benevolent watchmaker, but a dangerous, fickle, unpredictable god.” -Collin Cleary

Nature is wild, chaotic, violent and random. It wars against itself. It devours and destroys itself.

Plants, animals & human beings are all part of this nature and reflect these attributes.

Nature testifies against the monotheistic god of the jews, muslims and christians. It does so in a thousand ways, every single day.

Perhaps this is hard to see in the near-lifeless deserts of west-Asia. But there is more to the world than the deserts of the one-god. Step into a forest and you will see a world that is indeed strange, uncanny, absurd, and horrifying.

This is most likely why rural people were attacked so vehemently  by the monotheists. Pagan, after all, means rural -or rubes, or hicks or country-folk, etc.

The country people resisted the one-god longest. Only converting to a pagan-christian hybrid. And even then they were constantly being attacked and persecuted for their “witchcraft” or “heresies”.

Because, being surrounded by the forests of Europe, they saw most clearly the falseness and inherent bullshit of the one-god hypothesis.

Unfortunately today these attacks have been renewed by SJWs and Progressives, who carry the one-god's presuppositional torch. They, like the monotheists, believe in a linear history (hence, "progress") rather than a cyclical one, which, again, nature tells us is actually true.

And they, like the monotheists before them, detest "the rubes".