Saturday, May 27, 2017

Insanity Is A Safe Space...

Religions and Belief Systems, be they supernatural, political or generally ideological are nothing more than an attempt to reduce your personal experience of reality to the smallest possible safe space.

And it doesn’t work. Not even for mad men.

What is real is physical: race, gender, family, tribe, life, old age, death and so on.

You cannot alter nor bypass these real things.

Values, ethics, morals, etc are predetermined by genetics.

And, yes, your belief that these things can be overcome or fashioned and spread to various peoples is because of your genes.

It’s not a learned conviction.

Your convictions are predetermined by your genes -and if your convictions are “revolutionary” or “progressive” that means they are a mutation.

There is no such thing as freewill.

Belief systems and ideologies are a coping mechanism. Which is why some people are impassioned by them, while most are not. Most are apathetic to even those things they affirm their belief in (“abortion is murder let’s see who won the game”) because they are able to deal with reality, for the most part.

So when you see someone speaking of values and ethics and culture, as though they were an external and learned phenomena, don’t waste your time trying to convert them or change their mind.

Because you’d be conversing with a mad man hiding in his safe space.