Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stop Outsourcing Your Life!...

Stop and consider how much of your life is sustained via unnecessary outsourcing of your own duties of self preservation to others.

Break your arm? What do you do?

You don’t know do you?

So off you go to the hospital. They know what to do. You, your family and friends -your neighbors?  Not so much.

Food & Water? The most basic necessities for sustaining your existence? Wal-mart! Wal-mart provides those things. And the water company.

And thank God for gas stations. Can’t get to Wal-mart or the doctor without gas! And thank God for electricity! Milk and eggs wouldn’t last long without a refrigerator.

Yeah these are obvious things and they are a luxury. But the “luxuries” don’t end there do they?

From childbirth to acquiring food to education to our understanding of the world to health issues to death and burial and a million small things in between, we’ve out-sourced just about every facet of our lives to strangers who have no vested interest in us or our families beyond a quick buck.

We didn’t always. Throughout most of history we handled these things ourselves.

Yeah, there’s always been money and taxes. But money existed solely for taxes (being a representation of goods), so you only ever had it to pay taxes. Because it’s easier to pay the government in coins than in chickens -though they sometimes took those too. For everything else we bartered. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

There is a principle at the heart of all this.

This out-sourcing of our ability to take care of ourselves and our family is the fuel for the economic model which dominates and defines our lives here in the USA.

Let that sink in. Murica is a feedback loop.

The retardation of our ability to take care of ourselves is what fuels the economy which fuels the bureaucracy that enables the hideous system that exists because we can’t provide for ourselves anymore.

And we “elect” politicians to preserve and manage this f@cking intrusive monstrosity. Then we sit back and bitch about how intrusive and monstrous it is.

Stop deferring, instantly, to someone else to solve your problems.

Start thinking in terms of actually taking care yourself and your loved ones.

Fix your own car. Grow at least some of your own food. Become less dependent on a system that is crumbling anyway.

It’s a way of thinking and conceiving of choices that is the main issue.

It may take generations to get turned around again and go in the right direction. But every journey requires a first step.

Then again the whole thing could crash tomorrow and nature will sort out the ones who can re-adapt and those who can’t.

Stop outsourcing your life!