Wednesday, May 3, 2017

T-Rex Ate Death?...

Yes, religion is man-made. But so are law, language and rockets.

Religion has two aspects -the first is it’s use as an engineering, or fortification, plan for a society -how to organize -social mores, ethical codes, etc AKA, human interaction. And the second is how we relate to death -our own and those close to us.

But get a neo-Atheist and an “on fire for the lord” neo-Christian together for a debate or discussion  and what is most likely going to be the topic? The origin of life or how old the earth is or some such thing.

This is comical and irritating to those of us trying to have a constructive discussion of the issue.

Let me drive this point home -religion, as it relates to us on a day-to-day, personal level,  deals primarily with issues of personal fear and anxiety, grief and sorrow, over death and the pain and horrific loss it brings.

Death is the great enemy of us all. And as you get older you come to appreciate how terrible and all-powerful death is. Ancient peoples worshiped the sun because it struggled against death -by nourishing life.

Again, sun worship was about contending with death.

And no, this is not about heaven as a paradise in space or a man with a beard in the sky.

In the 2nd aspect of religion, Heaven and God function for the same purpose and to the same ends as a lover feeling (believing) the sentiment that he will love his beloved forever. And he means it! He will love her forever and ever, without end -even though this sentiment is of a quantity and quality that he himself cannot wrap his mind around, even when he allows himself the realistic doubt of its truth.

Religion, in the 2nd aspect, is a poetic attempt to articulate the deep rooted, organic, human need to believe that (against all logic and reason) somehow, some way, somewhere, “we’ll meet again”.

And again, in the broader, more mechanical aspect, religion is about structuring society (human interaction) -which is ultimately like trying to put a barbed-wire fence around a forest fire to control it. But still, we are driven to at least try to make good rules and live by them.

To reiterate,  religion is about two things: social order & death.

So, with that said,

how in the hell did dinosaurs ever get involved in the discussion?