Friday, May 5, 2017

The REALLY Real You...

Your beliefs, your ideology, your convictions, etc don’t mean jacks*@t.

It’s what you do that matters. It’s what you do that reflects what you actually love and hate -what you actually care for and what you discard as valueless.

But this is a natural and obvious truth that far too many forget or refuse to accept.

What a man says tells you nothing about what he will do.

Cowards often boast of the virtue of bravery. Thieves proclaim their contempt for theft. Back-stabbers cry loudest for loyalty and those who insist on the importance of “good manners” are never, ever to be trusted!

A statement of belief or oath to a creed, either publicly or within yourself, has all the value of a fart on breezy summer day.

The REAL YOU is not on the inside.

The REAL YOU is shown in your deeds and actions, day-in-day-out.