Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time Travel With The Alt-Right...

Another word for discrimination is, choice. 

With all the new people flooding into the Alt-Right such old and worn out rebuttals to left-speak is a revelation.

Whenever I look at the comments sections of various alt sites and blogs it’s like going back about 15 years and seeing all the same discussions rehashed and wrestled with all over again.

Time is being wasted this way.

Look, to all the newbies out there, you have to get it into your heads that the left and its ideology are not reasonable. Their assertions are riddled with contradictions.

Don’t react to what they claim or assert. Dissect their assertions and find the contradiction and mock it.

Remember that their questions are never questions: they are emotional talking points dressed up with a question mark.

Remember that the left do not engage in dialogue. They can’t. Their beliefs and assertions are self-contradicting and they don’t actually believe in them anyway.

So don’t waste your time engaging with them by presenting facts or logic-based arguments. They’ll simply change the subject, dodge the point or move the goal posts.

To shut them down you shut them up by not acquiescing to their demented worldview.


Lefty: “Race is a social Construct.”

Me: “So is equality”.

That’s all it takes. They shut up and go away.

Lefty: “That’s racist”

Me: “There’s no such thing as racism”

Lefty: “ that’s fascist”

Me: “So is nature”

Lefty: “All people bleed red”

Me: “So do rats”

You have to treat leftists the same way a veteran comedian treats hecklers. Because that is what the leftists/progressives are. They’re just hecklers. Nothing more. They have no substance or motivation beyond that role.