Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why Globalists Love Terrorism....

Simply put, it helps propel the establishment narrative of the redefining of “us” and “them”.

Globalists are hell bent on creating a one world system. To this end they must, in the hearts and minds of the peoples of The West, irradiate all remnants of traditional and natural demarcations -namely family, nationality, gender, hierarchy and race.

And they’ve largely succeeded. First and foremost via mass migration of non-Whites.

But also notice how “us” is now a gay disco or multicultural pop concert that revels in orc-like behavior?

If “them” are terrorists, and terrorists are international, “us” is also, necessarily, international.

“Us” is no longer a particular people with unique and particular ethnicity, culture, language and religious customs.

No, “us” are global citizens, with "democratic values"- whatever the hell that is.

Those of you who think these ongoing attacks will cast a revealing light on the problems of Islam or multiculturalism are missing the mark by about a mile.

Terror attacks confirm and consecrate the globalist paradigm.

This is why talking head leaders announce that this is all part of daily life now in the new cosmopolitan world of “us”. It unites “us”. It defines “us” via juxtaposition with “them”.

They love to speak of "authoritarian regimes" or "extremists" because for them identity is only ideological or choice, not physical and biological (think Caitlyn Jenner for example).

You want to break this spell?

For one thing, stop calling them muslims. Religion is NOT an identity. Call them what they actually are: Arabs or Turks or Egyptians or if they’re mixed, mongrels, etc.

Because, again, a Nation is NOT a place or form of government.

A nation is an ethnicity.

A state or kingdom can have physical borders, but a nation’s borders is blood.

This is why the western world continues to fall into chaos and destruction: too many would rather talk about what they are or what they do are rather than who they are.