Wednesday, June 28, 2017

SJW’s Because The City...

Money is NOT the root of all evil.

The City is.

Cities are, without a doubt, the most terrible weapon man invented to terrorize and destroy himself.

They rob human beings of their dignity by engineering, and engendering, unnatural dependence upon socialization.

First of all, a house (or apartment or condo) is not property.

Property is land.

Everything else is just ‘stuff’.

If you have no land, you have no property.

If you have no property, you have no means of self-support.

If you can’t grow your own food (or at least part of it) and raise livestock for food, then you have no means of self-support.

That leaves you with three options: starving, subservience or crime.

Those in the city usually choose the latter two.

As such, the city has two strata of society: criminals who rule and the dependent who subsist in servitude.

Thus we see, with the SJWs, the end result -grateful slaves to statism, who, naturally, sees "equality" (aka, dependence) as the highest virtue and inequality (aka, independence) as the gravest of sins.


This terrible cycle enables merchants to exert influence and control over the inhabitants of the city, who are kept amused and nullified with bread and circuses.

And since there is a price for a ticket into the circus, money is a secondary evil who’s malice is made possible by The City.