Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Religious Freedom?...

It’s often boasted by Muricans that in Murica, people can practice whatever faith they like and that that somehow makes Murica special.

Reality check: in most societies down through the ages peoples were/are allowed to practice their faiths.

It was very rare, historically, for governments to forbid religious minority groups from practicing their faith. Still today, that's true.

Again, only in extremely rare cases has there been a government that (for a time) forbid people from practicing their faith.

It is, and always has been, highly unusual. Even in the Soviet Union crackdowns on Christianity were followed by periods of tolerance and the majority of those born in the USSR throughout it's duration were baptized in churches as children.

What was prohibited, historically, was members of religious/cultural minorities rising to potions of power and influence.

Thus what Murica did that was so unusual, was to allow peoples of minority faiths to hold positions of power and influence over the majority.

So, for example, a Protestant accused of a crime, suddenly found his life was in the hands of a jewish  or Catholic Judge. And today, a muslim, hindu, atheist or church of satan Judge.

A situation that almost every culture prior to Murica would have called unjust and immoral.

All of this has, of course, had the effect of nullifying the majority’s culture, traditions and faith.

And so today, thanks to "freedom of religion", public expressions of Christianity are highly restricted and on the verge of being completely prohibited in Murica.

And so, since there are no bad people out there plotting and planning to move into positions of power to gain influence so as to twist and pervert society to conform to their own rotten image, we can only marvel at just how clever and far-sighted those founding fathers really were.