Saturday, September 30, 2017

You, Marx & The End Of History...

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it.”-Karl Marx

And therein is the world-view that has set the whole world ablaze.

The two camps: those who try to preserve the the world that was handed down to them and those who seek to change the world handed down to them. The former assumes  a position of steward while the latter assumes a position of master. One preserves, the other usurps. The one wishes to serve, the other desires to rule.

How many conservatives now agree with Marx about changing the world?

How many Christians now agree with Marx about changing the world?

How many of you now agree with Marx about changing the world?

There is no end of history. There is no progress.

And it’s clear that none of us have the right to attempt to change the world. It’s insane to think we do. Because our lives are transient and leave no permanent mark upon the world. Build a glorious house or city and time WILL raze it down. Pour concrete upon the ground and grass will inevitably burst through it and break it apart. Break the moral order of one generation today and a future generation will restore it. It's just natural. You cannot change or alter the world.

We can only ever struggle to preserve what is handed down to us, and even that is a task which is ultimately doomed to fail, because the reality is that we all, in the end, must submit to decay and death. But life goes on and nature will have its way and always return to balance and restore what was "changed".

Again, it’s not mere arrogance to believe in changing the world. It’s madness to the point of tragic-comedy.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Purpose Driven Alt-Right?...

I keep seeing this idea that the alternative right/media should tone down its rhetoric and polish its rough edges in an attempt to be more palatable to the “normies”.

It’s an idea that’s been tried before.

Back in 1960‘s through the 1980‘s evangelical churches began to tone down the “fire and brimstone” aspect of their dogma in an attempt to make their brand of Christianity more palatable to the “unchurched”.

Churches became increasingly hip and cool and relevant and pastors started wearing Hawaiian shirts and sneakers while giving more positive and affirming sermons that would “meet people where they were at”-which is another way of saying, water down the message.

It all culminated in Rick Warren’s best selling Purpose Driven Life book which was based on Madison avenue research and mirrored the uniquely American preoccupation with self aggrandizement.

What were the results of all this?

A collapse in stable church attendance. God thrown out of schools. A rapid rise in atheism. Abortion legalized. Sky-high divorce rates. Broken homes. Broken communities. Homosexuality normalized. Gay marriage legalized. And now, passive (if not affirming) acceptance for trasngenderism.

For evangelical Christianity the attempt to seem less bigoted and judgmental led to the collapse of evangelical Christianity as a cultural influence on society. In fact Christianity is now completely discredited in schools, media, the arts, science and the day-to-day lifestyle choices of the vast majority of the peoples under the sway of Murica’s Empire.

Lesson: Fire and Brimstone draws lifelong devoted legions, while “felt needs” processes an endless stream of convictionless, religion-as-phase, twenty-somethings.

You either offer a stark alternative to the narrative, or you’re just more of the same.

People actually don’t want to be pandered to. They like bellicose absolutists who “tell it like it is.”
And even if they are put off by certain messages and the people who deliver them, those messages, obtusely delivered though they may be,  still leave an imprint on the mind long after fuzzy ass-kissing platitudes fade from memory.

This is even acknowledged in the whole “game” theory about women: jerks get the chicks because jerks are contrary and difficult and flaunt social conventions with aplomb and thus present a difficulty to be considered and contended with.

You can also see this with critics too. The miserable bastards who dismiss books/movies/music/paintings, etc with seemingly inconsistent hostility and mockery are the ones that have the biggest readership, even as half their readership “can’t stand them”.

And even more obvious is the 2016 election which saw reasonable, respectable, well spoken men get completely rejected in favor of a crude and vulgar loudmouth who refused to “tone it down” to appeal to the so called mainstream.

The bottom line is that the normies are f*@ked “where they’re at” and they know it. They’re ready to read and consider radical alternatives to the prevailing narrative. They no longer give a shit about appearances or keeping up with the Joneses.

If you do, you’re not an alternative.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

If You Take A Knee And No One Is There To Broadcast It, Does It Make A Statement?...

I don’t really watch TV and don’t follow Murica’s day-to-day soap opera, so I see this all with a rather amused and bemused perspective.

But let me get this straight.

1. Football, the lowest of low brow bread-and-circuses sports.

2. Multi-millionaire athletes who get away with rape and murder because they generate big, big bucks for corporate franchises, which themselves get away with every crime imaginable because, money -all subsidized, and kept afloat, by tax payers.

3. Making a statement during the national anthem to protest non-national (local jurisdiction) police forces.

4. Using television, an instrument designed to do nothing but promote vulgar mass consumerism  as the platform to virtue signal.

5. A morally indignant reaction from ticket-holders who, annually, revel in the grotesque debauchery of an amoral institution, built on greed, corruption, degradation and exploitation.

Welcome to Murica!

Setting aside the ridiculous freak-show reality of all this, it’s point #3 that is the most interesting.

Which particular police force is it that the protests revolve around?

After all, cities, counties and states have differing laws, ordinances and institutional policies regarding their law enforcement and courts.

Or is that the problem?

Maybe we need to do away with local government altogether?

Maybe create a federal police force that will have the direct, ubiquitous and unrestrained jurisdiction the FBI and other alphabet agencies don’t currently possess?

Interesting historical coincidence -after the media hyped celebrity villains of the 20‘s and 30‘s (Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger, etc) the creation of a FEDERAL POLICE AGENCY (FBI) which could supersede local law enforcement was seen as obvious and necessary, Constitution and commonsense be damned.


Monday, September 25, 2017

How The Left Operates...

Example: In the 1960‘s the left carried flowers and chanted ‘make love, not war’ while simultaneously waging a violent, bloody revolution in the streets and “through the institutions”.

This is their modus operandi.

They promote equality while also legislating race quotas.

They preach tolerance while at the same time demanding change.

They tell you if you don’t like their tv shows to just not watch them, while at the same time take your tax dollars, by force, to commit abortions and legitimize homosexuality.

Etc, etc..

The left want one thing: Revolution. Unending revolution. Chaos, and the power it brings them. They are usurpers and destroyers to the last.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Raptured At The 99 Cent Store...

Apparently Jesus is coming back again today. Some one-goders have a new pie chart explaining the whole thing. They’ll be raptured out of here at any moment and the rest of us will have to face the reign of the anti-christ.

You know what’s interesting about the anti-Christ?

According to the Book of Revelation, you won’t be able to buy or sale without the mark of the beast.

Isn’t that awful!

No buying and selling stuff!

Commerce, in other words, is what it’s all about.

So basically the anti-Christ will be standing between you and all of that cheap Chinese made crap at Wal-Mart.

Which means that if you can grow or hunt your own food or scavenge for it, you can pretty much just ignore Armageddon. Won't impact you at all.

Is it a stereotype that a book written by west-Asians reduces a battle between good and evil down to an issue of commerce?

Probably no more of a stereotype than the description of heaven as having streets paved with gold and doors made out of jewels, as also found in the Book of Revelation.

Strangely and grotesquely material?

You betcha. The bible is far to obsessed with money. From calling it the “root of all evil” to inexplicably and magically finding it in fish to Judas and his 30 pieces of silver, the bible has one thing on it’s mind: money, money, money, money....

As I’ve said before, the one-god premise was born out of the market place.

Merchants created the one-god.

Because the mono-god/culture/law/language/traditions, etc are good for business.

One-god = one world order. And a one world order = massive dividends.

So basically, a good deal is a handshake with god.


People Are Not Reasonable...

Art is subjective.
Says who?
Says the experts and critics whose opinion are, apparently, objective. Go figure.

Christianity wasn’t forced upon Europeans
Sure it wasn’t
And political correctness and cultural marxism wasn’t forced upon us either. Neither was abortion, gay marriage, open borders, etc, etc....

Some of us remember a time when the left would raise hell at the slightest inference of censorship. And then the conservatives and Christians would parrot them and denounce censorship as well.

Now the left demand censorship and the conservative and Christians, again, parrot them and call for it too.

People are not now, nor have they ever been, rational or reasonable.

What is called rational or reasonable is whatever the current conquerors declare to be so.
And propaganda is ubiquitous and quite effective.

There can be no chance for escape so long as we operate under the false premise that 'truth is objective and we want to know it.'

There's no "we".  And every person is motivated by material want and need, and operate by instinct.

Whoever speaks of being civilized or of progress or of humanity, is nothing more than the latest in a long line of predators who plan on having you for dinner.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Re-establishing Justice...

Massive reforms of the legal and political system are badly needed now to reflect a borderless world.

In order to re-establish a more just system, that which is unjust needs to be recognized and re-ordered to be more just.

For example, it is inherently, objectively, unjust for a protestant defendant to have to stand before a catholic, jewish or muslim judge or jury. Or White before black or black before white, and so on.

It is unjust for Lutherans to have a Calvinist mayor, governor, senator, etc.

And of course this can be extrapolated out to encompass all social interactions. Be it employee and employer, police and citizen, doctor and patient, teacher and student, etc.

Peoples have a fundamental right not to be subject to persons not of their own race, ethnicity, religion, creed, ideology and so on.

Such is called tyranny.

To claim an ideal of setting aside all bias is dishonest, and immoral.

The system as it is today is wholly unjust.

It can’t be sustained for long.

Reform now or face chaotic upheaval inevitably.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Consensus Or Bust...

Compromise is rarely done today to negotiate for tentative peace between groups. Rather, its goal is to create broad consensus.

Why is that?

Why the need for everyone to “come to an understanding” to form a consensus?


The demon that torments the Murican (and modern) soul is the nagging suspicion that all of its presuppositions are not, in fact, universally objectively true and inevitable.

Our belief, or faith, or ideals MUST be rational (not reasonable) And if rational for some...rational for all!

To suggest otherwise is why we have “safe spaces”.

It goes like this,

If some people, somewhere, don’t agree that (for example) republican forms of government with democratically elected representatives is the best and historically inevitable form of government, then the very fabric of the universe is likely to unravel.

This emotional fear is that if “we” all don’t agree on broad notions of law, morality, ethics, values, government, etc, then our pie chart trajectory of history was all for nought. There’s no point in even going on. Oh, the drama!

Modern man is terrified to ponder the notion that his personal beliefs and ideals will not be universally acknowledged and validated.

You can see this in the way conservatives take personal offense at societies that are not democratic-republics. Or in the way progressives insist that you not only tolerate homosexuals, but that you publicly validate the lifestyle.

You can hear it in the rather liberal usage of the word “we”.
“We” is no longer a specific group. No, “we” is the inevitable ‘everybody’.

You know the memes,

Do we agree with this, that or the other?

Is this who we are?

“We as a nation.”

“We must.....”.


Of course this begs the question, who is this “we” spoken of so much?

The answer is, “we” are everybody who genuflects to the consensus.

Consensus, you see, is the divine spark in the modern world.

In the absence of consensus the stars will literally fall from the sky!     Or something!


Monday, September 11, 2017

The One God Is The Enemy...

Actions speak louder than words.

The followers of the one-god, jews, christians and muslims have been responsible for more terror, destruction and death than all of the other cults and ideologies combined.

It does not matter one iota what they claim to believe or stand for.

What you believe is irrelevant. Your statement of principles are irrelevant.

It is what you do that matters. It’s what you do that you will be judged by.

Jewish mythology, which is a west-Asian mythology, is riddled with celebrations of grotesque destruction of persons, places and things. That’s pretty much all it is.

Christianity was born of a mix of that west-Asian cult and the Roman Empire.

Can anything good be said about the Roman Empire?


Well, they did build roads and aqueducts for some of  the enslaved survivors of their conquests, but that was only to make it easier to keep the enslaved, enslaved.

This deadly mix of Christianity and Rome was then forced upon northern Europeans.

Yeah, Yeah, I know, they willingly converted. Yeah, right. And we all willingly embrace political correctness and cultural marxism too.

Finally, of course there is islam. There’s not much to say about it that can’t be found above in the other two one-god cults.

And there is no question that all modern politics are the offspring of the one-god. Antifa is most certainly an offshoot of monotheism.


Monotheism posits the notion that there is one way.

If there is one god and one human race then there must be one way for all people to live, and thus it becomes a crusade to order human society to the parameters of that one way.

All must live under the same laws, the same customs the same political ideology and acknowledge the same social taboos.

It doesn’t matter if the vices and virtues change over time, what matters is that all MUST acknowledge them.

1,000 years ago if you didn’t believe Yahweh was God or that Jesus was the messiah or that Muhammad was the prophet, you would be labeled a heretic and face legal persecution.

Today, it you do not believe the races are equal, men can marry men or that men can become women, then you are labeled a bigot and face legal persecution.

And to be clear, we’re not talking about tribal customs here. No, the “One” people see no borders and see no peoples (plural) and so INSIST that ALL people everywhere MUST submit to one way of living...of laws, customs, taboos, virtues, vices, etc.

Or think of it this way,

From judaism to christianity to islam to one world totalitarian police state.

Once more, don’t bother with claims about how the faith(s) are really about love and this and that, etc.

What the torah, bible or koran says doesn’t mean jack-shit.

Again, actions speak louder than words.

Good seeds bring forth good fruit. Bad seeds bring forth bad fruit.

The verdict is in.

The one-god is condemned by the rotten fruit it has consistently produced.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Day's Anglin...

Someone pointed out to me that Vox Day and Andrew Anglin are in some sort of feud. This person likes Anglin’s site and asked me for my opinion.

This is quite strange (and circus like) as Vox identifies as non-White and Anglin looks, well, non-White.

I heard Anglin on a podcast a few years ago before I ever saw what he looks like and my gut reaction was to write the guy off. My instincts told me he was either doing what he does for “kicks” and that he would one day get a book deal denouncing his former life as a “White supremacist”, or he was fronting for a federal agency.

And his site is a little too good, if you know what I mean. With it’s approach of holding up the soul-crushing crap that pop-culture revels in, to satirize, it in fact has the ability to illicit naughty giggles from its readers while simultaneously demoralizing them.

On a side-note:  there seems to be an increasing problem among a lot of alt-media of late wherein they are inclined to ape mainstream media’s structural presentation of their programs. Enough with the “behind the scenes” style trailers for your podcasts or 10 minute videos on youtube!  The corporate media’s style is not something you want to imitate. Their crap is designed to manipulate and humiliate. All of it looks like something from Huxley, via Sesame Street.

But what do I know. I still can’t figure out why millennials all have the same (generationally exclusive) weird accent. They all talk like a 1940‘s New England school marm who just downed a bottle of cough syrup.

Back to Anglin.....No, I don’t trust the guy at all. Again, gut reaction. Always go with your gut reaction. On top of that he really doesn’t look quite White, now does he.

As to vox.

 He seems to be trying to cobble together some sort of post-MTV generation ‘Our Gang’ with himself as Spanky.

Vox himself identifies as non-White.

He is good friends with Milo Xylopylohopolis, a gay jewish guy who post selfies of himself bathing in pigs blood.

He’s also pals with Mike Chernolonovich (ethnicity unknown) who is married to a non-White.

He’s also pals with Steffan Mololoyneaux, another self-identified jew, aka, non-White.

See a pattern here?

This is sort of like the “Russian” Revolution where all the leaders were either jewish or married to jews. Very few Russians involved.

Vox and his faction are self-appointed defenders of “the west”, in spite of the fact that they’re all either non-European or traitors (marrying non-Whites).

That should send up some big red flags!


Monday, September 4, 2017

American Churches were the first NGO’s...

Yes we all know about George “Blofeld” Soros and the numerous radical political and social revolutions he funds across the world.

But keep in mind that he does so with the blessing and subsidizing of the American Government.

NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) are nothing more than a means for American Oligarchs to maneuver, subvert and neutralize any and all opposition to the great post-enlightenment social engineering project colloquially known as the new world order.

American funded NGO’s promote social programs all over the world to “educate” local peoples about the virtues of democracy, tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity, abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, open borders and so on.

Basically NGO’s are working to create a one world police state where all dissenters are labeled with the vices of “haters” or “racists” or “homophobes” and so on.

Now I ask you, to what extent do American Churches align their policies with those of the globalist secular left? Look over the virtues and vices above again.

Consider that none of the radical social programs enforced upon the public by the government would have been possible without the consent and participation of the churches.

Up until the 1950‘s over half of Americans attended church every week. Churches were the epicenter of communities from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Americans were still predominantly rural. TV was still a novelty and radio was limited in overall influence to say the least -as were newspapers.

There was only one place for the State to disseminate and legitimize it’s policies in a wide social gathering and forum: the churches.

This is why the Johnson Amendment came along in the 1950‘s when the radical upheaval of society was getting underway. There were still a lot of wild and uncontrolled churches across the land who needed to be brought to heel. And they were. Those who balked at the revolution were ridiculed as fundamentalists -aka, people resisting the change agents.

In fact it’s amazing how much American churches parallel Marxist techniques of dividing people into smaller groups and then having them led by a trained facilitator, aka preachers.

For decades sermons have been distributed across the country by State-accredited seminaries or officially designated “church leaders” who somehow managed to get the attention, and approval, of the mainstream leftist press and publishing houses.

From Billy Graham to Rick Warren, it has been the hardcore leftist press that has informed us all who are the Christian leaders in America and who speaks for and represents Christians.

Funny that.

From throwing God out of schools to legalizing abortion and gay marriage, American churches have not merely counseled submission but aggressively condemned any real protest.

Officially they're non-governmental organizations. In practice, they're more instrumental to the radical change in society than Hollywood is.

When you actually stop to look at the situation you can't help but notice that American churches are more closely wed to the State than any medieval society could have ever imagined.