Tuesday, September 26, 2017

If You Take A Knee And No One Is There To Broadcast It, Does It Make A Statement?...

I don’t really watch TV and don’t follow Murica’s day-to-day soap opera, so I see this all with a rather amused and bemused perspective.

But let me get this straight.

1. Football, the lowest of low brow bread-and-circuses sports.

2. Multi-millionaire athletes who get away with rape and murder because they generate big, big bucks for corporate franchises, which themselves get away with every crime imaginable because, money -all subsidized, and kept afloat, by tax payers.

3. Making a statement during the national anthem to protest non-national (local jurisdiction) police forces.

4. Using television, an instrument designed to do nothing but promote vulgar mass consumerism  as the platform to virtue signal.

5. A morally indignant reaction from ticket-holders who, annually, revel in the grotesque debauchery of an amoral institution, built on greed, corruption, degradation and exploitation.

Welcome to Murica!

Setting aside the ridiculous freak-show reality of all this, it’s point #3 that is the most interesting.

Which particular police force is it that the protests revolve around?

After all, cities, counties and states have differing laws, ordinances and institutional policies regarding their law enforcement and courts.

Or is that the problem?

Maybe we need to do away with local government altogether?

Maybe create a federal police force that will have the direct, ubiquitous and unrestrained jurisdiction the FBI and other alphabet agencies don’t currently possess?

Interesting historical coincidence -after the media hyped celebrity villains of the 20‘s and 30‘s (Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger, etc) the creation of a FEDERAL POLICE AGENCY (FBI) which could supersede local law enforcement was seen as obvious and necessary, Constitution and commonsense be damned.